Trump Doesn’t Think Twice About His Looming Trade War | The Daily Show

Trump Doesn’t Think Twice About His Looming Trade War | The Daily Show

a lot of people were against Trump’s idea
to impose tariffs on every nation in the world. But the strongest opposition came from within
the president’s own party. House Speaker
Paul Ryan’s spokeswoman releasing
the following statement warning against the move,
saying in a statement… That’s gonna turn around
and bite American citizens with much higher taxes, much
higher… much higher costs. It’s only gonna hurt American
consumers and our allies. Please reconsider your solution. Trump has really worn
Lindsey Graham down, like… Yeah, the presidency has
basically turned him into America’s most tired babysitter. He’s just like,
“No crayons on the furniture. Please consider your position.” And by the way,
am I the only person who still thinks it’s weird
that lawmakers have to go on TV just so they can speak
directly to their president? It’s like, “Thank you
for having me on, Wolf. “Now, listen, Mr. President, please don’t impose
the tariffs.” Like, it’s only a matter of time
before lobbyists start planting their agendas
inside Happy Meals. ‘Cause they know Trump
will find it. “Oh, boy! It’s Coco,
the Deregulating Panda!” But I’m not surprised
that they’re pulling out all the stops to try
and sway Trump. Because, you see,
economists have warned that starting a trade war could
increase the cost of living for Americans
across the board. Although,
according to Wilbur Ross, commerce secretary and living
Werther’s Original, the impact won’t be so bad. What I would like to do, though, is to emphasize, again,
the limited impact. In the can of Campbell’s soup, there’s about 2.6 cents, 2.6 pennies worth of steel. So if that goes up by 25%, that’s about six-tenths
of one cent on the price of a can of
Campbell’s soup. Well, I just bought
this can today at a 7-Eleven down here, and the price was $1.99. So who in the world is gonna be
too bothered by six-tenths of a cent? He’s so cute. It’s like you can’t even hear
what he’s saying. (muttering) He’s like a white Ben Carson
over here, you know? Yeah. Can you imagine him
and Ben Carson having a conversation together?
It would last forever. It would be, like, “Have I told
you about my soup cans?” And Ben would be like,
(mimics Carson): “The best can of all is the human skull.” (laughter, applause) Now… Now, Commerce Secretary Soup Dog
might be right that one individual can of soup
won’t go up a huge amount. But the problem is that
when America imposes a tariff like this, other
countries could retaliate, and then things escalate. The international community
is responding to President Trump’s
desired tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. TV REPORTER: Officials from the
European Union vowed to impose taxes
on U.S. goods, including Harley Davidson
motorcycles, bourbon whiskey
and Levi’s jeans. In turn,
President Trump threatened to tax European cars. If the E.U. wants
to further increase their already massive tariffs, he’ll add a tax on their cars. You see? It started at steel
and aluminum, and now we’re up to whiskey
and jeans. And, honestly, I think
the European Union is going about this
the wrong way. You’re not hurting Trump by
threatening Jim Beam and Levi’s, all right? Trump has never touched alcohol, and he doesn’t exactly have what
we call “jeans ass.” Okay? (laughter) And so now, you would think Trump getting all these bad
Yelp reviews on his tariff idea
would make him think twice. But, joke’s on you,
he doesn’t think once. President Trump is doubling down
on those tariff proposals. Yesterday he tweeted that trade wars are good
and easy to win. The truth is, trade wars aren’t
easy to win. In fact,
already a study has shown that even before a trade war, Trump’s tariffs, by themselves, could cost Americans
146,000 jobs. Yeah, and don’t forget,
the past two presidents tried this type of thing,
and it didn’t work. George W. Bush tried
steel tariffs, too, and studies showed
that they cost America far more jobs than they saved. And President Obama put tariffs
on tires, but they ended up costing
Americans thousands of jobs and nearly a billion dollars. Yeah, a billion dollars
on tires. I mean, I know us black guys
like spending money on wheels, but goddamn. Now, although Trump’s solution
may be extreme, that doesn’t mean
that he’s wrong about the underlying issue. Because the truth is, China is
dumping steel into the U.S. and it is hurting
American steel companies. So Trump is right
about the problem, but his solution will cause
even bigger problems. He’s like a doctor whose great
at the diagnosis, terrible at the cure.
You know, it’s just like, (mimics Trump:
You have skin cancer, so I’m gonna chop off your dick. Wait, what? But like it or not, Trump is the
doctor America chose, so it’s ultimately his call. So even if it’s bad policy, America could be headed
for a trade war, which, to be honest, of all the wars we thought Trump
could get us into… I mean, nuclear war,
a race war… a trade war is, like,
the least bad option, and… it’ll make the next Call of Duty
completely different. NEWSWOMAN:
President Trump threatening a surprise trade war
over steel. A wild week
made him eager for a fight. NEWSMAN: He said trade wars
are good. They’re easy to win. TRUMP: Well, I’d love
to have a trade war. MAN:
The president was wrong. Trade wars are hell. Hang on to your ass. We’re gonna raise
the price of steel. MAN:
We had no idea how cruel the enemy could be. You want to raise taxes
on steel? We will tax your jean shorts. You son of a bitch. -How much is a Bud Light now?
-Six bucks. You’re a long way
from Econ 101, bitch. Who in the world
is gonna be too bothered by six-tenths of a cent?


