US-China trade war: Who has the upper hand?

US-China trade war: Who has the upper hand?


  1. Pedro Zaragoza says:

    The worst thing you can do is to hurt a trading partner.

  2. TWO CENTS ARMY says:

  3. rabbit bobo says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous, US produce tech and China is basically the infrastructure of your production industry, what US are saying is that they can cut off their legs and still run the 100m in under10 sec. who wins … umm.. let me think.. the country that basically sustain the infrastructure or the country that export Starbucks and mc Donald’s.. damn that is a hard question.. it is already too late so be ready for the 400 billion tax increase… oh wait that is just China tariffs there are also Canadian, Europe, and the whole world taxing your product..I guess that is also good bye to your export industry.. as tariff is a two sided thing..

  4. 又虚又妄 says:


  5. gus mcgee says:

    you have a 350 billion trade deficit
    you win stupid
    the real question is why did you take so long to play your cards.
    pollution management waiting for automation ? not sure.

  6. Haha MissMiss says:

    Don't worry Americans. You will be fine. Lol

  7. Neutral 69 says:

    Look how many products in America is made in China, Taiwan, Japan & countries in Europe, Asia, Mexico, Canada, countries all over the world. I wonder if trump & trump’s supporters know this probably not. Fox News is spreading fake news, those contradicting hypocrites & Fox News is part of the media. Dang liars just like trump.

  8. Nevermore says:

    Make sure you check apps to see if they are Chinese…. China is making lots of Japanese imitation apps. You won't know unless you check the publisher's address. A significant part of Japan's economy relies on anime and video games… if China steals their ideas and revenues it'll harm Japan. So it's good to make sure it's not Chinese before downloading apps. Opera browser was also bought by China. Uninstall it if you use it.

  9. Jason Lee says:

    Regarding the 4 challenges China is facing, the first three are true, but the 3rd is not as bad as outsiders think it is. They have a closed system as in the banks can bail out companies in debt to keep GDP up and unemployment down.

    The most important point is the last one. The PRC has about 3.1 trillion FX reserves which are slowly dwindling but not at the rate they were from 2014 through 2016 where they lost 1 trillion USD. However, since 2017 the FX reserves have stabilized and they are not in danger of losing another trillion USD for now. At this rate it would take 10 years. So their economy is stable for now.

    Exports only account for a small portion of their economy and the US is a portion of that. They have a huge service economy and most of their economy is in investment into infrastructure development.

    It won't kill them like Fox News wants the viewer to believe. This is designed to get the voter to support Trump's tarrifs.

  10. kosherpork says:

    China is no match to the USA. The Chinese could not even make it to the World Cup.

  11. bee4pc goldrule says:

    We have to deal with China now ……….level the playing field.

  12. Genda Minoru says:

    If that's all it takes to oust the Panda Bear Chairman XI, then lets slam ZTE now!   I am very uncomfortable with all that power vested in one person.

  13. Genda Minoru says:

    US manufacturers and retailers will simply buy their intermediate goods and materials elsewhere.  There will only be very temporary short term friction here.  Nothing we cannot deal with

  14. bull moose says:

    Nobody wins,
    Those chanting "build the wall" will chant "give me bread."
    Donald J. Hoover

  15. Mabury Ma says:

    China has always bullying and threatening to swallow a very tiny country, Taiwan. Taiwan is still standing so so tall. Taiwan is a throat cancer of China. Shame on China.

  16. Daniel Griffin says:

    American can and will win the trade war with the world

  17. qq tao says:

    vote for my great country CHINA.
    We want peace, but never will back down for a war.

  18. qq tao says:


  19. qq tao says:

    stupid americans, stop thinking the world is yours. and be ready to take the big Fucking L

  20. Cash Cash says:

    Gordon chang, the fortune teller.

  21. Poornakumar Das says:

    Hal Lambert is right (5:31), after all !

  22. Albert Belle's Mugshot says:

    Charles Payne is a perma-bull and a liar. China has the upper hand 100%. The U.S. is only still existing because China is the biggest foreign owner of our debt. China imports far more things to the U.S. than vice versa. China also embraces the free market while the U.S. is a crony-capitalistic nightmare, living in the glory of its former self.

