The Green New Deal | The Daily Show

The Green New Deal | The Daily Show

(tense music) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s
green, new, raw deal. – The Green New Deal. – A real serious threat
to our way of life. – It’s Marxism. – Eliminating cars, airplanes, tearing down all
of our buildings. – The way you heat your home, the way you commute to work. – This is the most outrageous
thing I’ve ever seen. – We’re gonna ban hamburgers and Americans are never
gonna have a barbecue. – Government forced
veganism is in order. – 1.7 million
people out of work. – A green nightmare. – This new deal will
destroy America. (gentle optimistic music) – It’s A-scary-o-Cortez. (eyes whooshing)


  1. Betto says:

    The planet has been around for 4.6 billion years. Yea this deal works great if you think only of your own existence and the disconvience of your children. If you think in the abstract the planet isn't going anywhere. It will still be here long after your 100th great grandchild. Plus, If we were to polute it to the point where it itself became unstable it will simply wipe existence and cleanse its surface. It's done it many, many times and life will survive and the earth will repopulate itself. Natural disaster has "destroyed" the planet many times before. We are just a very small portion of a bigger picture that we can't control or predict. Don't get too caught up in politics.

  2. Normal Enderman says:

    Fox News!
    Oh sorry
    Fake News

  3. Luzelena Stone says:

    YES! Green New Deal!

  4. sng23 says:

    The scarier part is people actually believe them

  5. Nikki Espinosa says:

    Lol, yes, go vegan!

  6. SERGIO GILL says:

    Can I be her INTERN??

  7. Nicholas Gillogly says:

    The thumbnail looks like filthy frank

  8. Jamie Irving says:

    Read her proposal. Fox News ain't wrong

  9. Dan Bee says:

    Tear down buildings?
    Please that lady stop talking, your brain has minuscule capacity

  10. Mr. SelfishIdiot says:

    I hate it when people are like OMG there going to destroy our cars.😱
    When people say we’re planning to make cars safer for the environment.

  11. Cameron Strife says:

    Bet you guys can't wait. You don't want to work well you don't have to work and still you'll get money. WOOHOO!

  12. Bryan Cotto says:


  13. C Ort says:

    I love the green new deal

  14. EternallyGreat says:


  15. Elena Christian says:

    I dont want to hear about fake news and climate change from women wearing summer dresses in February.

  16. Margarita Perez says:

    I would rather not use any co2 than see the world be destroyed because of greed.

  17. Morgan Gallagher says:

    Fox News ain’t got no chill

  18. Betty Cervantes says:

    Uranus in Taurus mudafukas.
    Fear the green.♻

  19. Rukiya Reed says:

    Their stories are so fantastical that I'm always surprised and amazed that people believe them.

  20. Preda Y. says:

    But what if I'm an avowed socialist who does want to destroy america and capitalism?

  21. Heph The Craftsmith says:

    This global warming thing is just Noah’s ark all over again

  22. J Trotter says:

    My mom actually said she was scared of the GND! We switched our entire industrial base for a freaking war but we can't switch our energy source to not kill a planet? Wha….

  23. thoughtlesskills says:

    They make shit up all day long, obvious stupid shit too, and these fools eat it up. Actually painful to think about.

  24. thoughtlesskills says:

    Need someone to watch for a few days and count the number of times Fox says Democrats and CNN says Republicans.

  25. thoughtlesskills says:

    Honestly some of the best arguments for the GND right here.

  26. F.R. S.T says:

    Give us all the money you used for killing innocent civilians callong them terrorists and casualties of war. Consider it a charity. Maybe you'll get some blessings from above. "In God We Trust", it's on your bill. Please cash only. I like those green eyes graphics, reminds me of a Ford Mustang. My Pony is over the ocean. Oh shit that's how Trump twerks I mean tweets. I see it on the news. I see twerking on there sometimes.

  27. F.R. S.T says:

    I think every political correctness on this earth is overrated. Let's just stick to one thing. Be at peace and let things be, don't trouble people, let things as they are fixed by the Donkey Kong/Donkey Shrek Obama. You stop being a bullying confused Dumbo or enjoy life's karma.