  1. Eb Love says:

    who's going to care?? he says!!….well at least the Seven Eleven got a free promo out of it🤔!

  2. Sajeanne says:

    I remember when a can of Campbell's soup was a quarter… he does too! He probably remembers when it was a nickel!!! $1.99/can = Inflation Gone Wild, while wages stay virtually the same. Only an Oligarch wouldn't notice.

  3. Art Can 3 says:

    "The best can of all is the human skull" – Dr. Ben Carson

  4. Bushra Gules says:

    Kaaaaak funny.That old guy.yoooooo

  5. Ciro Sackie says:

    To whoever has voted for this President?…Nice Job!!!

  6. Ian says:

    Face it bigots, you just hate Trump because he's White.

  7. faysal kadir says:

    which game is that ?

  8. Sevlija Blazevic says:

    WHISKY …. NO NO, NO, NO, IT S WHYSKY / HILARY ??? !!!!!

  9. dosmastrify says:

    Trevor you idiot they're threatening companies that are based in the states of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell 3:20

  10. SECONDQUEST says:


  11. Evolved Ape says:

    So first the Republicans advocate free trade and the left hates them, then they advocate protectionism and the left hates them. There really isn't anything that they could do that you wouldn't hate on. Now if Bernie fucking Sanders would do this the left would be celebrating him trying to 'save jobs'.

  12. Tacticals only says:

    Makes me want to break out my primary weapon, although that shovel will now cost 25 percent more.

  13. Jill Kalmar says:

    Who pays $1.99 for campbell's soup? Our president is a moron. #TreasonisaCrime

  14. single batch23 says:


  15. single batch23 says:

    you do realize ol trevor here comes from a part of the word where they are stealing the farmlands and killing the white farmers..this guys family is calling for white genocide

  16. Terry Sarkel says:

    Ross reminds me of Droopy Dog.

  17. VITO DAMICO says:

    I don’t think the average American,understands the gravity of the status quo,we live in a sinking ship,I’m for Trump on this.

  18. Tamatha Rawls says:

    omg! I absolutely loved the Call of Duty makeover at the end. I'm still laughing.

  19. Dean William says:

    he needs to double the gas tax and get ethanol out of our fuel.

  20. Qi Huna says:


  21. Jae Lynn says:

    What's crazy is that steel is probably from the World Trade Center b/c that's where they shipped it all!

  22. George Sosinsky says:

    All navy ships are 100% steel. So take your soup can and shove it up your ass dumbfuck.

  23. george soilis says:

    1.99 for a can of crap? Really Americans ,they have you by the balls (the rich)..keep believing in capitalism

  24. eguerrero9 says:

    Best call of duty since mw3

  25. George Costanza says:

    Remember when half the people here were rooting for that protectionist tool? What was his name again? Oh yeah, Bernie Sanders.

