Would You Date Someone With Visible Tattoos? | ZULA First Dates Deal-breakers | EP 5

Would You Date Someone With Visible Tattoos? | ZULA First Dates Deal-breakers | EP 5

Hello, my name is Zenn, I’m 23 this year, and I’m currently working as a marketing executive. I like to play mahjong a lot. Could you give me one fun fact about yourself? I once made a guy cut my hair, when I only met him for the first time. We were just chatting on a dating app, then I was just like, “Anyway I’m bored, do you wanna cut my hair?” And then he just came down, we got a scissors, and he just cut my hair. How many past relationships have you been in? I’ve been in, like, four past relationships. I think my past relationships didn’t work out, is mainly because of character. It’s easy to spend good times together, but to manage the not-so-good times is the key point. I think my main deal-breakers are guys with no sense of humour, not family-oriented, because to me family is very, very important. Hi, my name is Benjamin, I’m currently 26 this year, and I’m working as a project engineer at a local engineering company. I generally spend my time listening to music, watching shows and reading novels. Can you give me one fun fact about yourself? Given my size, I don’t look like I eat a lot, but I’ve actually completed a ramen eating challenge, a few years back, that required me to eat three bowls of ramen in fifteen minutes. How many past relationships have you been in? I’ve been in one past relationship. I guess, at that point of time, we weren’t really ready for a relationship. ‘Cause, at that time, I was in the army and she just entered university, so I guess our social lives were quite different. The most important deal-breaker that I would say would be smoking. I think that smoking is harmful to health, so I wouldn’t want my partner to be a smoker. Having poor hygiene and having visible tattoos. As in, you know, those small ones are fine, but just not the extreme ends, but a bit is fine. You guys will have five minutes to have whatever conversation you want, and you will get to meet each other for the first time. So you guys can turn around in, three, two, one. – Hello.
– Hello. I’m Benjamin, 26 this year, and I’m currently working as a project engineer, in an engineering firm. – Oh, engineer.
– Ya, engineer. Okay so I’m Zenn, and I’m 23 this year. I’m working in the marketing industry. I was very surprised actually, because normally the guys that I [go] out with are, like, you know, tattoos, and then more artsy. Ya, and then he’s an engineer. So do you have any hobbies, or…? One of my favourite hobbies… Uh, playing mahjong. Play mahjong. I do play mahjong, too. – Oh, you know how to play?
– I know how to play, I know how to play. You like? Yeah, I generally play with my relatives, you know, my grandma. Then, how about you? What’s your hobbies? Last time, I used to do sports as well, but after I started working, I don’t really have the chance or time, or the people to do the sports with. Oh, what kind of sports? Tchoukball, so it’s a team sport. Wah, interesting. So, where do you stay? I stay in the North. Let me guess, don’t tell me Yishun. Woodlands. Oh, Woodlands ah. I used to be in Woodlands. We might have met each other before. – Might have.
– When we were younger. Causeway Point. So I’m gonna give you a box of clues. Inside, there are three items that you can [use to] guess where we are going. Okay so this is a sunscreen. I have a flower here, which I don’t really know what it is, which flower. Then there’s this jar, filled with sand and stones. I’m thinking okay it’s obviously outdoors. – Yeah it’s obviously outdoors.
– Yeah. And then with this. East Coast lor. PD: Are you guys ready for the date? – Yay!
– Yay! Let’s go! Let’s go! Thank you. This season, we asked contestants to list 5 of their own deal-breakers when it comes to relationships. They don’t know which deal-breaker is being challenged on this episode, and they will not be allowed to mention any of their deal-breakers on the date. For Benjamin and Zenn, the deal-breaker being challenged is Benjamin’s deal-breaker, tattoos. With that said, let’s see how the date goes. Okay guys, I have something for y’all. So this is one of those quizzes that you can circle. It’s like a ‘This or That’. The art or history. Yeah art. Oh! I actually guessed yours is history leh. Why? – I look like a history person?
– Sorry I- Ya, I judge you. No la I feel that art is more- will be more interesting than history,
you know, history is- I like history also, so this is my most difficult one because I like both a lot. Next one adventure or relax? Our- We also talked about this one before right? Yeah I will choose adventure any day, any time. Relax- When you’re old you can relax la. Plan it or wing it? You’re definitely ‘plan it’. We talked about this too. Okay la normally when I travel I will plan, but for my recent trips, we plan the rough outline but we didn’t actually fix like the- – What to do.
– dates, times and stuff. Not until those kind of details. I’m the kind that I’m super chill. I reach my destination then I start to book hotel. Huh start to book hotel?! – Yeah.
