Voters On USMCA Trade Deal: ‘More Stability Built In’ | NBC News NOW

Voters On USMCA Trade Deal: ‘More Stability Built In’ | NBC News NOW


  1. John Preston says:

    it's NAFTA light…
    nothing to see but a brand new…
    orange conman's title…

  2. David Ellis says:

    Ohio , needs to take away the 💺 of " Gym " Jordan.

  3. Louis White says:

    USMCA: score for the American Worker. If it works!

  4. Kip McEwen says:

    1.) It was Trump, and not Pelosi or Schumer that first brought up USMCA since Jan. 2017.

    2.) 91% of the time it has been brought to the house floor for discussion or debate it was Repubs that did this.

    3.) Trump>Pelosi and Schumer.

  5. Bhuvanesh Arumugam says:

    Thanks trump

  6. Marissa Dower-morgan says:

    There is no quick fix for NAFTA. It needs to start at home with US Corps being forced to pay tariffs for outsourcing , thus encouraging working with our own national labor force . This also includes the reintroduction of assured Labor Rights and the power of labor negotiations via Labor Unions .

  7. Jay West says:

    Pelosi can take the credit if this bill has poison pills in it e.g. open borders.

  8. William Helfrich says:

    U s. Steel owned by an Indian living in London and commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, I want to see real numbers not more false promises with no accountability

  9. Thomas Gassett says:

    The democrats trashed Trump's tariffs that forced the deal. Of course, now they are standing around looking for credit.

  10. Thomas Tamir says:

    Pile o shi went to Afghanistan when it came up for a vote the first time.

  11. nick mcdonald says:

    the squad voted no for usmca

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