Trump says he talked with China’s Xi on N. Korea and trade deal

Trump says he talked with China’s Xi on N. Korea and trade deal

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday said
in a tweet, he had spoken with Chinese President Xi Jinping over the phone to discuss issues
on North Korea and trade. Our Kim Hyesung reports. U.S. President Donald Trump spoke on Friday
with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jin-ping, touching on issues including North Korea and
trade. The talks came just after U.S. special envoy
for North Korea Stephen Biegun left for the U.S. after meeting with senior officials of
the Chinese foreign ministry in Beijing as part of efforts to make a breakthrough in
stalled denuclearization talks with the North. It also comes after the two countries announced
last week that they had agreed on the so-called phase one trade deal aimed at ending the 18-month
long trade war. In a tweet, President Trump said he had a
phone call with President Xi concerning North Korea and the trade deal, claiming progress
that formal signing is being arranged. China’s Xinhua news agency said Xi stressed
that all parties need to seek a political settlement on the North Korean issue and that
“all parties should meet each other halfway and maintain the momentum of easing dialogue,
which serves the common interests of all parties”. Pyeongyang has conducted several short-range
missile tests in recent weeks and threatened Washington with a “Christmas gift”, which
some have interpreted as a sign that North Korea could resume long-range missile tests,
as the clock ticks closer to its self-imposed end-of-year deadline for nuclear negotiations
with the U.S On Friday, Pentagon chief said he is hopeful
for restarting diplomacy with North Korea. “Clearly, we think that the political solution
is the best way forward to denuclearize the peninsula and to address North Korea’s programs.” But Mark Esper also noted that the U.S. is
in a high state of military readiness, prepared to “fight and win tonight”, if needed. President Trump and North Korean leader Kim
Jong-un have held three summits but failed to reach an agreement on lifting sanctions
on Pyeongyang in exchange for denuclearisation by North Korea. Kim Hyesung, Arirang News.


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    God bless all North Koreans


    Trump is a Coward no man power to defense America

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    China & DPRK are allies against the USA.

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