– Okay. Party trip or romantic trip? Romantic trip. For this I also had a hard time, but I would say for now, I would choose party lah. Because I also don’t have a boyfriend. Why would I want a romantic trip? Yeah lah, but not really party because I’m not really a party kind of person lah. Too noisy, too squeezy, too loud. I prefer to you know, chill at a bar, have a drink, listen to some live bands. Tourist spots or hidden gems? I hate tourist spots. I chose tourist spots. Any place that is touristy, I just- Why I chose tourist spots is because all the better recommendations or the, you know, – famous stuff.
– But then it’s full of tourists, then what’s- So I will find the hidden gems in the tourist spots. – How many-
– Let’s find how many we have. Ya I was also gonna say that. So we got 6 out of 13. So that’s almost 50%. I was also quite surprised because I thought we were only gonna hit 10%. Too much difference is not really good. But then it’s interesting lah, I would say. I agree lah. I agree that we’re very different. Mainly I think it’s because our personalities, our characters and what we find enjoyable. Do you drink a lot? Like do you party a lot? Okay you party a lot lah, do you drink a lot? – No, I don’t party a lot.
– Oh, you don’t party a lot. Used to. And I go to, like, music festivals. Zoukout, the warehouse thing. Yes! Oh my god, you know? I know lah, it’s in Jakarta right? Ya. Wah. – But I didn’t go la, I know la.
– I’m surprised. Actually not a lot of my friends know about DWP. So there’s this music festival in Jakarta every year, and then he actually knew about it. So I was like, “Huh?! You know?” This is the red bass. Thank you. Mmm! Is that a reaction? Is that- – Legit!
– Legit ah? – Mmm.
– Mmm. So what is your favourite restaurant or place to eat at in Singapore? This China chuan chuan place. – You know the China skewers?
– Lok lok? Yeah it’s like lok lok. So there’s one at Dhoby Ghaut. Do you know where is Wilkie Edge? No. Peace Centre? – No.
– Queen’s- Do you even stay in Singapore? Yeah. Dhoby Ghaut I know! I know Plaza Sing. I know Cathay. You know where’s Rochor Beancurd? I’ve heard of it lah but- – The Selegie one.
– I never go before. Walao. PD: Y’all wanna take photo? Can ah! Are you ready? Yeah. Like that, okay, candid. You need to see my legs very long ah. – Okay, okay can.
– Long or not? Long, long, very long. Eh, not bad sia. Eh, nice eh! Not bad right, you see? Y’all wanna take photo together? – Can!
– Yeah, for the memory mah. Your expression must be there ah. Wah, drama club ah. One, two, three. We are going somewhere else. Okay. Somewhere else? – Yeah.
– Can. – Ready ah?
– Yes let’s go! Okay behind you there is a mangrove trail. Oh nice. So we’re going hiking. – Woohoo!
– Woohoo! My kind of thing. Not really my kind of thing, but I’m okay with it lah. So I was very excited when I knew I was going for the mangrove walk, because outdoors and nature stuff is totally my kind of thing. – Eh, oh my god, it’s moving.
– Oh, it’s alive. – Oh my god, I saw!
– Ah you see the bird. Like a green bird. Oh yeah. Oh, it’s flowers! Oh! A flower out of all the trees. Don’t you think it’s damn cool, like all the leaves are different. I was fascinated that she’s interested in the trees and the plants. I was fascinated to see her fascinated. There are two monkeys. Awww, small monkey. There! There’s one more here. Oh! Eh a lot of monkeys eh. PD: Y’all not scared of the monkey ah? No. Not really. PD: I damn scared sia. PD: OMG there’s so many monkeys! PD: Ahhh!! My relatives and grandparents and people were saying like, we should only look for- – a girlfriend.
– a relationship after studies. I also think it’s damn weird. When you’re maybe 18, until 22, they will still tell you like, – “Eh don’t-”
– “It’s not time yet, it’s not time yet.” Then suddenly, next year you go, they’ll be like, “Eh?” 男朋友 (boyfriend) leh? Where’s your boyfriend? 那个谁已经有了 (that person already have) leh!” Yeah yeah then you’re just like, “Huh?! 什么(what)?” But I think it’s raining leh. PD: I cannot feel anything leh. It’s raining ah? I don’t know. Okay guys. Yes. I’m sorry it’s raining. There was a playground around here. You know the Woodlands playground with a lot of slides? Mmm. Have you seen it before? No. No. – Huh?!
– I wanted to bring y’all there. Wah sian. Maybe we wait a while. Yeah. Then we head over there. Eh the slide is damn long eh! You wanna take? I want. Take ah take ah! Wah! Actually it looks quite steep eh. Oh my god! I know you all very excited to slide, so I’m gonna give you all a mini challenge now. Okay. Okay so the mini challenge is, let’s see who can go down the slide fastest! Wooo! The winner can gets to ask the loser to do anything. Okay, a dare. Ah ya, a dare. Position ready! Wah I damn nervous eh! Why are you nervous for this? Because I want to win. Looks like you’re very competitive. Let’s go! Eh let me win leh! Okay lor. If you get stuck I don’t know ah. Because I’m very competitive, then he was like, “Okay then you win! I let you win.” Then I was like, “Awww, quite sweet la.” On your mark, get set, go! I won? Yay! Just now we agreed, the loser needs to do a dare. Yes. Can you dance- – I already know.
