Top Five Can’t Miss Business Intelligence Trends for 2020 | @SolutionsReview Ranks

Top Five Can’t Miss Business Intelligence Trends for 2020 | @SolutionsReview Ranks

“Can’t Miss BI Trends for 2020”
Solutions Review presents the top five Can’t Miss Business Intelligence trends for 2020.
#5: Automated Analytics Automation is impacting virtually every industry
and business process, and data analytics software is about to become the next frontier. While
some organizations are using this functionality to speed past manual data tasks, BI solution
providers are increasingly tying automation to natural language processing. This should
enable users to run complex analysis simply by asking a question. There’s a reason why
Gartner predicted that more than 40 percent of data science tasks will be automated by
2020. #4: Mobile Business Intelligence
It used to be true that mobile BI applications were good only for consuming analytic content,
but it’s making a comeback as organizations employ more business users in positions to
do data analysis. This isn’t the only factor, as the rise of new AI and machine learning-influenced
BI platforms are empowering those users to do mobile work that wasn’t possible a few
years ago. But its marketing penetration is growing, as 28 percent of organizations already
using it, a 10 percent increase from 2015. #3: Natural Language Processing and Conversational
Analytics This enables BI users to ask business questions
in natural language via text or voice. The technology encompasses capabilities like content
categorization, topic discovery and modeling, contextual extraction, and sentimental analysis.
NLP breaks down language into shorter, elemental pieces so you can better understand the relationships
between data and explore how each piece works together. According to Ventana Research, 33
percent of organizations expect natural language query and natural language generation to be
standard capabilities in business intelligence software shortly.
#2: Auditable AI (Also known as Explainable AI)
An emerging field in machine learning that addresses how black box decisions are made.
In data analytics, users want to inspect the decision making process – making Auditable
AI a quickly growing trend. DARPA describes AI explainability in three main parts: prediction
accuracy, decision u22nderstanding and trust from human users, and inspection and traceability.
AI will continue to be a game-changer for BI users, especially those without technical
data science skills. However, the best AI-focused data analytics tools can explain the processes
behind each prediction. #1: Augmented Analytics
… uses machine learning to change how analytic content is developed and used. The technology
encompasses other modern analytical capabilities like data preparation, data management, business
process management, process mining and data science. Augmented analytics automates those
processes to eliminate the need for data scientists. Analyst house Gartner, Inc. expects augmented
analytics to become the dominant driver of new business intelligence buying by 2021.
In that same time period, the firm projects at least half of all analytical queries will
be generated via search, natural language processing or voice.
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