  23. True American says:

    Trump wants fair trade

  24. Neo D says:

    I don't think the CCP will lose,they have 1.4 billion slaves and you don't.

  25. Bogdan Blaj says:

    This is to much BS.

  26. Boere plaas says:

    As much as I love America I have to say we are not going to benefit from these Tarrifs Trump puts up to other countries. This is no good. Can you imagine if Europe and China start putting massive tarrifs on the US. ???? I mean it will cripple us.

  27. 神兔种花 says:

    this chang is even whiter than white guy wtf

  28. John King says:

    China can get trillions by selling American bonds.

  29. TobyRecorded says:

    Yep, typical Fox bullshit

  30. TobyRecorded says:

    Gordon Chang is just a clown. The guy wrote a book on China collapse nearly 20yrs ago and still waiting for the “prophecy” to fulfill. I doubt he will see the end of it in his life time.

  31. Steven Chen says:

    Fox News constantly talk to Gordon Chang, the dude who predicted collapse of China for decades and hasn't happened. If i buy lottery on same # for as long as he been calling collapse of China, i may have already won millions.

  32. Renan DF says:

    The good thing is that Trump is smarter you think

  33. Jayson Sim says:

    These morons talk abt trade like a football game. Simple mind like Orange Trump.

  34. Kerri says:

    When a country spends billion$ to prop up its economy to deal with its plunging stock market, and has yuuge debt swamping its GDP, all while it employs, for all intents and purposes, massive slave labor, must have serious corruption running rampant through its guvment and beyond.

  35. Michael Reno says:

    Veronique better be reporting from their overseas office.

  36. 待化的冰 says:

    gordon chang hahha what a joke

  37. luci78 Cozma says:

    China reduce foreign reserve especially US dollar buying with this the gold from market But also sale the US bonds to everyone. So if this is a bad move who do finance can know it’s a very smart move to get rid of a currency which will slum soon and Chinese will low the power of US dollar. ! Smart guys ! So you guys In FOx see the big picture ! Hahahhaa

  38. Marshal Arnold says:

    American companies should buy American materials. The Chinese are dicks to their people and unfairly manipulate their currency to undercut other producers. Screw that, buy American, don't support the Chicoms!

  39. Clifton Banks says:

    No winners in s trade war? Nonsense.

  40. jing yui says:

    60 billion is nothing for china's economy…

  41. Christedge Tomas says:

    China actually was in conflict since 5000 years ago which can tell how China is losing this war for sure. Donald makes American great Again!heil tp!be confident Americans,we have India on this side,they will nuclear China up!(Doge

  42. Mark Trujillo says:

    Our farmers are now on the chopping block

  43. Notmuch Tosay says:

    Soybean imported from US to China is mainly used in relatively recent years for making vegetable oil, because the trangenic soybean from US is created for that purpose. China's native soybean on the other hand is mainly used for Tofu making because it contains less fat but more protein. So, if less soybean you could easily turn to other choices such as corn oil. China's northeast 3 provinces used to be the major soybean growers but lost to the competition from US imported soybeans because its price is cheaper and better suited for cooking oil production. But now after the tariffs hike, China will definitely diversify import channels, encourage other countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Russia to grow more soybeans, and also subsidize farmers in China Northeast to grow their own soybeans which created more jobs for them. Consequently, US would lose the huge China market in future because even after the stop of trading war, I bet China won't count on one country such as US as the main source of soybean or any other things. Just think more carefully before you masturbate yourself and ejaculate over own face.

  44. Notmuch Tosay says:

    Another point to add: China's stock market is not like US stock market that weigh so much to daily economy. It has been sit there quietly for over a decade no matter how the economy is performing; therefore China stock market performance is pretty much unrelated or much less related to the actual economy, rather, it's a casino for those people who have extra money to gamble.

  45. Josh Lau says:

    Xi wud lose position if ZTE failed American market? I just turned in to see how stupit these ppl are, but do ppl in FOX know anything at all?

