Trading From Australia – What You Have To Do To Get Here

– What’s up Tim Sykes here. Sorry, I am a little out of it, I am here in Australia with a view. Always try to have a view
for you guys and for myself, but I’ve also got a
new project here called If you look out, you
know this is beautiful but it should be more beautiful. The reef here in Australia
and frankly all over the world they’re having problems. Pretty crazy first of all
that I got and I’ll save the reef Instagram like, I guess it’s just such a big
problem people don’t want to really tackle it. No one really knows where to start and I bring this up
because A, proud of it B, I think that you should
follow the Save The Reef, I think if we all work together,
we can figure this out. But it brings up a good point where a lot of people ask me
number one question, how do I get rich? It’s a big big thing right like everybody wants to get rich right
away, they want hot pics, they want it all right away
and the secret to getting rich is that it takes time and
lots of small gains add up if you’ve seen my videos, you
know that my average profit is just around $2,000 per trade
but you do 1000 times 2000 I mean that’s $2 million,
obviously you’re gonna lose some times too. In the past few days as I’m filming this I lost $70 last night because
the stock market is open. I’m sorry, my teeth. Stock market is open at night
here I’m gonna be totally real with you if I have something you my teeth, if a bug hits the window
and it pulls on it and you see that part of the
secret is just being real. But aside from that I lost $70 last night, I lost like $220 the night before. (coughing) Sometimes you don’t win and
you have to cut losses quickly. The good news is aside from
the $70 loss and the $222 I lost some people are like,
why am I following you again? What what kind of millionaire
or multi millionaire do you claim to be? Well, I came with a small
account and the night before those two losses, I also made $4,000. So it adds up over time and
if you want to get rich, you do have to follow rule number one, cut losses quickly, you’re
gonna have to learn how to lose, you’re gonna have to learn
how to manage those losses, you need to have the right perspective. I posted a tweet a few hours
ago, where I was talking about where most people, they just give up too
early in the journey. They’re like, trading is
hard learning is hard, saving the reef is hard. There are big problems
that doesn’t mean that they’re not worth tackling, you just have to take bite sized pieces. We’re not gonna Save The Reef in one day, you’re not gonna get rich in one day. So how can you get rich? How can I Save The Reef? Well you take it step
by step for one saving the reef involves using
the right suntan lotions, you don’t realize, but we
actually dumped 14,000 tons of bad chemicals into the
water every single year, 14,000 tons! That’s over 1000 tons per
month, just in suntan lotion so certain suntan lotion
has the wrong chemicals. Learn to use, right suntan lotion. So we’re going to do a
big Expo say so you know, but pretty much every major
suntan lotion company from, what is it banana, I
forget the name of it. I’m a little out of it
but Hawaiian Tropic, all the big brands that
use these chemicals that are killing the reef. So we’re gonna try to get
the word out about that, that’s just one small thing. Obviously, like overfishing and a lot of environmental things but my point is that it’s a
lot of little things added up that’s killing the reef and to get rich, it’s a lot of little things. And to understand all of those, you have to be in the game long enough. Remember, 90% of traders lose
and most people lose at first. So you need to stick with it,
you need to have patience. My top student Tim Grittani,
is now closing in on $8 million in profits which is fantastic,
but he also made no money the first nine months. And it’s very important to bring this up. Look at this plane. The plane wasn’t invented
easily, this is like the 75th or 750 fifth iteration
of the initial plane. Big things take time,
good things take time and too many people don’t stick around. The thing that I tweeted,
I know my head is all over the place in my speeches
all over the place but the thing that I tweeted was that people give up too early. There’s like this valley of disappointment before you really reach a place where you understand things properly
and then you underestimate how much you can make when
you actually learn everything. So it’s tougher to start anything, it’s tougher in the beginning, it’s toughest in the beginning. That doesn’t mean that
you shouldn’t start. Some people were like, well,
Tim, if 90% of traders lose, why should I even learn to lose or Why should I even learn at all? I’m just probably gonna lose. Why should we try to Save The Reef? Why don’t we just give up on the reef? Just give up, there’s global warming, there’s so many plastics, there’s so many chemicals just give up. No, you can never give up, the cool thing about the
reefs is that they regenerate and we’re actually visiting
a country in a few days, where they have put in a lot of good plans and laws that have enacted
change and now the reef has regenerated all in just five years. So it’s pretty amazing
what the reef can do and it’s very similar
with what you can do. I don’t know you from somebody
else watching this video I have students all over the world, but I knew know that students
who study harder, do better. I have a lot of millionaire
students in the Midwest in the US, and I speculate
