Trump’s trade war with China will backfire: Fred Bergsten

Trump’s trade war with China will backfire: Fred Bergsten


  1. joebridges187 says:

    4:42 shut up biatch!

  2. joebridges187 says:

    I’ll jump to the end of the book tdump has played his trump card (no pun intended), the only other card he has is to impose sanctions on American companies, til they leave China. And that’s not a good option.

  3. Kebir Ben Kaccem says:

    America and china are playing with world economies over greed… We can put man on the moon but we can not negotiate a trade deal in agive and take manner .

  4. nshadow888 says:

    China edges in world competativeness, as simple as their government is efficient, infrastructure such as 5G, high speed rail ways, high way connect to more than 95% of its cities and villages, Chinese is smart and innovative.
    By the way, when USA will having your first high speed rail way? 2029, LA to San francesco length 500miles, up to today, China already 12000miles. By the year 2029, they will further add on 16000 miles.
    Why infra such as high speed rail way cannot Common in usa? Because of corrupted government of both parties, lobbying by freight companies, transport companies etc.

  5. William Nguyen says:

    What else can USA do to get the  trade imbalance with China? Just let China to suck $500 billion out of USA every year? China ' goal is to slowly weaken USA and dominate the world with its undemocratic sinister system? Many countries and even many previous USA administrations have fallen to  those honey-coated words and promises of china and now they are regretting. Believing in Chinee leaders is like The Little Red Hood believing in the wolf, The time will come when the wolf will eat her as well as her grand mother.

  6. jakelvkar514 says:

    China is not internationally isolated, US is now.

  7. Matthew 123456 says:

    Cant believe anything China says lol

  8. Matthew 123456 says:

    Take our business's out of china by tarrifs. Relying on "Allies" like who? Lol

  9. Matthew 123456 says:

    This fool thinks allies are on our side lol

  10. Don't Bet on It says:

    The USA's foreign policy is uniting nations that only a few years ago would not even talk to each other.

  11. Douglas Wong says:

    Have to dealt with? How? Isolated?
    You meant Trump isolated?

  12. Douglas Wong says:

    Allies? With Trump?
    Sounded like “I lies”

  13. Ralph P. says:

    TSK TSK The gravy train for our businessmen is coming to an end. The easy profits by huge mark ups on Chinese imported goods are coming to an end. Make America Free Again. Made In USA should be our goal.

  14. Right side Of history says:

    China is not isolated, it’s a false statement, you are very poorly informed. Total nonsense

  15. Allen Yeong says:

    USA in the end will lose, USA is not the only country go ptoduce pork, soya beans, wine etc etc, if China shift its buying mothods USA will be sffectec by a stupid order on tariffs, period

  16. Arole Flynn says:

    Communist China declared economic war on the USA the minute it was mistakenly allowed into the WTO. Since then they have violated every tenet of the rules of that organization.

  17. darrendelong says:

    It's difficult for Trumptards and Foxtards to actually understand how trade works.

  18. Veravit Chiamanusorn says:

    China will never want to be seen to be weak. They will not back down

  19. pearlgarden29 says:

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  20. jesbsnrn says:

    stop forced tech transfers by china.

  21. john paul says:

    And the USA are always respecting the international rules ,USA want accès to chinese banking systèm si that they can start putting sanctions

  22. Daniel Bonner says:

    China won against the USA years ago…USA just waking up to that fact 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. reginol invincent says:

    China is to collapse.were we not told Hillary will absolutely win now told China to win no bible says USA to dominate.

  24. LEE KENG Hoon says:

    Dont bully. Dont talk BIG. Dont be big headed. America must work humbly with all.

  25. Great Asia says:

    This is your economic advantage?!

    The US bubble economy needs US$1 trillion of additional government debt every year to sustain.
    US$1 trillion
    US$1 trillion
    US$1 trillion
    US$1 trillion
    US$1 trillion
    US$1 trillion
    US$1 trillion
    US$1 trillion
    US$1 trillion
    ….add US$1 trillion of debt per year!

    Your government debt will be US$30 trillion before you can even smell victory from this trade war.
    You got to be kidding!

  26. Great Asia says:

    Mobilise your allies to isolate China?! You got to be kidding!
    Your allies don't even agree with you on how you handle Iran. Yet, an idiot is here talking about attacking China like a pack of wolves? China will ask your all allies, who want to be the first to bite.

  27. imli jamirr says:

    Isolate China…u fools😂😂😂😂

  28. solomon king says:

    Don’t make us stupid go back to kindergarten

  29. chung O says:

    I love you Trumps! He is doing a great job. Shut you big mouth 👄

  30. Roger Lee says:

    Ummmm, stealing technology like Verizon?