  46. Josh Lau says:

    The more i watch FOX, the more i believe in China taking down US before 2025.

  47. Paul Ly says:

    Foolish people speculating which side will win in a trade war. If we’re not careful, this trade war will lead to a global recession; and WW3 is the result. Paul

  48. Allison B says:

    even the trade war cannot bring down China's housing market… the housing prices are crazy.

  49. Raymond Wong says:

    This is Fox Trump’s ass kissing network News ,it is so pitiful even worse if your are black .

  50. solomon king says:

    Only Chang has the brain

  51. solomon king says:

    Hal is ok too

  52. Aqua Stone says:

    please stop incorrectly calling it a "trade war"& use the correct term "trade dispute"

  53. Anna Li says:

    Keep farting please. Poison US people to death.

  54. Corrine Tsang says:

    China holds 1.4 trillion dollars in US Treasury Bonds earning less than one %.If we default ,will we be broke?

  55. dkenszii says:

    This trade war can end very simply. 0(zero) tariffs on both sides and China stop stealing America's intellectual property. If I was Trump, I would have started making deals with India and other countries to replace China already. That would wake them up fast.

  56. rambid says:

    Uhh, we do, of course. Ummm, Dow is UP 6.5% since tariffs anounced and Shenzhen is DOWN a whopping 19.5% in same period. This is just the beginning. If market forces continue, China will melt down due to overextended debt burden of 100,000 to 200,000 'businesses' which will implode without export sales to USA. Unemployment will skyrocket, there will be a real estate crisis and a banking crisis. They cannot quickly turn and reset because of the 'belt and road initiative' which is costing them a FORTUNE, and has a 20-40 year payback. Their 30 years of cheating us will now cost them.
    Simple solution! Buy nothing made in China. Cheap crap nobody wants or needs. Radio pens that sound scratchy and leak ink and batteries. Yay. How about butane lighter sunglasses? Sounds better than it is, trust me. Bird flu, tainted pet foods, milk laced with melamine, tires that explode (hear that Les Schwab?), toys painted with bright colored lead (yes LEAD!!!), etc., etc. Consumers look at your origin labels. They learn english, or we learn chinese, which do you prefer?

  57. richkide says:

    The media does what it does best, Over hype the situation… There is no trade war and there will be no trade war… China is used to getting there way and have never had to negotiate on a level playing field… It is not that America is angry with China… It has come to the point that America has been taken advantage of for so long that it has come to the point that for the future, America has to make a stand…. This is about negotiations, not about war… Neither side would win… It's simple, China wants business as usual and America wants to negotiate… This squabble will end in both sides coming to the table… It has to happen for the economic growth of both countries…

  58. Wes Winecki says:

    I frankly just joined to say that China is lying. they are lying about everything. They have no interest in our economy. They have long-term needs. HEY, know this………….our position is greater then theirs. Period. Matter of fact, I guarantee it!!!

  59. Henry Chung says:

    Chinese money flowed to US starting in 2011 and helped US economic recovered. "Make in China'' helps more than 80% of US middle class and low income families. Without Chinese product, they can't live. This is the fact. If China good, US will also good. It is good to cooperate instead of against each other as US & China are the biggest countries in the world. Don't you agree?

  60. darkone12491 says:

    wow looks like a lot of chinese people making 25 cents today.

  61. Riata Riata says:

    The riches and businesses in China will not care about the Chinese people. They will only care about their money. They will pressure Xi to re-negotiate with US to stop the trade war.

  62. Allan Ang says:

    US can win a trade war but for China ,5 year down the road will overtake US as the next Superpower.Today trade war will be remember by the Chinese.

  63. Tshering Choden says:

    That man trump is a businessman not a world leader….. he knows his business but does not know the politics of the world….
    He is only the leader of America …not a world leader

  64. PAW PALS says:

    Gooooo TRUMP hit em in their pockets! I told ya long ago this will wake them up 😂🇺🇸🇹🇼🇺🇸🇹🇼🇺🇸🇹🇼🇺🇸🇹🇼🇺🇸🇹🇼USA USA USA

  65. Nabin Koirala says:

    I blame both for not complying the international regulations and creating conflict with international trade relations. I think, the whole world has to suffer.