  26. GoldenState says:

    Get ready to spend your tax break; we buy from other countries because they can provide it at a lower cost.

  27. GoldenState says:

    10.75 oz. Can Campbell's chicken noodle soup .99 cents at Target.

  28. Juan Rivera says:

    That old jackass needs to go home and go to bed and stay in forever !!!!

  29. Dean Grifin says:

    You people get your news from this ass hat. And we wonder what the problem is. Education education education

  30. MegaLaidback says:

    Deflect and delay tactics.

  31. Steve Bloomfield says:

    Only rich people can afford $1.99 for a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup.
    Under Obama they were often on sale at my neighborhood grocery, 3-cans for $1 !

  32. Anna Meyer says:

    Pale per suicide ytcualr engineering pass participant lake shock guilty fortune trust.

  33. Saman Hasani says:

    Anything about Erdogan and his ongoing slaughter against kurds in afrin? The daily show i knew talked about The things nobody Else did!

  34. HenryManson says:

    someone should tell the NRA, that this will makes their guns and bullets more expensive, problem solved!

  35. Dillard Worthen says:

    my name is worthen. n i like soup.

  36. Samueld Seguin says:

    “Hang onto your ass, we’re gonna raise the price of steel!”

  37. 4EVER TRUE! says:

    Trump is not capable
    of having a coherent thought!!!

  38. PhazonInfuser says:

    The orange shitpile truly is one of the DUMBEST people to ever live on this planet…

    Tariffs negatively impact the economy, they make things more expensive, and the cost of them is almost completely passed onto the middle class.

    The resulting trade war WILL wreak havoc on our economy. The orange shitpile has already threatened tariffs on foreign cars in response to any retaliation. Well guess what, that will potentially lead to the foreclosure of BMW and Mercedes Benz plants in deeply red states, which means goodbye to thousands and thousands of AMERICAN jobs.

    As I said, he is the fucking KING OF DUMBASSES

  39. Christopher C. Cooper says:

    Jim Beam is owned by Suntory, a Japanese company, as of a couple years ago.

  40. Aras B says:

    1.99? You can get it on sale for 1.00!

  41. Jezebel Sly says:

    Last I knew beer cans are made of aluminium.

  42. Phil S says:

    Trump doesn't think Once, Trev! 🙂

  43. Flames N/a says:

    If that happens his going to hurt a lot of people in the construction companies n more lol

  44. Roger Washington says:

    Economic video games cause real world frugality!

  45. ARAI THE GRAPE says:

    Hi Guys! Support March For Our Lives happening on the 24th. Inspired by the movement I wrote a song as an anthem two days ago. It’s a remix of God’s Plan – Drake called Guns Plan. Pardon the quality. I only got my phone to do everything. Check it out!

  46. Marlon Dominguez says:

    I can’t imagine where this people will hide when Trump show what he has prepared for this People , really feel sorry , and by the way Obama’s presidency was a farce,

  47. OHM says:

    trevor dont be stupid

  48. AomiNe says:

    so America finally realized that exploiting less wealthy countries can backfire? no? well, shit.

  49. Jacques Souvenir says:

    Just think, if the DNC didn’t screw bernie, we wouldn’t have all this comedy content trump delivers us on a daily basis.

  50. Vidya Sonavane says:

    White Ben Carson 😂😂😂😂

  51. 4EVER TRUE! says:

    Could have simply said
    Trump DOESN'T THINK!!!

  52. Spencer Du says:

    Mr.Trump wants a war, he gets one, any type. China won't step back a bit with 1.4 billion people backing up. He better be ready.

  53. Ayooluwa Oni says:

    “U ar a long way from Econ 101” 😂😂

  54. Moon light says:

    I always love this show

  55. eli broide says:

    Well… I guess the us is a soup centric economy

  56. luvvinallmusik 57 says:

    Ok, several questions-

    Why does the Speaker of the House need a spokesperson?

