Why Men Pull Away & How to Deal With It as a High Value Woman

Why Men Pull Away & How to Deal With It as a High Value Woman


  1. Intrafacial86 says:

    As a man, I thank you so very much for making this video. Us guys do have a way of becoming distant, and women really need to know that it’s something that not even we truly understand. It’s like we’re getting called to go on a hunt so we can put food on the table. I may be gone for a while, but, if you can stand to wait, I will return with so much that your heart will never go hungry again.

  2. Nina Guerra says:

    I really needed this right now. I just need to respect his decision of having more time for himself and his family/friends… it hurts like a bitch but I mean I gotta try something… rather than cutting him off which makes me coward to seek the truth

  3. deemon says:

    Really great video, great advice, great delivery

  4. Creative Mess says:

    Now I think that every man is strange and it is just wasting time haha. But good video. Now I understand a lot of things.

  5. AdvPalwasha khan says:

    Motivation lesson

  6. Pamela Gail Jorgensen says:

    Finally.. Someone who makes Perfect Sense! Thank You!

  7. Marlene Ferrer says:

    Doesn’t make sense but is interesting 🤔

  8. cynthia g says:

    So what happens when he pulls away and it comes back but the relationships not the same? For instance, he doesn't want to be intimate anymore either physical or emotional, he's much more comfortable just hanging around watching TV instead of going out on dates anymore, doesn't pay for dinners or lunches anymore? But, you know he's not seeing anyone else. I've known this man for 17 years and the first 8 years or wonderful and then something happened it all changed. Now I feel like he treats me just like I'm his sister. And what's worse, he won't even discuss it or tell me why. But you can't figure that one out.

  9. Michaela Cannon says:

    We should remain available even when he pulls away to peruse another woman?

  10. H T says:

    Thank you!
    As a man, i know i pull away. You were the first to tell me WHY: as oxytocin is produced i MUST withdraw to rebuild/rebalance testoterone
    Simple brain chemistry…

  11. Lihzie Datuin says:

    thank you so much for giving these statements.. i really needed these and the way you talk and discuss about this topic is very accurate…i hope to hearing from you soon..please make some videos ,ore of this…i subscribe you already..

  12. The Bride of Christ says:

    Now I'm only dating Jesus. I will never ever date a non-christian man anymore because they are emotionally unavailable. Jesus should be your first love ladies, then yourself. If the man does not have a connection to GOD he will not have a connection to Himself, which means YOU are the last in the foodchain.

  13. Leah Bidan says:

    Such a man is not worth having you. let him retire wherever he left for. give other another person a chance who will realize you value

  14. marsha k says:

    If he pulls away he doesn't want you move on

  15. marsha k says:

    This is giving the man too much attention

  16. marsha k says:

    Breathe and go to a safe place? Wtf

  17. Ana Laitinen says:

    Yes those son of Bitches;sorry but whe a man really likes he does not pull way no no no,I can prove that.Or you like or not.

  18. Theklita Price says:


  19. Theklita Price says:

    This says it all

  20. Kali Golden says:

    Yeah he used you for sex. He’s out with other women. He wants you to wait because it boosts his ego. Once he knows you’ll take him back after weeks of “space” then he pulls away. It’s called not giving a f*** about you.

  21. Paulina Wójcik says:

    I need advice. I'm in a committed relationship with my boyfriend for 5,5 months now. But there is a problem. Before he got to meet me, he was in a 10 year long relationship and engaged. His fiancee left him suddenly and a little over a month from that time ( beginning of November 2017) we started chatting on social media. At first it was only as friends but then I started feeling something for him and talked him into a relationship with me ( in February 2018). He said he cares about me but that he can't say he loves me. I agreed with that. For the past 4 months everything went well. I thought he was opening his heart for me, but the last month he became distant and finally said to me 2 weeks ago that he's tired because he thought something about his feeling will change but nothing did and he still feels the same for me as in February. He says he cares about me and that he doesn't want to end our relationship but that he needs space and time to think about everything and to distance himself. I agreed and he still keeps me updated on his days ( he didn't stop contacting me). I'm trying to respect his decision and to give him the space and time he needs but I'm not sure how long should I wait for him? I can't wait forever and hope he will finally fall in love with me. I need to also think about my happiness. So how long should I give him?

