Trump: We asked pharmeceutical companies to accelerate coronavirus research

Trump: We asked pharmeceutical companies to accelerate coronavirus research


  1. iDeagles says:

    You mean the “free” healthcare system all these other countries have isn’t able to come up with a vaccine? You mean the US with their privatized healthcare needs to come save the day once again? Who could’ve guessed?

  2. Karlyn Pinson says:


  3. Susan Auger says:

    Trudeau is trying to turn Canada into Venezuela with socialism. WE MUST SAY NO!!!!!!! F TURDY

  4. Don DeChello says:

    SCAM. Rush to get cure for corona virus? For what? You haven’t found one for cancer why try to find one for corona virus? Makes me sick. The government needs to be exposed and held accountable. They act and work hard only when they want to. They should have found a cure for cancer a while ago. If they tried hard enough and actually spent the money and resources on it they could do it

  5. dave d says:

    While the corona virus was picking up steam, the Democrat-Media-Party was 100% focused on their bogus Impeachment Hoax. The Democrat Media talked of NOTHING ELSE. It occupied the Presidency and the Congress for months while all other important business — including the Corona Virus — were off the radar, so the Democrats could drive the Country insane over a fricken PHONE CALL.

  6. flor wast says:

    Wow! You'd think they'd have come up with the idea to do research on coronavirus on their own without the pig-in-chief taking credit for it.

  7. William Royer says:

    Too little to late for toilet for clogging Don 💩.

  8. Xander L. says:

    Venezuela has free petrol for it's citizens i've heard 😄 But can you believe president who lowers taxes and drug prices. Nice.

  9. projectD1S says:

    "we promise the cure will only cost a measly 10 thousand dollars"

  10. Death says:

    But this is no big deal. Nothing worse than the flu!
    I don't see quarantines and state of emergencies over the flu! This is all a hoax, remember.
    Open all flights, close all quarantines and send everyone home.
    There's nothing to see here folks!

  11. Tim M says:

    YOU still cut funding for the CDC. But hey. Screaming "work faster" does the trick too. 🙄

  12. USA🦅OG LATINO🇺🇸 says:


  13. Donald Bailey says:

    Re: The Coronavirus. MIKE WILL GET IT DONE! WATCH & LISTEN TO HIM ON HIS CORONAVIRUS VIDEO ENTITLED, > The Truth About the Coronavirus: Mike Breaks It Down | Mike Bloomberg for President! HE SAID HE WILL GET IT DONE!! K P CHEE?? NOW!! DO YA WANT IT DONE OR NOT??

  14. The Dream Traveler says:

    Wow. Finally. This should have already been happening weeks ago but don't forget folks it's a hoax apparently.

  15. Bruce Adams says:

    The Usa is led by a moron.

  16. ZOMB says:

    you are all idiots

  17. Fiona Corliss says:

    All our meds come from China. That's a security risk.
    The president ASKING pharma companies instead of government developing it and therefore completely under his direction, and at cost.
    THATS a security risk too.

  18. Manuel G Chapa Jr says:


  19. Namaste Om says:

    they want you to panic so they can control you. virus scare is just a cover-up so we won't have to look at how bad our economy really is.

  20. Briana Anderson says:

    I'm not a Trump supporter but I think he is handling this very very well he's keeping my anxiety down 🙏 lol

  21. Family Under Attack says:

    Spray? WTF

  22. Dom Dukes says:

    So people actually expect the ones that most likely launched a biological attack on humanity to save humanity… 🤦‍♂️

  23. SJG SJG says:

    Do you still want open borders now shitbag Democrats?

  24. Family Under Attack says:

    They are in this position because the US keeps supporting corruption. These are liars.

  25. Chad Smith says:

    Maybe china should pay for victim's meds and hospital bill's

  26. SJG SJG says:

    Fear is the most deadly killer.

  27. madiantin says:

    I'm so glad Trump asked pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the research. Because if he hadn't asked them, I'm sure they would have been sitting around doing nothing, chatting by the water cooler, spinning on their chairs, twiddling their thumbs, playing on their phones. eyeroll SMH.

  28. Bassahaulic Productions says:

    Reporter – "Do you think having rallies during a public health crisis is safe?"

    Trump – "Well the democrats are doing it, they're having lots of rallies"

  29. Christopher says:

    Trump's nose loves Venezuela.

  30. Tebayane Rose says:

    Anyone who takes a vaccine is a fool.

  31. Jacob zero says:

    Hmmm….. accelerate as in not put it through clinical trials?

  32. Christopher says:

    At the very end, we've heard that response before…

  33. jsmall10671 says:

    Any mention that the basic research is usually done through govt. funding, not by big pharma?

