Zoe Robson and Leona Dean – LSBU – MSc Enterprise (inventors of the Footlume rug)

Zoe Robson and Leona Dean – LSBU – MSc Enterprise (inventors of the Footlume rug)

Zoe: Whilst being on the MSc Enterprise course, we setup our own company called Zolo Designs. Zoe: With that comes this office, we get free office space for the time we are on the course, also get access to all the workshops, we get software for the computers, we get an awful lot of support which is really important for our business. At the end of the day we are a start-up company and it’s the most difficult time for anyone. Leona: We just had endless support across the board really, from lecturers in all different capacities and people who work in the industry from you know marketing to product design. Zoe: We recently had Footlume on show at the Ideal Home show. Zoe: 400,000 people pass through the doors of the Ideal Home show as they did and it was in its centenary year. (Zoe To Leona) Yeah we did quite well there, didn’t we? Leona: Yeah there was a competition as of the thirty graduates and we ended up being awarded Concept Product of the Year. Zoe: South Bank is brilliant at setting you up from day one, the minute you step foot in the Uni. Zoe: They are on it, right, what are you going to do, how are you going to do it. It’s really prepared me to make it in the outside world. Leona: Personally, I spent a good 2 years wanting to study Product Design but convincing myself that it was too late in life and you know I couldn’t have been more wrong. Leona: This is one of the best decisions that I have made and I am very glad I made it and South Bank is a great place to come as a mature student.


  1. Coitsu says:

    how did you do that???? I study engineering too, wanna know how???

    I tried to figure it out, and I think it's using a kind of super pulser/switch that when you push it with your weight, it activates the led(s)…

    but I guess it's too simply to be in that way right haha…

    plz, if you cand send me a very convincing explanation i would be very grateful 🙂

  2. Coitsu says:

    I study electronic engineering by the way

  3. London South Bank University says:

    Hye Coitsu, you can get further infornation about Footlume by contacting Zoe or Leona through their website – Google Zolo Designs

  4. Coitsu says:

    thx ; ) !!!

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