Trump signs off on U.S.-China trade deal: Reports

Trump signs off on U.S.-China trade deal: Reports

the US and China have reportedly signed
a phase one trade deal raising hopes that a truce in the trade wars around
the corner and sending stock markets soaring Korea’s economy could see major
benefits as well our has the latest rumbling on
for nearly a year and a half the us-china trade war that has stampin the
global economy may be coming to an end Washington has reached to face one trade
deal in principle with Beijing according to bloomberg Sinese sources familiar
with the situation US President Donald Trump has signed off on the deal and an
official announcement from the White House could consume the report said the
terms of the deal have been agreed but the legal text has not yet been
finalized reuters reported Beijing has agreed to buy 50 billion u.s. dollars of
American agricultural goods in 2020 as part of the deal one expert says China
might have agreed to this to prevent further terrorists from the US because I
could cultural goods play an important role in American exports it must have
meant a lot for the u.s. when China said they will buy their agricultural goods
in return this means that their relationship is not going to get worse
than it is and gradually the u.s. is likely to lower its terrace he added
that this deal will mean items such as semiconductors will see a price increase
which will particularly help South Korea’s economy the destination of most
South Korean goods is China so if China’s trade with the u.s.
flourishes they will Chinese imports from Korea the Neuse cost South Korea’s
credit default swap to rich its lowest on record on Thursday a lower credit
default swap means there is less risk of bankruptcy meanwhile US stocks had
record highs on Thursday following the reports of a signed trade deal both the
S&P 500 and Nasdaq jumped nearly 1 percent and closed at all-time highs
ending the day at three thousand 168 and 8700 17 respectively
the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed more than 300 points at one point before
calming down but still finished higher at 28,000 132 who knew Arirang news


  1. FWG says:

    Christmas influence is amazing, we need make this holiday every day, maybes that way we will have Peace. Happy Christmas every one and thank you for your hard work.

  2. J. Lee says:

    Congratulations to the two great nations of USA and China! Wish more Win-Win cooperation between the biggest developed country and biggest developing country on earth !!!

  3. shin chan says:

    That bigger usa flag tho lol

  4. douglas steele says:

    phase one then phase two then phase three then phase four then phase five….etc. if trump is so good at business deals then you would think he could wrap it up in one phase. thing is trump is getting played by China and he's to ignorant along with narcissistic to know it. the tables have turned it seems. now trump is the played and China is the player.

  5. Tony Gotti says:

    South korea needs to just become part of usa

  6. Linda Schultz says:

    Thank you president Trump. Future generations will applauded this move. Today we congratulate another win for American workers and shame on career politicians for never getting anything done.

  7. Ng Soon Lee says:

    China also promised to gift the hypocrite Americunts with 300 millions of dildos and reamers. Enough for you Americunts to screw yourselves.

  8. vccv vccv says:

    The Communist China GOV will NEVER abide by any agreements and commitments. To constrain communism by contract, only failure! One billion China people in less than 1 dollar a day in food, China claims to be powerful.

  9. vccv vccv says:

    Western never understand that China rulers were gangsters forever, killing was political power relied and combined Soviet killing strategy. People are just slaves. Demanding anything from the bandit rulers would be their rival enemies. The rulers who can only kill people ignore public opinion, there is no negotiation , only repression, arrest and slaughter.

  10. Lorenzo says:

    Trump usual he lost China wins.. trade wars are easy to win.. trump is the worst deal maker in American history..

  11. crocusflower says:

    just like with the biden investigation, you don't have to DO an investigation, just SAY you are. perception is everything. he makes overtures, holds court, then comes in front of the camera, 'we signed an agreement..', like everything's all done, he's a hero. not so fast-no, he's still the villain who got us in this mess, & who has NOT changed a thing. trump you are scum.

  12. Francisco Verra says:

    America won it triple agricultural products China 2 purchased and intellectual property and 7,5% tariff retain

  13. Gigi Devoe says:

    Got one signed with China but somehow Mexico got their nose out joint.

  14. LST says:

    Trumps folds like a cheap made in China plasticky chair. But he's still winning, just like he used to say. MAGA, MAGA, MAGA…….

  15. Wayne T says:

    It's probably good until the next election. Trump needs it at least till then.

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