  22. Jumping Jack says:

    Men pull away when they know I figured them out.

  23. Sheefa Shaikh says:

    . I'm dating a man..it's been 1month.. He's really sweet,loving and always showers me with love. But yesterday his dog passed away and now my man is behaving completely opposite. He hasn't texted me and wants to be left alone. I wanted to be with him in this but he's acting aloof.. I'm very confused, I need some advice..coz I'm really missing him and want to text but idk what to do.. Please help me😣

  24. Maria Cristina says:

    Thank you 😘 This helps a lot to me 🙂🙂🙂 I'm really sad deep inside…I miss him 😥😥😥 But I'm pushing him away because he has a girlfriend and I am very far from him that's why he chose to have a girlfriend near to him…😞 We are just friends though…🙁 And we will meet a few months from now, in December…

  25. Christine Lynn says:

    Nah, I’m not sacrificing my needs that aren’t getting met because he wants to pull away. If I feel my emotional needs aren’t being met, I’ll be unhappy, so time to find a man that can stick by me when I need him.

  26. James Passmore says:

    I am not sure what she means by "pull away" exactly, but she is right about men having goals interests and ambitions that are important part of how they function. Masculine missions is a good phrase. If your filling up his time with clothes shopping, brunch, picnics and walks on the beach, then hes going to need some time away from you thats for sure. And if you do that too much, he will indeed leave. It actually becomes stressful for them. It's like putting an Alsatian in a cardboard box.

    If it truly worries you, and creates anxiety, the best thing you could do is join him in his missions. Learn something about sports. Take up rifle shooting. You can have brunch after going to the range.
    Ok Yep she got this one right to. Rightio then.

  27. orangemocha says:

    When I need space I go my bedroom and drink a 🍺…

  28. Pat Brown says:

    Thanks for sharing ..

  29. sarah jenkins says:

    U look like Christina Ricci but that hairstyle is childish

  30. sarah jenkins says:

    How the hell do u know he's coming back maybe he has someone else or just doesn't want you

  31. fumemanv says:

    we men shit test woman like woman shit test men..sometimes we jus want a friend.we dont like clingy.we get hurt .

  32. Shivitee Neevetha says:


  33. Precious Hernandez says:

    I can't absorb anything from this video because:
    1. The hairstyle is distracting me.
    2. The channel is promoting high value "Feminine woman" but it was told in a…umm.. not that feminine way.
    3. Continuous talk with no visuals is not helping too.

    Not hating. Just pointers for improvement. 🙂

  34. Amber Kusic says:

    😂😂😂😂 after my car crash I don’t really care if he loves me or not.Cuz I’ll find out real quick.N really it don’t bother me like it did in the past.

  35. Justin Laketimber says:

    As a man, I can tell you she is 100% correct. I am married and deeply in love with my wife. I would never cheat on her and have no desire to do so, yet, I still feel the need to pull away from time to time. To all the commenters that say, "He's pulling away because he's cheating", I say, maybe so and that is an unfortunate reality. However, if that is the case, when he pulls away and then comes back, ask yourself, is he recharged or depleted? If he's recharged and loving you more, he's not cheating. If he's depleted and distant then he's cheating. In the video she says a "good man" is worth waiting for not just "any man".

  36. Bernie T says:

    Great video…

  37. Krissy Elle -Model says:

    He's chasing pussy … especially if his social media is full of it and does it in public mode. 😂 Idiots.

  38. missmerbella says:

    “There’s nothing worse than a man pulling away…”

    Um. Cancer is worse. Flesh eating bacteria is worse. My car getting towed is worse.

  39. Amanda Barbolla says:

    I enjoy space too, it's perfectly fine

  40. barski1960thomas says:

    Women pull away too. I'm going through this BS right now. She says she loves me but is distant.

  41. GodsWordSaves 7 says:

    This is key. Men naturally want to provide and protect their women. they give up their own goals, dreams and aspirations in order to maintain a relationship. As a result they die inside and can even resent their partners for constantly stiffling him.

