TRENDING ONLINE BUSINESS IDEAS – Best Online Business Ideas for Beginner Entrepreneurs

– Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my channel. Today I am going to share with you the most trending and demanding online businesses these days. So if you are a newbie to
the online business world, then this video is for you. So keep on watching. (calming acoustic music) So the first online business idea is the starting a video production company. These days, the most demanding
type of content is videos. Because of that, most of
the businesses use videos as the medium to communicate
with their clients. I mean give their messages
to the clients about their products and services. So if you are a person
who is good at scripting, shooting videos, and also
editing like services, then definitely this
is something you should try and build up your
business around that. Or, maybe you are still good at a part of that video production process such as editing or shooting videos, than, no problem at all. Still you can start your online
business using that skill. And also, these kind of businesses, I mean like video production companies usually earns like $2000
to $5000 when they are doing it as a side hustle. Or as people who are doing it full time, earns like $5000 or $10, 000 per month. And when they are scaling, actually, I can’t even think about the
money that they are earning. The reason is, it is
something really creative and because of that,
people can really demand for the value of their services. Most of the people think that they have to be good at certain skills
to start an online business. But, my second business idea which is creating a online platform, you don’t have to be an
expert of certain skill. Instead, you should be able
to understand the problem our online clients are facing. Then, what you are doing is, you are arranging a platform
for the people who are good at certain skills who can actually solve that problem your clients are facing. And you are becoming the
middleman, or the facilitator of that providing service and you earn certain income based on that. Actually, this is what
Amazon, Ebay, Upwork, and like websites are doing. Of course, now they are big companies but they also started small. So don’t worry thinking that you can’t create a platform. Of course, you can! The only thing you need to do is, you need to understand a specific problem which you can solve
using the existing skills and if you can find those people. And also, each should be a
profitable business idea. There are so many people
when they are busy, they don’t really want to
get up from their chairs to go for breakfast lunch or dinner. And they prefer to have everything on to their tables so quickly. That is a small intro. I am sure that you can understand what my current business idea is. That is starting a virtual restaurant or an online restaurant. No doubt, people always want to order their food online for
their own convenience. So because of that, there is a huge opportunity for you. That’s what even Uber understood. That’s why they came up with Uber Eats. But still, they are not
the own service provider. They are not cooking! What Uber Eats is basically doing is, they are just pick up the orders and transfer it to the customers and they are charging the small fees. But what if you start to
control the whole process? I mean, if you are good
at cooking, you can start an online restaurant by
providing all the services starting from cooking,
packaging, and transporting. And of course, you have to do it locally. But still, it could be online. And the benefit is you
don’t have to have a space for doing it. I mean, renting something or building a restaurant and
having a lot of stuff. Instead, you can do it
individually when you are starting at your home. The next business idea is starting a social media marketing agency. Well, you may say, this
is not something new. But, everyday, there is a huge
demand for this service because social media is
something getting relieve daily. I mean, there is something
to learn everyday. But as a business owners, who has the time to run behind all the social media changes
and update themselves? That’s why they need the
help of social media experts. So if you are a expert of Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or whatever the platform, you don’t have to be an
expert of all the platforms. At least, you are good at one platform, than you can start your
business based on that. Most of the time, beginner levels social
media experts online, they are charging around $500 to $750 per month, when they are doing
projects monthly bases. Or as, depending on the project, they are charging around $750 to $2000 dollars. However, this is kind
of luck play to business if you are doing it right. So focus on client
satisfaction and collect the feedback and save your projects. Than you can actually earn around $10, 000 to $20, 000 per month. If you are doing it right. And don’t forget to update your knowledge on a daily basis. Then only you can catch up all
the updates in social media and be creative and give the best service to the clients. Well, the next business idea is becoming a content marketing. You could either be a
influencer, a blogger, or a Youtuber like me. Whatever the plaftform you are using, you have to come up
with really good content which has demand from
people and attract the audience and build your community. When you are doing that, you have multiple streams of income such as Google Adsense, where you are getting
all the advertisements. And you are paying for the advertisements. And you can have brand
deals and sponsorships from your favorite brands. And you can do affiliate marketing. And you can have your own platforms, causes and subscription services. Actually, when you are
becoming a content marketer, the streams of income are numerous. And you can, actually, you don’t have any kind
of limit for your income. Based on your talents and creativity, you can even earn millions. So, these are the five main business ideas I’ve wanted to share with you today. As usual guys, I really appreciate your contribution and feedback. If you like this video,
give it a thumbs up and I will wait for your comments as well. So last week we spoke about how to start an online business,
step by step process. And this week, you have
five online business ideas. So next week, I am going to speak about how much you need to
start an online business. So I’ll see you on next week! Have a nice day. Bye! Thank you for watching this video. If you want to get more tips like this for your business every week, than consider subscribing to my channel. Also, don’t forget to
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