  66. Ken Yung says:

    The Coming Collapse of Gordon Chang…….Your predictions of coming collapse of China after some 20 years is still……coming.
    You ain't no China expert. Try to be an expert at something else….like flipping burgers.
    With apologies to MacDonalds.

  67. E. C. says:

    All these stupids forgot CHINA 's economy does rely on the stock market index like the USA .
    They need to learn to understand how CHINA'S economy works .CHINA is still a communist country which don't affect much by the stock market index .

  68. Wayne T says:

    It's not so relevant who has the upper hand. China is refocusing on Africa to bring the whole continent into the modern age:

  69. Chin Ka yeok says:

    You think you are winning. Continue to think. You are wrong. You are in a short term run. Think harder for the long run. Great Wall isn't built in one day dude

  70. Eric Xie says:

    Stock market is not a good gauge of economy in short term (half year-one year). Trump and many commentator in this video don't know a single bit of how the stock market works.

  71. Md.Rony Rasal says:

    England and his child USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,NEW ZEALAND are very dangerous for human being..They always fuck,rap,kill,grab any countries people for their own interest..they are enemy for whole world..Stop USA dollar and stop every business in these countries for reduce their power…They are devil

  72. Kia Kerr says:

    Veronique is an idiot.
    She is definitely on drugs….trade war is not about the US trying to convince China to be nice chinese!?, or did I misunderstand her?

  73. Inter Vest Com says:

    Lots of Chinese trolls on this channel. Trump was right about their attempted interference in our politics.

  74. sorawan jirayusakun says:

    To solve the problem, China should shift from US market to its local large market instead.

  75. Osman Jerry says:

    ZTE is a US failure. Everyone thought ZTE would close up. But surprise, the US got to give way because it hurts US much more, right? What a face saving talk, not feeling a tinge of shame.

  76. Bonny Chung says:

    Way to go Trump. Let's FOLD America once and for all. I do admire him for bringing down a country single handely

  77. jbgrooves says:

    Tariffs take effect, prices climb in the USA aka inflation, fed tightens credit, economy slows, tax cuts created such huge deficits there is no money to pump into the economy, Trumponian recession grips the USA, but this time there is no trillion dollar bail out. China wins, US starts another war.

  78. Victor Jerez says:

    Sometimes people don’t understand the power of leverage something a decorated business person like Donald trump does understand

    Sanctions are used as leverage

    When Trump enters office he’s immediately looking for his leverage and playing out different scenarios to use that leverage

    People will lose and others will win that is simply how it is

  79. HP says:

    Gordon Chang every speech he always talk negative about China, He is a person who does not know what is China about He loss his business in China so that is the way he will give a bad comments on China

  80. Richard Lumley Smith says:

    Why do Americans not discuss debt on USA !.All we get is how ,China is being crushed but remember China works long term but USA is already bankrupt .Asset wise China is very strong as it builds s new East !.China does not respect Western economy and E U and Rest of World are dumping the US dollar .Truth about USA economy is that Trump's borrowed a huge amount of money to set up first term but with Budget defecit going above one trillion US dollars !.problem is USA is bankrupt tarriffs and need to borrow trillions from Rest of World by pledging US land as security is dumb !.In China history gambling dens would entrapment a owner of a property lend him money against his property to gamble with !.However when debt to gambling den equals value of man's property his property was seized to settle debt .Trump is unpredictable friend of Korea's and China flips to forcing East to bow to "God" annointed saviour of USA and the debt in USA rises and more US land goes to East !.Remember riding interest rates and soaring inflation on top of huge unemployment (real figures not false ones quoted by goverment )Vets dying as they are ignored by America despite serving their country (Trump some how missed serving in war)but worst of all 90% of over 60's applying for bankruptcy !.Elites are keeping stock market up to endure they decide when it collapses and buy backs raise market but do no mean market is healthy quite the opposite !.China and Japan are going for maturing bonds to invest in US Treasuries so who is buying new Treasury bils ?.One trilion dollars X2 (Japan and China ) should allow East to wait until February 2019 when inflation and tarriffs effect on USA prices causes collapse of economy !
    F35 plane is in real trouble – good time for Rest of World to expose crap American products as China continues to build aircraft production facilities with EU technology to challenge Boeing China needs loads of new planes in future !.