  42. Lovely Ladi says:

    Soooo ummm I love you and we are officially friends !!! Because of you I think I am now going to continue to improve my relationship with my man who is very masculine , independent , strong minded yet veryyyyy much into me. I haven’t responded well when he pulls away but we had a veryyy long talk last night and watching alll of your videos is making me feel soooo confident within my relationship thanks friend 😉😉😉😌

  43. E P says:

    I did that a lot for my ex husband and what happened ladies? He cheated as soon you give him the freedom. Learned from my lesson.

  44. Mar B. says:

    If there is MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) definetely there has to be WMVTM (Woman Must Value Their Self More)

  45. Nilda Alvarez says:

    well i understand this but when a men its doing something like seen porno or connecting with other woman behind our backs why can they being straight about it instead of leading on ….

  46. Fixa Troll says:

    I am a old man now. Been married 36 years. One of the things that I appreciated from the women I dated in my mid 20s was a girl that trusted me.
    I was a Journeyman tradesman I had to follow the work. I also knew that there would be extended periods of time in my future I would not be home. I needed a strong woman that was capable of holding down the Fort and if it appeared that I had to worry about her too much while I was out pounding out a good living for the both of us that the relationship would not work out. So the acid test. The one I allowed myself to fall in love with is the first one that passed this test of a 3 month winter! The rest is history so you know men pretty well in my opinion. Good work and good video. Australia has a winner.

  47. Bright Sky says:

    She talks in circles and gives no good advice

  48. Ann Ndeke says:

    You're a lovely beautiful lady but I'm sorry your advice sounds like it's from the 16th Century BC. I agree with you a about the male testosterone issues, but a man who truly cares will reassure you when he retreats to his man cave rather than disappear randomly. To me that's the difference between a man and a "dog". A man pulls this sort of crap on me and I'm gone like the wind. Get it from a real man.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJnGSSbrzFs&t=623s

  49. Jennifer Donadilla-Bautista says:

    when he pulled away and stopseeing me,i was devastated.i felt so crashed.i thought i was so lucky but i was stupid

  50. Jennifer Donadilla-Bautista says:

    men who pull away are stupid cowards.y do women have to inderstand these shit men???
    because we r the stronger sex huh???
    why dnt the coward shit man just say the Real reason why he wants to leave so we women could just move on with dignity!!!
    women are real.men shit bitches are fake

  51. Lizzalizzette Alexander says:

    At this point in my life! I really don’t give a shit. ! Men Are a dime a dozen. If and when ‘ one of them fucks up’ get another one! They do us that way all of the time! 😃

  52. Me You says:

    Just as old fashioned and oppressive as her appearance. Ladies, don't be someone's raggedy Ann, as if you don't have a heart or a brain. A man will be consistent with whom he desires, considers, and respects. Get up, get out, and attract a man who wants you, pursues you, and is mature and communicative.

  53. Crazee Kids says:

    Thank you so so much!

  54. Sad Girl Clique says:

    I suggest us women pull the disappear card on men before they do. See how they react to being treated like that

  55. Jerry Jones says:

    I was in a relationship with a guy we were going strong for a few months, great chemistry, I had to go away on a business trip, during the trip he was acting strange on the phone. When I came back he was pulling away. I told him to take some time to figure things out because he was breaking our dinner plans several times ladies minute. Now he had told me that he didn’t want to rush into anything, a conversation he brought up not me. I never expressed rushing anything, I’m pretty independent. After I gave him space he had someone my bed into his place within a month. She didn’t take care of herself, drinker, smoker. I’m pretty successful and don’t drink smoke and take care of myself. I think sometimes guys are looking for someone more like themselves. I dodged a bullet. He’s seen me in the market and will insist on carrying my groceries. I think he realized I was high value. There was no fight, I just cut the line. If ur not onboard ur overboard. I don’t have the energy to fight a guy to stay on deck

  56. Bianca Bianchi says:

    I think it because women want to talk more than men do, and men don't want to be forced to talk about emotions 😁😂

  57. jenelyn blau says:

    The point is hes pulling away because he groom another woman to replace thats the sad truth they dont satisfied to only one..so set him free..let him go

  58. Vivien Le Geisha says:

    Omg. The title of this video should be “How to be a Stepford wife and deal with your man pulling away”. The content is contradictory and unhelpful. If you patiently wait for a man who has pulled away without open communication as to why, by definition you’re not a high value woman. Period. Go date other (better) guys and say sayonara to that sucker.