    Why does Monty Burns think $1.99 4 a can of Campbell's Condensed Soup isn't a big deal NOW?

    Did Mr. Burns worry if the 7-Eleven employee was a criminal bc of their immigration status? Or, if they have a family, can afford $1.99 cans of soup 2 feed them?

    Does Trump know he's doing something Obama did?

  57. Rabbi Schlomo Ben Goldbergstein says:

    hhahahaahahhaha this is great , better than expected fuck yeaaah boiiiiiii , JewSA going downhill bowahahahahahahah , i guess trump isn't bad after all

  58. kevin van veen says:

    This is what i don't get…. So manny guns…and trump stil lifes??? How???

  59. Jaywalk 2020 says:

    Wilbur Ross reminds me of a two episode sitcom that couldn't make it an entire season before being cancelled.

  60. Teo Ls says:

    A can soup? Steel and aluminium usage in American buildings industry is so huge.

  61. Wicked Guardian says:

    The timing in that trailer was glorious. "How much is a bud light now?" 😂

  62. The American Rifle says:

    Wait I thought tariffs were good at least my history teacher says that

  63. Bjoern H says:

    I love how "accurately " the price of the can is displayed by buying at 7eleven for 2$ vs at a groceries store for 1.20$ …. If the price of a can is this small and the can still increased by a cent almost . That makes a difference.

  64. Mustard Seed says:

    Wilbur? Wilbur? 💩

  65. epictheleague says:

    That C.o.d was dope LMAO

  66. Ladybug Noname says:

    Bahahaha, and he just won that trade war.

  67. Tumelo Makeke says:

    y trump does that

  68. Dabby Gal says:

    Does anyone else find it ironic that the US placed a tax on whisky and it sparked the whisky rebellion and now Europe is like oh so we’re finishing this tax mess that Britain started back in the 1700’s oh okay that’s fun so um we’re gonna start another whisky rebellion said Europe

  69. Zhang Xiaoyu says:

    As a Chinese, be honest I am a big fan of IPhone, most of my friends just like me owns 2-3 devices of IPhone/IPad, but I love my country as well, thus if the trade war continues, I will have to switch to my hand phones to likes of HUAWEI Mate or something else to show my support even it may mean nothing. Frankly most of my friends will have to do the same.

  70. Terence Ng says:

    “You got skin cancer, but im gonna chop off your dick”

  71. Paully N says:

    China isn't the tops steel importer for the US. It is Canada.

  72. Ray1889 says:

    What has he got to think with?  Trevor you are so right this man never thinks

  73. 刘宇龙 says:


  74. a e.s says:

    no I'm serious, this is the best video ever lmaoooo

  75. feel toofree says:

    Hahaha omfg, damn you Trevor I nearly choked while laughing. Luckily I had my trusted bottle of water near me. 😂😂😂 Frankly, a novel prize should be made just for you.

  76. IeatURANIUM says:

    does he think once tho?

  77. Rudy Alfonsus says:

    does he ever think even once?

  78. Porush Puri says:

    Want to know more about trade wars , read this amazing article –

  79. apolo kabali says:

    As someone who was raised a farmer,iam troubled by these trade wars which are only going to cause pain to our farmers.So many farmers are struggling to make ends meet,and now they cant get workers to harvest their plants. Nor can they sell their products outside. Where is common sense here?whatever happened to congress.

  80. Andrew West says:

    Stupid Trevor. So stupid. Trump said "No Tariffs." That's fair if we are to have free and fair trade. It's also fair to the world economy and each countries economy. He doesn't want a trade war, but will if other countries won't end their tariffs, he wants free trade. For Democrats, let me repeat: Trump said NO TARIFFS. Are Democrats for tariffs?

    If there are no tariffs, there is no trade war. No tariffs is Trumps position and goal.

