What is Android for Work / Android Enterprise?

How do you set up Google’s Android for Work
on your smartphone so you can finally use it personally and for work? We’ll show you
just how to do it. For Android for Work, you need two things:
Of course an Android device… and an MDM solution. Here we can easily set up a Samsung
Galaxy with Cortado Corporate Server. On the Samsung Galaxy, open the Setup (or
installation) Wizard from Cortado Corporate Server in the browser. This will guide you
through the installation. Simply select Android for Work.
Google then notifies you that the Samsung Galaxy is being set up for Android for Work.
This will take a moment. Now, a private area and a workspace area has
been created on the device. With the Cortado Workplace app supplied, you
can access your corporate network anywhere, anytime.
And this is how your apps look like: There are now also business apps, which are easily
identified by their briefcase icon, in addition to private apps.
In the next video, see how to use private and business apps on the Samsung Galaxy.

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