  59. maria mistretta says:

    It's happens to everyone. Men pull away maybe he need to figure out what he wants in life. It could be he wants to time for himself.

    Still life goes on….. with or without the guy. Never beg a man to stay. If he want to leave there the door. If a guy pull away, or using you.
    Man and woman feel differently. Loyalty is attractive. High value.

    1. Leave him alone. Give him freedom while still loving him.

    Away yourself to feel every emotional.
    Opening your heart mind. Not redraw love.
    I'm not afraid.
    If guy is a good guy then wait for him till if he comes back or if not then move on.

    If guy is not good man better to move on.
    No woman want be with a guy that goes with everyone.

  60. Jee Jee Band says:

    Wow your incredibly insightful thankyou 😀

  61. brieze 1 says:

    Am going through this..thanks i nearly did something stupid gonna sit back and embrace him as he returns from a business trip. He didn't text enough bit will be accepting of this as I have also been busy and didn't bug him for that

  62. scott sanger says:

    MEN do not need women……. MEN biologically need sex, unemotional sex.like peeing. Women never know what they are who they are or what they want……………

  63. scott sanger says:

    talks and talks and says nothing…………women love resources, men love women…………MEN know you want money, control, status………and they dont want to give it to you,so they pull back……………read about deer , elk, swine…………..MALE biology 101, have sex with as many females as possible.

  64. Antif Em says:

    What a big bag of opinion. Sadly it's too complicated for most women. What you did get right, is the primitive brain response to situations.
    I enjoyed this video.

  65. Thais Linhares says:

    Just let him go. Why so much drama????

  66. Misa Arrington says:

    This was very good and it’s actually true!!

  67. NilaV says:

    My ex husband never pulled away, and he's the only one who ever loved me. Not everyone does it.

  68. Nimita Zala says:

    Explained very simply and beautifully madam …thank you Soo much madam..it's really useful

  69. Redfather says:

    They may pull away but they won't pull out so you got that

  70. Thi Mai Corporation says:

    Thank you😘

  71. 1977linda says:

    Go suck an egg, YouTube! I'l autoplay motivational videos and stumble across this misogynistic crap? No thank you.

  72. A says:

    My bf and I have been together for two years, living together for about a year. Our relationship started getting sour bc of working together AND living together. It was to the point where I left the job to get another one, for our sake. After I left my job, everything changed. He decided that “we live together” so now he started making plans w his friends and pretty much say I’m too much. I’m not going to lie, I have issues. (Jealousy issues) I know he wouldn’t cheat but I wanted him to myself. Which ultimately pushed him away. We love each other so much but we lack communication. One day he loved me, the next he couldn’t stand me. We were falling apart and I couldn’t bare it. Being emotionally vulnerable in front of him made him pity me in a way. We just needed space.

    One night we end up arguing. We were supposed to go out w a group of friends. Turns out he lied to me about it so I wouldn’t go, and he could only go. When I confronted him I noticed that he changed my contact name & pic on his phone. He had been extra careful with his phone too. I assumed he’s cheating and kicked him out.

    He left sobbing. I felt bad bc I knew he had no place to go but I couldn’t be around the emotional abuse. He still went out that night. It’s been two days, he’s staying at a hotel. Most of his belongings are still here. If he was reaaallly done with me he’d get them, right? I also noticed that he added old girls he knew liked him. I know we have something there….I just..I miss him but refuse to contact him first. Should I?

  73. scottydrums says:

    This is such an important video. Thank you for sharing

  74. jacob Gilles says:

    I pulled away because my gf was being salty abusive and was sending bad vibes

  75. Lucy Rinpuii7 says:

    Thank you so much

  76. courtney ballard says:

    If a man appears then disappears then appears again. He's ghosting. He's coming back to see what he gets.

