TRADER MOTIVATION (Trading Motivational Video)

TRADER MOTIVATION (Trading Motivational Video)

Trading isn’t easy.
You learn that lesson pretty quickly. But guess what… success is a lonely road.
Success in anything worth having is tough. The only difference with trading is that we
spent too long being sold the dream. We focus on the dream rather than trying to
understand the reality. So let’s remind ourselves. Trading isn’t something you’re going to become
profitable with overnight. It takes hard word, dedication and perseverance.
Ignore the snake oil salesmen telling you of get rich quick, holy grail, press go and
profit systems. They don’t exist. It’s a false dawn.
Sorry to burst your bubble. But I told you, we’re focusing on the reality
now. So what makes a great trader? Someone who has grit and determination.
Someone who focuses on the long term and isn’t constantly searching for short term wins.
Someone who knows what they want in life and isn’t afraid to work for it.
Someone who can endure the long lonely hours, working on their own, sometimes without any
tangible gain. Someone who can go to bed and even if they
toss and turn all night worrying about their previous day’s performance,
can still get out of bed the next day with a hop in their step and get back to work. You see, too many traders give up too quickly
when the reality hits them. We can all come out of the blocks at full
speed, with all the enthusiasm and conviction in the world.
But there’s a reason the stats show only a minority of traders end up successful.
Because once things get tough, people give up.
As soon as it becomes obvious that it’s not smooth sailing.
That you can’t just cruise to the finish line. People make all sorts of excuses about why
trading isn’t for them. It’s a scam. It’s gambling. It’s only for
institutional traders. You need too much money. Once again… who said it was going to be
easy? Training to become a success in any profession
takes years of hard work. Trading is no different.
It’s just more accessible. We’re talking about a market that exchanges
trillions of dollars daily. And if you’re willing to work harder than
90% of traders, you can carve out your piece of that.
Just carving out your own small section, can lead to the most fulfilling experience of
your working life. That’s what this is all about. Starting from something small. Insignificant.
And turning a number into something tangible. The ability to treat yourself and those closest
to you to a better lifestyle. No more financial pressure.
More security. More certainty. But besides that,
the feeling of knowing exactly what you’re doing, in a challenging role.
To wake up in the morning and know you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the entire
world. The global economy that keeps everything ebbing
and flowing. And you’re an integral part of all of that.
A knowledgeable trader. An investor and an entrepreneur.
You’re part of an important group of professionals that keep the world turning.
Sounds extreme? Guess what… it’s the facts.
So why should trading be so easy? The end justifies the means. We need to work hard
for it. So if you’ve had a losing day, pick yourself
up and remind yourself why you’re in this. If things have been tough for a while, go
back to the drawing board and figure out what you’ve done right or wrong.
If you’ve had a good spell, stay humble and focus on consistency.
Make sure you keep your eyes on the long term and not short term wins.
After all, this is a marathon not a sprint. But most of all, beyond anything else.
Don’t lose your enthusiasm and DON’T GIVE UP. Your story starts here. Stay dedicated, this
is just the beginning.


  1. Jebastin Lara says:

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  11. I Say No says:

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    I love it pal tanks for the motivation trading, See you Next video. God Bless you

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    Finally someone who tells the truth. Well done and best wishes 🙏

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  17. Anurag Sinha says:

    Music is also superb. This video is what need to be the first thing every person who sish to be a trader must see. Thanks for the beautiful video.

  18. ganeskmr says:

    I NEVER GIVE UP and i will learn in correct way i dont need luck, my idea is to earn single cash with proper reason in stock market and one day i become a successful trader.

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  21. Investor Jess says:

    Lost $5k gains with just $300

  22. Juan David Pérez says:

    Seeing this after burning 2 accounts hahaha, but I will never quit, if you don’t lose, you are not ready to win, be patience and look for long term grow.

  23. malthus101 says:

    That failed to move me.

    : |

  24. Kamal kant Mahapatra says:

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  25. pratik thakur says:

    Concentrate on you real career. Dont even think of trading as career. You should do it as a side business. Best way is mutual found. 👍😊

  26. ess mac says:

    Thank you, I'll never give up. Tomorrow is a new day, the first day of the rest of this long marathon. I will be patient, I will be disciplined, I will stop chasing.

  27. Anil Kesi says:

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  30. Rajeev Gopal says:

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    What an inspirational words, repeatedly watching this video….

  31. Haashim Khan says:

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  32. habib muhammad says:

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  33. Aldrien Villanueva says:

    I started trading at young age, maybe my difference to some traders is , I knew gamble industry first before trading. With that experience I saw the importance of risk intelligence, either I go home with nothing or win few to survive until tomorrow…
    The reality is this game isn't for everyone, If you didn't manage your risk for sure you will lose your capital. You might know all the technical and fundamental indication of a certain asset but believe me if you didn't manage your risk position on every trade you will have a hard time to sell your trades.

    Don't lose confidence

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  43. DanSan Channel says:

    I had 2 weeks off from working offshore. Everyday I spent 18 hours a day studying, researching, testing through platform simulations of developing my techniques, and taking notes. I been trading since March 2017. I just had a breakthrough today and ready to get back into live trading after losing it all through ignorance. Now, I've been making $180 – $1300 on just my $1100 of virtual money a daily for the last week with no loses. I just deposited $1100 on my live account. I'm ready…

  44. iqrar cheema says:

    only control freaks & disciplined are successful. you are ready to run when you know that you are placing a wrong entry but feeling of missing out gets in the way. control & patience is vital in this endeavor.

  45. lalit kumar says:

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  48. Paulette Ng says:

    This is one of the best trading motivational video I have ever watched, concise, honest and realistic!

  49. MusicUI says:

    Remember guys, always practice first on demo account.

    Don't wipe your account with real money and learn, but lose money with demo account and learn, that's how you learn.

  50. harshaverdhan wasnik says:

    I am very close to my break even point
    1. Master a strategy which is good for you it can be a trend following or trend reversal strategy . Out of ten trade you take there is a possibility of hitting sl of 4 trade sometimes sl hit continuesly this is the time when phycology comes into play then you will change your strategy but believe your strategy no matter what
    2. Risk management
    3 position sizing is the key
    4. Deciplene never break the trading rule specifically position size rule this is game changer
    5. Trade what you see on charts not what you fell
    6 . Once you are in profit trial the SL or book your 50% profit . Never allow your profit to convert into loss because this is a phycological part of human mind that is fear and greed . When greed activate in mind you will break all rules and end up in losses
    7. If you did profit you are not God
    If you loss you are not a failure

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  54. Lashen Resh says:

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