because it’s boring so they have more time to study. (clearing throat) It’s also just because I think
that they’re really brought up with hard work, a lot of
Midwesterners have worked farms, doing manual labor which is hard work, you get up every morning,
you do manual labor, you put in the time, and they have that kind of work routine
built into their psyche, and many other places you don’t. You wanna try to get ahead
faster, especially in big cities like New York and LA
technology’s changing the world, the world is moving so fast and you want everything right away. And I think that there’s
something to be said for the right work ethic. I’m not the smartest guy,
I’m not the best at math, but I have a good work ethic. So all these little things
come together to make you rich in the long run if you start right now. You’re not gonna get rich in the long run if you do nothing. If you say, education is
useless, pics are useless I’m just gonna do nothing. If you do nothing, you’re
gonna achieve nothing. I have a lot of people who
are like anti education like, I’ll just learn everything on my own. Well, okay, you’ll learn
everything on your own but it’ll take you years
and maybe even decades to learn what I can teach you in a decade or a few years or maybe
even a few months depending on how hard you study. So I just want to give
you the right perspective and I think Saving The
Reef has a nice analogy, I think this view has a nice analogy, ’cause this isn’t frankly, the nicest view because this is one of the
areas where the reef really isn’t that great and we’re
trying to make it better. And I’m trying to make you
better and I know this isn’t a very technical video and
some people are gonna be like, get back to the stocks
but mindset matters. All of my top students have been dedicated all of my top students
have the right attitude. It’s not about hot pics, is
not about overnight success, it’s learning what works over time, studying the right patterns,
learning which sectors, move the most, learning
what you’re best at. All of my top millionaire
students are different too, they’ve different
personalities, different people, some people like shorting,
some people like going long, some people like holding for a day or two. Hold on a second,
(bell door ringing) get an international adapter
coming, you gotta adapt too. Hi.
– [Woman] Hello. – Thank you so much,
much appreciated, thanks. He also had to be prepared,
I was not prepared or I think I left one of
my international adapters in the last hotel, we’re
moving around a lot. Be prepared, that is important
and if you’re not prepared, don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. Here’s another analogy, I
just called the front desk of this hotel, it’s a fantastic
hotel called the Riley. I think it’s the Riley, I’m
here in Cairns Australia and I said, you know what, I
don’t know where my adapter is, I think I lost it. And they said, sure, we’ll
send you up a new one. I called for help, okay. I don’t know where I’m
gonna get the adapter I’m sure there’s a store
down there somewhere and I probably could have bought it I would have been searching
for like 20 to 30 minutes or you just call it the hotel front desk and they bring it to you, and I’ll probably try to buy it from them. Saving time, calling for help saves time, that’s the biggest thing here. Getting rich takes time,
saving the reef takes time and frankly, it takes a team. You can’t do everything on your own so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Leave a comment if you want my help, leave a comment if you’re
gonna be a dedicated student. I want to save you time
just like the concierge just saved me time getting an adapter. I want to help you
regenerate your wealth even, maybe you had some of once upon a time and you’re trying to get it back or maybe you never had a lot. I’m trying to generate wealth for you, I’m trying to teach you. Don’t be afraid to ask
for help from somebody who can help you save time, because time, not money is the number one asset. You’re gonna learn that over
the course of your life. A lot of people think,
I’ll just do it on my own and you waste so much time. The reef, I keep bringing
it back to the reef because this is another thing, the reef doesn’t have much time. 90% of the reef is gonna be
gone in the next 30 years, 70% is gonna be gone in the next decade. So we have to get to saving the reef and I need to get you wealthy asap because when the reef disappears,
it’s not just the reef, the reef also supplies 50% of our oxygen. So you might find it
pretty difficult to breathe in a few decades, so I
need to get you wealthy now then maybe you can afford,
a rocket ship to Mars or some other planet
that Elon Musk’s saves all the richest human
beings, I don’t know. I’m gonna go plug this
and charge my laptop, leave a comment below
if you want some help, go to,
take some initiative. Don’t just leave a comment
and be like I wanna help but don’t actually do anything about it. Go to, I’m not even gonna post the link, I wanna see if you can
actually go to this website and leave a message there. I read all my emails, I
want to help you, that’s it. Hey, Tim Sykes a millionaire
mentor and trader, thank you for watching my videos,
I hope that they help you, I want to share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there and also click subscribe
so that you can watch all of these videos and get that knowledge and become my next millionaire students.

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