    This advice is usually for committed couples.

    Omg no man will ever say.. "I need space." "I need to be alone to think" Haha 😉 😉 they're usually doing other things or are with another woman.

  77. Stephanie WU says:

    i really need help Renee. I've been going out with my boyfriend for almost two years. It had been perfect until two months ago when he got really busy at work. He still goes to the gym and nap before he goes back to work but has no time to call me anymore. we used to call every day if not every other day. i feel like he is distant and not as caring as he used to be. He promised that he will treat me right and love me as i am his everything. but all of the promises seems so far away now. I believe that he isn't cheating and he is busy but no one is that busy to not call the person they claim to be their everything. I have been begging him to call and telling him how i feel to be loved. We are in a long distance relationship. So now he blames 'time difference' being the cause of the distance. it was never like this before as we always find time for each other. He told me that he doesn't think that i know what love is since all i want is to get more texts and calls. i love him with all my heart but i think it's pushing him away even more. so i've texted him yesterday again and said i would really love to talk and that miss him. However, all he did was saying sorry again and hope we talk soon (the last time he said we'll talk soon was 10 days ago and we still haven't talked on the phone) so i sent him this: "I know you are sorry but you just don't understand how much you're hurting me. I don't appreciate being taken for granted. i can wait for a long time for someone i love, but not for someone who does't love me back." he read and ignored my text…. am i being too harsh? i don't want to break up, but to stand my grounds and let him know that enough is enough. i won't beg anymore. but what do i do now? follow the 6 steps? is it too late because i've sent that text?

  78. anony says:

    My god. Over half the women on this page must be having major relationship issues and don't really know what love is. Men naturally pull away, especially before intimacy increases. If you all can't accept it, you shouldn't be in any relationship with a man if you can't accept basic male psychology. 🙄

  79. Russ says:

    Sometimes men don't want to tell some women they are nagging and overbearing. By telling some women this , their behavior gets worse. Many women have control issues.

  80. Fancy Face says:

    Being able to walk away when a man is trying to come an go is a high valued woman waiting for him to return means you don't know your worth just being gullible an naive will get you walked all over without a care in the world fear of being alone will make you stay an beg so let him pull away an be calm an kind with yourself in the process

  81. TheFeminineWoman says:

    If you want to attract high value men and become the highest value version of yourself, I have a feeling our Facebook group would be a safe and caring place for you along your journey. Join the group "High Value Feminine Women: Attract & Connect with High Value Men" here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/highvaluefemininewomen/

  82. Engie N says:

    All true but that will work well only with adult and stable personality of men .in older women younger men this dynamic will not work.

  83. kelly Ham says:

    It is true that in most cases the men will pull away because he has lost interests and hunt for other women, but I do appreciate that this a advice is for a good men. I found much comfort with this advice as I am in this very situation. We were hopelessly in love then I pushed for it too hard, too fast to the point it was too overwhelming for him, and for his current situation. I get it now. He is not seeing anyone and sorting his new job, two little children, and dealing with ex so I heard from friends….I wish I knew these information before I made things too hard for us before break up. Lesson learn, and give it a good few months, whether to move on or try again with better understanding. I seldom read comments but understand those angry comments as there are so many men who do not deserve to be waited on or given the space, I hope everyone trust their gut feelings and make decisions on whether he is worth given the second chance.

  84. Cynthia Newing says:

    is she from the past ?

  85. Zaida Santiago says:

    Yes, Please send me the [email protected]

  86. Rajesh Upadhyay says:

    Its absolutely wonderfull lecture.
    Everyword is 100% applicable in human life.
    Its not just for females.
    Its also best report for males to understand problems females have in their own struggle emotionally in life.

    Its a step by step analysis of human behaviour and human
    Emotional Problems.

    Absolutely mind blowing Thoughts.
    After very very long time
    I heard a female so deeply In her Thoughts.

