Trump administration hails ‘phase-one’ trade deal with China, reached after prolonged trade war

impeachment in the house appears to be
looming but that’s not enough to stop the back-slapping going on in the White
House right now senior US officials are hailing the so-called phase 1 trade deal
reached with China late last week as a great success of the American economy
president Trump’s chief economic advisor is so confident that he predicts the
deal is going to double shipments of u.s. goods to China our kim eun-sun has
more the Trump administration is giving itself a high-five for reaching a Phase
one trade deal with China it says the so-called big deal that was
reached with Beijing last Friday will soon lead to visible economic growth in
the US this the administration believes will give President Trump even more
firepower to use against his Democrat rival in next year’s presidential
election regarding the deal White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow told
reporters Monday that the agreement will double US exports into China we are
going to double we are going to double US exports the positive effects on
economic growth in this country cannot be exaggerated that’s why I keep calling
this growth here he also said the deal is complete and will probably be signed
by both parties early next month US Trade Representative Robert light Heiser
also hailed the deal that was reached after a contentious 18-month trade war
during an interview with CBS News on Sunday he said American exports to China
will jump by nearly 200 billion u.s. dollars in the next two years
currently US exports to China stand at roughly 130 billion dollars u.s.
Treasury Secretary Steven monition labeled the deal quote historic adding a
will contribute to global economic growth as well kim yusin arirang news

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