  31. Roger Lee says:

    Funny to see this video a year later, the trade war totally backfired on US.

  32. Johnny Q says:

    With a few months' worth of hindsight, we can safely say that the woman was clueless.

  33. Sermsak Songsiridej says:

    Self comforting won't help. China is reaping benefits from B&R initiatives. Europe, Japan, S. Korea are now leaning toward China, not to mention the already established relationship with ASEAN, Central Asia and Africa. The Arab world is in frequent contact with China as well as many in Latin America. This does not leave much territory for US influence.

  34. Carlito Basa says:

    US need a regime change

  35. Simpson Evil American says:


  36. CHARLES STYRON says:

    Home Depot is leaving China,  you never guess where they are moving to

  37. Michael Slawson says:

    Everyone wants Trump to fail.That is the real discussion.The Chinese people aren't our enemy,The Chinese govenment is.People just want to live a decent life ,anywhere in the world.Fair business practices are a must.

  38. Wolfgang Nachname says:

    US is isolated …. America first became America allone.

  39. Arole Flynn says:

    You can’t win a poker game with an opponent that thinks it fair that they have ten cards and a mirror on the wall behind you. It’s time to cut all business and trade with Communist China. Just don’t play cards with them anymore.

  40. Gold Smith says:

    Here's what will get China government to wake up, stop China's students from attending our universities and trade schools.

  41. winomaster says:

    The market does not fall when people DISAGREE with Trump's course. The market falls when there is UNCERTAINTY.

  42. Robert Futch says:

    Trump's wa

  43. Colin Barnes says:

    Just listening to 30 secs of Kudlow and all I see is the very ugly American that thinks his country is so superior that he totally underestimates his opposition, same as Trump and all the people he has surrounded himself with, The decline of the US is happening very fast and with these people in charge it is also inevitable.

  44. Michael Otieno says:

    Here is why America loses the trade war to China. China is talking about 5G and A.I – America is talking about trade in raw materials like steel and farm produce; America is looking to bring back manufacturing while China is using the belt and road to build a manufacturing base for the Chinese market as wages begin to rise in China; China has over 17,000 people with advanced degrees in rare earth America has less than 100;

  45. Thomas Ho says:

    I hate to hear that keep a running their mouthTech knowledge transfer steal your intellectual propertyHow could they still something you don’t even have? We cannot bash people that way without prove

  46. Hong says:

    Fred is right about China is not more depending on foreign trade than 10 years ago.

  47. Hidong Cucuk says:

    How could Fox allowed such a damaging interview be published on YouTube !

  48. tj ti says:

    seems this guy was wrong

  49. Edward Hoffman says:

    Does anyone think that all the nations that are having china steal their natural resources through the illegal island building in the SCS are going to sit quietly? I doubt it. China is a bully. They will implode. And it is too bad we help them when Japan ran through their country and dominated them. We should have never freed them. They never diserved our help. They are the most corrupt nation on the planet and the biggest cheaters also. Their economy seems to be doing well but the communists will never allow the population to truly have freedom. It's a great place for the wealthy and communist connected. Everyone else are just thoughtless machines.

  50. ståle hansen says:

    When did FOX FAKE become so extreme CNN like????? PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. C W says:

    Fred said on a recent Bloomberg podcast (aug7) that "the time has come to end this Monopoly, to which the US runs the World Bank, and the Europeans run the IMF" … Let that sink in.

  52. jiaxiang chen says:

    Actually the problem began when the US Dollar was not backed by gold and the Saudis agreed sell their oil for US paper dollar. As the international currency, American just had to print more paper money so they do not even have to lift a finger except to print more paper dollars. So what do you expect? Trade deficit big time. But now when they finally see the writing on the wall, Saudi is not the noly source of oil. Iran will accept Chinese Yuan, etc. Venezuela too. Russia too. Oops. Your paper money will not be any good.But it is not too late to change. Play less basketball, work more to produce more and soon you will number 1 again. China is red they will fall behind USA again.

  53. JC Denver says:

    Fred Bergsten is a great comedian!

  54. Manny Mann says:


  55. ALBMAX ZOU says:

    THIS IS USA STRATEGY.. isolating China instead of developing its own economy

  56. solomon king says:

    Fred you’re wrong very

  57. solomon king says:

    I can’t understand this guy fred out of tune out of the right mind

  58. Sunshine Patsoph says:


  59. Alain DUMAS says:

    Fred is right.

  60. Midnight_ Plaz says:


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