  34. Adam Romero says:

    So it's not reckless to hold a Trump rally but it is dangerous for a Democrat to hold a rally. Because that's how this president actually thinks. A toddler in the oval office playing house.

  35. Daquan McDonald says:

    Trump ain't catch it and he been all over the place

  36. Pedro Gonzalez says:

    Trump talks about Venezuela forget that country.let Russia give them what they need since they have good relations if Russia could give them military weapons they could also give food and water.

  37. MI6 has pictures of Putin and Trump in bed together says:

    Right, I'm glad Trump asked for the private sector to work faster because they are our only hope, now that Trump cut funding in 2017 and wants to again. He also fired some of the best scientists in the world but hey, I'm sure we can re-hire them if we ever need them again, right?
    And remember kids when you work for a dictator you have to speak kindly of them before and after your watered-down comments.

  38. chri mar says:

    Blah blah blah

  39. Jeanette says:

    ….like they weren't already going as fast as they can on this thing? Lol…false sense of security from empty words that mean nothing. This virus never should've gotten out of containment as it did. Disappointed in the so-called "experts."

  40. Eli Eli says:

    China recovers USA gets infected china can become nr1 while USA suffers

  41. dLimboStick says:

    But Rush told me this coronavirus was a hoax perpetrated by the Democrats.

  42. hutch says:

    Trump has an ACTUAL DOCTOR on his cabinet who worked at Johs Hopkins but instead put Pence in charge of this. I mean…come on already!

  43. Adventure Escape says:

    Won't be affordable for the middle class.

  44. John Wayne says:

    Mercury in vaccine with 5g makes mercury vaporized in body is my theory

  45. Rod Gossett says:

    If Trump and henchmen come to be very sick then I will say this
    corona virus is not for population control/reduction. If they
    don't ever come to be very sick then this virus is Germ Warfare.

  46. Fireproof Crane says:

    Hope is a great way to greet disappointment.

  47. hutch says:

    Trump doesn't control the Pharma industry. They control him.

  48. MrMidnightsteve says:

    What i thought trump said this was a hoax ?

  49. Citizen EU says:

    Hands up, who believes the statement Trµmp made that: "For the first time in 51 years the drug prices prescription have come down" 😂?

  50. Bob leroy says:

    Why doesn’t trump correct his mistake and reinstate the CDC’s full budget and then double it?

  51. David Lawrence says:

    Are these interviewers imbeciles? How about the reporters try changing their speech so that they are not implying wrongdoing or incompetence. We are not morons so please do not make any assumptions. In order to keep down any escalating violence in Afghanistan it is possible to remove troops yet keep informed of terrorist activities in the region. The US has enough foreign bases that if there was an escalation in violence in Afghanistan after a troop removal then any bases nearby can be activated on short notice. As for Corona Virus and the possibility of getting exposed I have one piece of advice for you, increase your immune system naturally. That is the best way to fend off any virus. GFW

  52. Mary Wolfe says:

    I want to know. Is china going to face accountabality ?? For the reliese of this virus !!

  53. Kingston Sealow says:

    Who will be the first ones to test the ACCELERATED VACCINE? I can wait after the White House staff being tested.

  54. j & a moore says:

    Trump is saying Venezuela is a rough country with gangs and dont have water or food, so why wont he let these people seek asylum. And as far as drug prices go,the price of insulin has risen 3xs in the past 2 years. I guess Obama did that too.🤔

  55. Google User says:

    Mr. President, Coronavirus is a "hoax", you told us, don't change your mind, that's confusing!!!

  56. bobmatzke says:

    What happened to "easily hiring back the best doctors" that he fired from the CDC?

  57. Honey G says:

    We have to care about ourselves first, we are in shortness of medical supplies for coronaries now. We can help them later when our situation is getting better .

  58. GeorgeJones says:

    Can’t Trump just get his lawyer to pay the virus $130k to go away?🥴

  59. Joe S. says:

    Orange man with tiny hands. 😂😂😂

  60. Christopher Orozco says:

    That DOW watch must be fake how are we going up?

  61. Seven Nguyen says:

    Uhm, there’s a competition already trying to make the vaccine, I doubt that his words can make anything better. The scientists already have enough pressure, plz stay away from them, Mr.Pre!

  62. Stopman Go says:

    Many Americans are treated very badly, with no clean water, no food, no shelter… Why don't we concentrate on our American people first before we hypocritically try to "fix" Venezuela? Maybe if the suffering American people had oil, we would try to "help" them as well?

  63. MaybeSo MaybeNot says:

    The 80% of pharmaceutical companies that are located in China… Or the 20% that aren't located in China but still get OVER 90% of their raw materials from China?

  64. Trent Petersen says:

    Doesn't work that way Dumb and Dumber !!