  81. Gaius Julius Caesar says:

    Call of duties trade war was a phenomenal joke, executed flawlessly. Nice

  82. Sulim Chew says:

    what again Trevor ?
    Dig again n stir another stupid story n waste time again!
    Trevor ,do u hv any other better job than u r all over trump!
    U Shit u talk about trump ,u fxxx someone u talk about trump n u just can’t get over trump right !
    How much the dark states pay u from the 1 billion pour out to destroy trump election ,u be making lots of money from your god father soros!
    Shame on u Trevor !
    After OMAROSA than dig into trump X Girlfriend than dig into John McCain than kavanaugh n now tax !ur evil tongue Trevor !kama will be at your door soon!

  83. Gimpy Nogo says:

    Good job at describing our “arsenic … or hemlock” choices in politics. F the parasites— I mean “parties,” political parties that offered us those candidates. NPA ALL THE WAY!!

  84. Gimpy Nogo says:

    Maybe not for cancer, but “bailiff, whack his peepee” as George Carlin put it in a skit, has always sounded like the perfect punishment for rapists – it would make anyone think twice to face that possibility

  85. M D says:

    Trump doesn't think once about anything. He only feels.

  86. Buena Enriquez says:

    You don't buy at 7-11 cause they are for emergency for people that's on vacation. Used your brain old man.

  87. Compassionate Curmudgeon says:

    I cannot wait till Trump dies and someone can autopsy that brain. I wanna know what biological factors contributed to this level of stupidity. I assume there will be a new disorder discovered called Trumpheimer's or something that's caused by eating too many hamberders.

  88. The Guy with the Shades -Yaddigg Ya'digg? says:

    Can I just point out one fatal flaw in Mr. 6/10ths of a cent?

    That's 6/10ths per can? How many cans of just that soup, are there in the US? Now multiply that by how many can products there are…

    Admittedly, maybe they don't all possess the same steel content but you get the point.

    "Oh, one can is no big deal." Yeah, but we're not talking about one can, are we? We're talking about all of the cans! And also all of the non-can, steel related products.

    Gtfo of here with that flashcard elementary crap.

  89. Satoru Kuroshiro says:

    Okay, some things need to be, cleared up for politicians.
    Trade War – Bad
    Taxes – Good, but you have to fucking pay them and use the taxes properly, where the fuck is the schooling budget right now?!

  90. Mickey McGowan says:

    5:46 at least well make bret kevanaugh sad

  91. Dee Leach says:

    Don’t call wilbur ross “cute”, he’s about as cute as a darn cobra…! And a stupid one at that!!

  92. Ricky says:

    I read in Bob woodwards book that the tariffs on whisky and levis were laser targeted to hit the specific republican states which they were made

  93. Sameer Kattel says:

    On going all these issues I heard people saying China blocked Google and Facebook services in its region so it is fair to block some of the China's Services and products in the name of National Security… But here is a point :-Facebook and Google have been compromising their user's privacy and many more which had been proven and they even had to face Congress and apologize for that. Besides they collude with US government whenever the Government wants and the news these days prove that……. Isn't it wise for China to block these services since they are not even trusted and have been criticized in its home Country… On the other side Huawei has not been proven to have any security issues or collusion with the Chinese Government yet; at least Facts say so…. Then who is the actual threat to US National security and people's privacy—————– Huawei: who has not been proven to have security and privacy issues yet OR US firms such as Facebook and Google: who have been found guilty time and again?

    Could you please address this issue in detail @Trevor Noah ………………………………………………….

  94. Ah Ah says:

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  95. Nam-Hun (Nick) Jung says:


  96. d d says:

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  97. Nathan Brown says:

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    Shit man… imagine the season pass travesty for that… the War of Tariffs dlc and deathmatch map Wall Street – Day Traders Delight.

    Although maybe they make the game cinematics more Wolf of Wall Street and put a com…plicated plot?

  98. Eric Johnson says:

    b/c economic conflict never ignited any battles or anything…

  99. Steven Arneson says:

    Who would pay a dollar 1.99 for a can of Campbell’s not me

  100. Timothy Davis says:

    6 tenths of a cent is not worth worrying, but a single can of soup is less than 1000% of the expenses people deal with you ass, cars,building's, infrastructure is, was and always will be the lions share of expenses and that's a hell of a lot more than 6/10 of a penny JERK

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