– from that shelter all the way here. Dance ah? Walao. With 慢摇 (manyao). Huh?! For ten seconds. Ten seconds? But I don’t really dance leh, I like- my dancing is very bad one, that’s why I don’t club. Nooooo. Okay, are you ready? Three, two, one. Scared the mic drop. Why you become embarrassed instead? Eh! – Why you sing this song? That’s a bad song.
– Ten seconds not up yet. Solid ah! 10/10! I was damn shocked that he actually danced. So I thought like, “Wah, this guy steady.” Because he looks like the more- like I said, the more reserved guy, so I thought he would be like,
“Huh don’t want lah.” You know? Okay lah, it was embarrassing and awkward but- it’s also not an unreasonable dare. It’s possible, it’s just whether you’re daring enough to do it lah. Despite the rain, how was everything? – Good!
– Good, yeah. I actually like all these unexpected things to happen, it makes the date more memorable. Yas. Can you give the date a rating upon 10? 8. Because of the rain. I think it’s like a 9? So where’s the missing 1? Maybe if you danced more then- Huh dance more ah? Okay lah. Bonus lah, need to earn the bonus point lah! Okay then we’ll leave it at 9 then. Okay. I really love the playground. He’s not the kind that would actually you know, go and play this kind of thing, or participate in this kind of activity. But because of me, then he also like, joined in. And that was pretty nice, because I’m sure he had fun also. Yeah I think the most memorable thing about the trail was the monkeys, where we were almost attacked by the hoard of monkeys. And the conversation between the both of us flowed pretty smoothly and- there wasn’t much awkward moments or, like, awkward silences. Do you think your deal-breaker was challenged on this date? Not really. Yes, I think it was challenged. With that being said, would you go on a second date with this person? And I’m going to give you this board, please write down your answer in the top half. I’m very nervous. Huh why you’re very nervous? As you know, on this episode, you were challenged with a deal-breaker. – Uh huh.
– Mmm. And in this case, that deal-breaker is- it’s actually Ben’s deal-breaker. And his deal-breaker was actually having visible tattoos. Yeah it’s just a personal preference lah, I think. I’m actually quite curious like why? Because if it’s very extreme, I think I don’t know how to appreciate also. But you chose art over history right? You can appreciate art right? Art can lah, art can lah. But- Art on body same ah. But actually, honestly I wouldn’t choose art or history if I could lah. – Like-
– Oh. – Because both also not interested ah.
– Yeah. – I see.
– Mmm. Makes sense. I literally just got a new one three days ago. This was three weeks ago for fun. I was drunk. And then I have one on my thigh. Oh, a lot. I got one here. I got two. Wah, a lot. I think I will get a shock. Yup! Given that you know this deal-breaker now, can you guys write down on the board in the lower half- whether you would go on a second date with this person. Are you nervous? Okay lah. I am leh. Do you want me to read out? Or- Aiya I show you then I read lah. Okay not as a date, but I don’t mind hanging out as friends. And then after knowing his deal-breaker, it’ll be the same. Because- Ah, that’s if you don’t mind. Because I’m only going to continue to do more. Mmm I understand. Yeah I kept mine very simple. Okay. Because I was told that I can explain it later. So it’s the same lah, it’s the same as yours, that we can hang out as a friend, but probably not, like, dating. Yeah. Not dating yeah. Yeah. But the deal-breaker didn’t really affect much la, because I think the main thing was that our characters, our personalities, and the interests that we have, and what we- Super different. It’s very different lives. That was the main reason lah, rather than the deal-breaker. Yup. What I like about Ben is that, overall he’s very nice- and he’s very [gentlemanly], very patient, like when I was telling about my stories, about my stuff. She’s straightforward, easygoing, and just open-minded lah. Like easy to talk to. Despite the differences that we have, it’s a good thing that we managed- to continue all our conversations without any hiccups. So what do you think about people who have this perception of tattoos as deal-breakers? Everyone has their own opinion, and the way they view things, so, to me it’s okay. I just don’t vibe with them lor. The common misconception would be that they’re fierce, they’re unruly. I think it’s reasonable to have deal-breakers because it kind of sets a benchmark. We all have our personal preferences, what we like , what we don’t like. So it helps to- Filter. Yeah filter a little bit. But I would say that deal-breakers aren’t really deal-breakers. Like for example there’s a deal-breaker of age. Like I cannot accept that is older. But if you really like the person and she’s like one year older than you, I believe that can be accepted. Like you don’t meet someone like, “Oh hi, I’m gay.” It doesn’t happen in Singapore. Yeah. Because gay is not the mainstream, right?