  81. QY Gao says:


  82. Sermsak Songsiridej says:

    China does not have a 22 trillion dollars deficit.

  83. richard alvarado says:

    In the short term the US…..but nobody likes YKW except for Netanyahu and Putin.

  84. R E says:

    Every data point shows that China is not doing well amd the US economy, GDP and unemployment are all solid. China need to be worried. I was just there for business and you won’t see it on CCP controlled media but the Chinese people are terrified.

  85. Richard Gonzalez says:

    The President had to do this, someone had to put the Chinese on check, because of their unfair trade practices. The Democrats are a bunch of pussies, not to talk about their corruptions and selling out America to the Chinese. The Democrats sold all of our technology to the Chinese for a buck, millions of bucks.

  86. Z ESDS says:

    Since China following the command height ordered economy systems all of benefits went to state's capitalism and communist party members… so what's happening to the other forgotten balance of 1.3 billions of its citizens whom are scattering though out its occupied territories… This is the reason why any information, statistical data analysis, indicators, markers… are not carrying comparable meaningful economical reports from the rest of the free world 's enterprise economy systems… let's take an example on real-estate sector reports, China has been using the right of usage substituted for the real-estate 's ownership; this is why china has many ghost city built while there are more than 50 millions citizens in the housing's crises…
    China has been talking advantages of WTO and world credits for so long already, it's time for China to change and reform itself towards the free enterprise world economy…
    The prolonging of trade deficits cause trade war… We'll have to win this trade war not just for American but Chinese and World citizens too… china must be pushed back to the original borders lines that is the only way to achieve peace and prosperity though out its occupied territories…

    Just a friendly reminder suggestions…


  87. Marvin Ellis says:

    The ART of the DEAL . TRUMP 2020 !

  88. William Nguyen says:

    What else can USA do to get the  trade imbalance with China? Just let China to suck $500 billion out of USA every year? China ' goal is to slowly weaken USA and dominate the world with its undemocratic authoritarian sinister system? Many countries and even many previous USA administrations have fallen to  those honey-coated words and promises of china and now they are regretting. Believing in Chinee leaders is like The Little Red Riding Hood believing in the wolf, The time will come when the wolf will eat her as well as her grand mother.

  89. Reynaldo dela Fuente says:

    be careful to china they feel they own everything soon they will say they own the moon 🤮🤮🤮 fake snd toxic

  90. Kecent Oh says:

    Hahaha only the lady has some brain cells, no one wins in a trade war. It like my friend and I went to casino and lost some money but my friend lost more than me so I am a winner – is this how your so called experts think – shaking my head now.

  91. from the outside says:

    The panel are very right the only problem is , do the Americans have the political will to have short term sacrifices for long term gain ?

  92. daud daros says:

    The Chinese has lots of cards to use….you can't beat them…they are in business for thousands of years……….

  93. daud daros says:

    talk big!!!

  94. Michel Ng says:

    À president for life losing his position because Trump bullied, then rescinded his action against ZTE? Howl did Gordon Chang come up with this preposterous Idea.

  95. Jack Rains says:

    A lot of pin head chins

  96. Mike Reiley says:

    China property theft, unfair trade, and deflating their currency has been going on for 30 years it’s time to end this abuse.

  97. Brian White says:

    Chinese dirty dictatorship is the biggest problem in china.the world can not deal with a evil dictatorship that stealing everything from everyone .then taking over people country and ocean.and then they sell your body parts after you end up in a camp

  98. Brian White says:

    Chinese dirty dictatorship.say no more

  99. Brian White says:

    Making a deal with Chinese dirty dictatorship is no different then making a deal with satan himself.evil Chinese dictatorship

  100. lud don says:

    ''china is propping up it's economy with billions of 💵,. and America is propping up it's business with Trillions of 💵

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