  65. Seven Nguyen says:

    Uhm, there’s a competition already trying to make the vaccine, I doubt that his words can make anything better. The scientists already have enough pressure, plz stay away from them, Mr.Pre!

  66. mario sanchez says:

    I thought pence was in charge

  67. mario sanchez says:

    Dude you always repeat what you say.

  68. AmericanMade says:

    Trump is such a failure.

  69. Juicy Dick says:

    Covid 19 is transmitted through your eyes, if your eyes feel sore around 8pm and you feel sleepy that is a sign you have it and you're going to die…

  70. brian gallia says:

    So we can expect some habit forming (possibly opioid based) cure.

    Pharma company: "What the cure isn't habit forming? Just add some opioids anyway."

  71. mario sanchez says:

    I'm really bad to talk to crowds but I think I can do better job

  72. Dabby Doodle says:

    Why is America not spraying streets like China??? US Govt doesn't want us to look I'll, although some are dying!!!

  73. AmericanMade says:

    Anyone who believes a word this sociopath says is either crazy, stupid or just a shitbag of a human. Possibly all three.

  74. Will Mayville says:


  75. Cozen says:

    1 joint a day keeps the doc away

  76. Patrick KIELEM says:

    no need to panic. it looks like people over 65 years old are the ones dying from it because of weak immune system.

  77. AmericanMade says:

    He wants to raise the age of retirement to 70 and cut social security. This prick hasn't kept one of his promises and in fact broken them egregiously. He continues to fail, yet somehow his idiot fans think he's doing great. They do this with all their Republican Presidents and everyone of them has been a disaster. Republican President equals a horrible economy and chaos and almost always war. A recession will come because of his unprecedented spending.

  78. AWretchLikeThee says:

    I'd rather the Corona Virus be president than Sanders.

  79. Cito Gonzalez says:

    Never seen a president so ignorant as you

  80. Bishop says:

    Why isn't the government making vacines and doing research.instead of drug company's doing it.and allowing them to make millions off this many defective test kits were shipped out and recalled in NYC..the government is dropping the ball on this..

  81. Rosemary Storm says:

    Rosemary Storm (.com) aka THE GOOD STORM (which she calls President Trump) rec'd TWO letters from President Bush #41 for her song about the WAR ON DRUGS called THIEVES OF THE AUGUST HARVEST (youtube and at THE GOOD STORM 's .com) This song is on Rosemary's TRUMP TOWER cd from "1999". It's on youtube as well – please hear/share. Her song "THE PEACEMAKERS" with the VSO and 3X Emmy Winner conducting, sings "LAY DOWN YOUR WEAPONS – KEEP TALKING it through .." I love TRUMP!

  82. Mr K says:

    Didnt Trump say that he would ever telegraph his moves but now he is making it public that he is planning on pulling out of Afghanistan and just like Syria its going to fail because thats what the terrorists are waiting for. How the hell does any of this make any sense. Afghan govt is not even on board with this agreement with the Taliban of all people.

  83. Brian K says:

    So, it's not contained???

  84. Knuckle DraggingBreeder says:

    For a profit of course.

  85. Cottagerose 58 says:

    Really my prescription prices have gone up one of them by $ 200

  86. Brad Roon says:

    Colombia kicked the EPA out and immediately had drug production and distribution drop60%.

  87. Rex Colubra says:

    What is ID2020 and why should you be concerned about a vaccine for this?

  88. Joe Smith says:


  89. Mr K says:

    Contradiction: If corona virus is nothing to worry about then why is he supposedly asking them to accelerate the research. He claims its just like the flu, there no cure for that.

  90. Wheat Germ says:

    Testing kits first. People can't avoid spreading it if they can't tell who has it. Vaccines take months–even years–to produce and distribute widely. Testing kits were needed weeks ago.

  91. Bob Smith says:

    It’s be like The Flu Shot- Free For Most/copay for Some….

  92. Robert Adams says:

    Government needs to take over big pharma

  93. Victor Teo says:

    Is it too late to ask for help? Where is Mike Pence?

  94. Fickle Loyalties says:

    0:50 "Unbelievably badly" Just wow. That's our president with 3rd grade English..

  95. Norman Getsinger says:

    As if this orange clown knows anything about how pharmaceutical companies develop vaccines. Does he think they are just moping around attending to other things other than developing a vaccine? Next, he might start asking Mike Pence and company to pray the virus away.

  96. Bri I says:

    I don't think you need to ask pharma companies to accelerate coronavirus research. The company who comes up with a vaccine will make a fortune. The impetus is already there.

  97. Danny Boyd says:

    waiting for an april miracle – donald is a turd!

  98. Munnik 7704 says:

    We will have nothing too n the near future

  99. Alpha Orionis 911 says:

    Trump is a great president!

  100. Jim Bob says:

    TrumptytheClown has zero clue. What a moron.

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