    Great great great

  87. firefly467 says:

    Thank you so much for this. You actually helped stop a huge fight I nearly had with my fiancè tonight because I realised what he was actually doing by pulling away and I allowed myself to feel my sadness and anger without blaming him and it brought us closer together. Thank you for helping me understand men more, it's so rare that we actually talk about how to please good men even though so many women want to deep down. You're doing really good work, keep it up 🙂

  88. Natty B says:

    I wasted 17 minutes listening to this. I am currently dealing with my man pulling away periodically and after we were making wedding plans he started flaking and putting me off. Too make matters even worst, we are now separated as he recently moved and I should willingly accept the fact that he is not reaching out to me based on his own volition because he needs space? What more space could he want when I'm not the suffocating girlfriend? I just feel its his way of letting me down easily and I'm not willing to chase a man (I prefer the other way around). So in the meantime, I'm out… Time to find someone who won't risk losing me!

  89. Hege Fredriksen says:

    Hello, and thanks for your insights. My thought on this is that the need to pull away from time to time, is not necessarily a gender- related issue. I think women also have that same need, but that it has been more or less conditioned out of us. Seems to me that in a relationship, a third force is created, and that it is the RELATIONSHIP that one needs time off from, more than it is the other person. In the relationship- entity, all is culminated; that is the issues from both parties will gather, and demand to be looked at. This is best done when both parts of the relationship withdraw themselves, and work on their issues separately/ in private/ as individuals. Women are not to hang back and "wait" for the man to come back; this is something the man has to deal with, as well. Men do feel just as rejected and needy as women do, and they need to be allowed to deal with a woman`s withdrawal too, in order to become a healthy individual. We don`t really allow them that, if we pretend that only the male has the need to pull away at times. Thanks for all your work on these matters. Take care. Kind regards.

  90. Gabi Rican says:

    I like what the lady says about freedom. Not sure how it can work in practice, but overall a good insight.

  91. Norma González says:

    I've been in a relationship with this guy for a year. He has pulled away brevely a couple of times. Now is the third one, and I'm still afraid that he may not come back. But you've given me some peace of mind. Thanks

  92. jammasterj13 says:

    Whiny bunch of dried up cunts😂. I

  93. Skin&ThingsbyAdrienneG says:

    Sheesh, this is a good message. More woman need this info

  94. Yamel Morel says:

    Soo true this is facts

  95. Stay down Until you come up says:

    I’m a women and was dating this guy a month. Things got real. Started catching feelings and I pulled away hard core for 2 weeks. Not because I wasn’t interested but a fear of rejection. He stayed calm didn’t push me and it made me want him more.

    Ppl don’t always pull away because their cheating or uninterested. When you start catching strong feelings it natural for someone to become distant. Now if your in a relationship and he pulls away that’s different. Not sure about that.

  96. MrsJonesie says:

    Great, great, GREAT advise. Great wisdom. Thank you. ❤

  97. Åoi Kml says:

    Relationships were made to make you happy or at least not sad, if my man will add more stress and anxiety to my life I don't need him, you're talking like women have nothing to do ,just to wait for him to come back. we study work and some have kids, we have life to live and time we don't want to waste on a cheater ,liar or a boy. And the real advise here is to not waste your time on a man who didn't make things clear to you why he's talking a space.

  98. Adam says:

    I pulled away on my girlfriend because I started to get a really weird feeling like "what the hell am I doing?" sort of way. I just feel she's too good for me to be honest and I think she's figured that out so she tried to dumb herself down a little bit which only makes it worse for me because now I'm feeling like I'm dragging her down. A lot of times when I look around on the street or at my job I envy all the other guys who are still single and don't have these problems. But also, those other guys don't love a woman like I do. She is older than me by 10 years, she is higher educated, has a career where she earns more in 2 months than I do in a year. The biggest thing that gnaws at my brain is that I can't comprehend why she accepted me or why she still likes me. I keep fucking up and sometimes she gets mad or sad and that is usually when I have the strongest urges to pull away from her and just leave her alone cause I feel that I'm making everything worse.

  99. Lavanya Deogade says:

    If he leaves and doesn't know how I would feel about him leaving, then I don't care how he feels about my reaction. Fuck him

  100. Jay Bear says:

    A man who pulls away is in the long run, doing you a favor…

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