  1. ZULA says:

    Are tattoos a deal-breaker for you? Tell us why or why not in the comments.

  2. Xin Hui Wong says:

    So cute!!

  3. Kian Sing Ng says:

    Opposites attract doesn't apply here

  4. Xin Hui Wong says:


  5. emptyangel says:

    Kinda ridiculous that it's even a deal-breaker for some people… unless we're talking like white supremacist tattoos and swastikas on foreheads.

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  7. Liz says:

    This is the most awkward episode so far lol

  8. Jas G says:

    Everyone has their own preference. No right or wrong. U have the right to choose and others to choose u as well.

  9. Anna Teo says:

    Can I just say…. although Benjamin seems like a super quiet and introverted person… he’s actually quite charming and cute

  10. A Low says:

    leah and team, I kinda get the sense you guys need to think a bit harder about the concept behind this series. if the aim is to challenge deal-breakers, then you need to match people who actually would have chemistry beyond that deal-breaker. noticed for a few episodes that the participants really wouldn't have gone out with each other even if the deal-breaker wasn't an issue. need to match the personalities up a bit better so there's at least a fighting chance. otherwise it's just throwing a couple of incompatible people together and making it seem like the deal-breaker was the issue.

  11. itsharris says:

    Would love to see some LGBT couple on your channel tho

  12. Samsumg Galazy says:

    i once dated a girl who has tattoo there, turn off leh, break. you know, some people would say tattoo symbolizes things that you cherish or have sentimental value etc.. but personally, tatoos are stand-offish and shows that she is perhaps troubled. Moreover, escorts would tattoo their girls as they are seen as their chattels and objects. butterfly tattoos, symbols/marks relating to a particular gang or clan makes these girls easily identifiable.its a mark of slavery for victims of sexual trafficking. This is still practised today in russia, korea, china and parts of south east asia etc.

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