Video Ideas To Make Your Business More Money

Video Ideas To Make Your Business More Money

– If you’re ready to start
using video in your business you need to understand
one thing about YouTube, not all videos are created equally when it comes to converting viewers here on YouTube into paying
clients and customers. Today I’m gonna walk you
through the best video idea to make you more money in your business. (upbeat music) Hi my name is Trena,
I’m a YouTube strategist and on this channel I’m committed to helping you do YouTube better. If you are creating YouTube
content for your business or you wanna start
creating YouTube content for your business you need to understand you have to have a strategy in place. You cannot just post
whatever video you think might do well on YouTube and expect it to be a sustainable way to
help you grow your business. Doing this strategy, just
doing whatever video you want with no clear strategy in place is basically like throwing
spaghetti at the wall. It may stick, but more than
likely it’s not going to stick. So by being a YouTube
strategist for over 100 channels and helping many of those
channels reach their goals that they came to me with I can tell you, the one thing that has helped them get to that goal as fast as possible and what’s made the biggest
change in their business is having a clear YouTube strategy. So let me walk you
through what this strategy should look like for you and
the three types of video ideas you should always have in your back pocket for your YouTube channel. So when it comes to
creating YouTube videos there are three types of
content that you need to have. Discoverable, community, and sales videos. We’re gonna walk through each of these and I’m gonna give you some video ideas for each of these as well. So the first one is discoverable content. This content is basically a net. So if you think of it as like fishing, you’re gonna throw a
net out into the water and you’re gonna try to pull
in as many fish as possible. Your discoverable videos
are meant to be that net. Your discoverable videos are gonna go out, try to get as many new people as possible who may have no idea who you are and bring them into your
world or your YouTube channel. You need to remember that these videos are going to be attracting people who may have no idea who you are. So your videos need to be
very tactical and goal-driven. What I mean by that is
people are going to find you on YouTube when they have a pain point or they need to learn how to do something. So what you wanna do is make sure your videos are very value-driven. You wanna think about your
target audience here all right, that’s why it’s so important
to know who you’re speaking to. And you wanna think about
what is my target audience struggling with and how can I help them. Now the best way to
really show these people that you are going to help
them outside of your content because remember there’s some
other steps we need to do before they actually see your video is really creating thumbnails
in titles to your videos that are going to entice them to click. Now I did a video on this the other week, I’ll link it up above and
in the description box below for you to learn how to
create these thumbnails that really get people to click. But you’ve got to really pitch that value whether it’s like five
easy steps or three tips or how to, these are the videos that are going to tell
that potential new viewer or subscriber or customer
that you can help them with whatever they’re struggling with. Your thumbnail and your title is really gonna pitch that resolution or show that outcome they’re
going to get with your video. If they watch their video this
is what’s going to happen. The better you can do this,
the higher click-through rate you’re going to get on your videos the more likely people are
gonna watch your content and the more likely they’re
going to want to eventually go down your funnel and buy from you. Now if you aren’t sure whether or not your click-through rates
are doing well or not you can actually go into your analytics and find your click-through
rates for each video. My suggestion is to just
track them, video to video, and make sure you’re improving
it every single video. There is no specific
number to necessarily hit, I just want you to continually to increase your click-through rate because that means more people are seeing your content. So I’m gonna run through
some discoverable videos that would make really good
sense for a wedding planner. Now this wedding planner’s
target audience is brides. So her videos may be five
things you must have in place before you book a wedding planner. How to find a wedding
photographer that fits your style. How to start organizing your wedding ideas and get started planning, all right. So you can see how a wedding planner would be helping that new bride really start to move
forward in wedding planning. Now, let’s say that wedding planner is helping wedding planners do better or teaching new wedding
planners how to do better, okay. Her ideas may be, five
things you must have in place before you book your first
wedding planning client, how to help your brides find
the best wedding vendors and the best contracts
you need to have in place as a wedding planner. You can start to see how, while you may be a wedding planner, there’s two very
different target audiences that you are targeting with
these discoverable videos. So now that you’ve cast this net out to get people to your channel,
the next type of video you need to be creating
is community videos. These community videos
aren’t necessarily meant to go big, they’re meant to
connect with the audience that you brought to your channel through our discoverable videos. These community videos are meant to really develop that
relationship and break through that know, like and trust factor so that person that’s watching you definitely knows whatever
you’re selling, she’s buying. The best types of video ideas for community videos is mistake videos. People love it when you can
get vulnerable with them. It makes them feel like
you’ve broken down that wall and connected with them on a deeper level. I’ve done that many times here before, mistakes I’ve made on YouTube, mistakes I’ve made building my business and people love those videos. Another video idea for community videos is sharing your story. So just recently here on my channel I did a video on how I
quit my nine-to-five job. This particular video again wasn’t meant to rank in search or show up in suggested, it was meant to share my
story with my audience that was already following me, to feel like they know me
and I got more engagement on that particular video
than any of my other videos because I was vulnerable and
people were able to connect with my story and really relate with it. It really took my relationship
with my subscribers to that next level to make
it feel like we were friends. The third type of video is sales videos. Now you need to understand
especially as a business if you want to see results from YouTube you have got to play nice with YouTube. – That means, you can’t be
sending people to your website or your sales page or your inquiry page in every single video. These sales videos is how
you’re going to make your money. Okay, these are the videos
that their sole purpose is to send people to
where you want them to be. And when I say sale video
it doesn’t necessarily mean to go to your shop or to
sign up for your services it could sent people to your webinar. Or send people to your free opt-in but again, this sales
video is the only video meant to send people off of YouTube. If you’re continually
sending people off of YouTube and ending their session time on YouTube, YouTube is just not gonna
recommend your content because YouTube’s goal is to keep people watching YouTube content. So generally, how I would
start breaking this out for a client is I would suggest coming up with a playlist idea, all
right, what’s an overall theme, and start creating that
Netflix-style playlist so that people watch video after video and then in that playlist,
having around five videos, the first three videos being
those discoverable videos starting to bring people to your world. That fourth video being a community video where there’s people who
have already found you and start to know who you are from those first three
discoverable videos, gets to connect with you on a deeper level in that community video. And then you would wrap that playlist up with a sales video, all right, where do you want to send them. You got them by giving them value in your discoverable videos. You got them really feeling
like you have a relationship and knowing you, then
you want to pitch them where you want to. This is where you are going
to see results from YouTube. Now once you start having
all your video ideas compile and you have your discoverable
community and sales videos I wanna make sure you’re
saying the right things in your videos that get
people to take action. So make sure you watch the
video on your screen right now that’s gonna walk you through
how to script your videos to get more people to take action. This is definitely gonna be game changer if you want to see results from YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and I will see you over
on that next video.


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