  28. Ravi says:

    this is widely need in US….US is the top polluter of the world and China and India have done so much more for the environement…these even though are polluters have decreased their pollution so much….you can google this stuff…both india and china have introduced electric cars and buses since last year and 70% of all vehicles will be electric by 2030…and these countries have made earth greener contributing about 35% increase in green vegetatiom in forms of forests and crops since last decade….also both contries have invested heavily in solar and wind energy and India has come up with thorium based nuclear power which is very cheap and far less dangerous than uranium based power plants…….US needs to come out of its bubble and do drastic measures….every other country is doing it….and do americans even know cows are responsible for 25% of greehouse gases mainly because cows exhale methane in large amounts….so eating less meat would put stop to the corporatisation of cattle and reduce numbers to a more natural number….

  29. Mehrdad Parthian says:

    this bit deserves alot more praise… super awesome work right there !

  30. Gera O says:

    What a bunch of pricks. Really, Really. Even if it was real, so what is the matter with eating less shitty biochemical products or waking up to the smell of fresh air as oppose to a smell of fresh exhaust fumes of vehicles or fumes of factories…etc. We need THANOS up in this world to snap fingers. Hahaha.

  31. SkywalkerWroc says:

    lol. American far-right wing is insane.

  32. EnderZ13 says:

    I wouldn't mind if it destroyed their way of life. No more Fox news, and the end of almost all racism and Nazism in America. Bring on the Republican Apocalypse!

  33. Twiggafinga says:

    Gullible fucks giving into the fear mongering

  34. Anthony says:

    So far everything Fox News has fought this hard against has been good for everyone but billionaires. This must be the best thing since free healthcare for all.

  35. Rajas A says:

    Wow great job A-Scario-Cortez at Scaring Fox News propagandists!

  36. Luthien Seldomane says:


  37. MadameTamma says:

    Informed person: You know most scientists agree that we already have all the tools necessary and green, renewable resources to transform our society into completely sustainable healthy way of life without have to change too much. Sure it will be hard work and difficult for all of us to convert to solar, wind and water power but it's completely possible-

  38. Launchpad 72 says:

    Simple rule ….. Fox news opinions equals complete bullshit. Remember that kids!!!!

  39. a detrick says:

    Conservatives had the same reaction to Roosevelt's New Deal. Helping people has always been considered threatening/Marxist by white men, even tho the ones getting help are always white men/families (the New Deal left Black folks out of the loop in almost every instance, from Social Security to FHA rules prohibiting mortgage loans to Black folks).

  40. Necromonger says:

    I can't stop laughing. You, Democrats, are so, what's the word? Stupid, that's it. You guys voted her in and now you are paying for it..hold on, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Then, look at your line up for 2020 presidential election, Kamala "I slept with many men" Harris, Cory "I am Spartacus" Booker, Elizabeth "I am 1 millionth part Native American" Warren, I can go on.

  41. just me says:


  42. Neo Masetlane says:

    Fox news folks are reacting like Oscar the grouch whenever he sees bar soap and bathtub, its a nightmare to be clean to them,
    this is hilarious,
    but then, its a brainwash, kids and other people are made to believe anything in favour of reducing greenhouse effects means eliminating people from the face of the earth,

  43. Siddhesh Pednekar says:

    Literally thought this was a PewDiePie video from the looks of thumbnail in my notifications 😂

  44. Wang Yin Hua says:

    Fox News is just a fear mongered

  45. Denzo Z says:

    Hey Republicans, everyone can see your stupidity and it's no longer funny!! Republicans like Hammity should be shot!!

  46. Ink Stain says:

    Uhuhu. Marxism! I'm shivering XD They don't even get the difference between Marxism, Socialism and Communism, do they?

  47. Ignacio Guerrero says:

    Oh no.

  48. General Bacon says:

    Gather 'round children! Let me, Mr. Hannity, tell you the frightening story of "A-Scari-o Cortez"!

  49. Ana Reyalvarez says:


  50. xxxx says:

    FOX news is basically Joseph McCarthy if he owned a network

  51. Robert H. Goddard: The Father of Rocketry says:

    yes, just hand over all your private property because according to me the world will be gone in 12 years.

    or we could just plant more tree's, which would soak up Co2 Gas and produce O2 gas to repair the ozone layer, i kinda like this more because it doesn't involve the Gestapo style authoritarianism of the government seizing your right to what you eat and your farm.

  52. 667 ape says:

    Laughing emoji laughing emoji Laughing emoji laughing emoji
    Emoji with the love eyes

  53. Milo Szecket says:

    Vic Berger, is that you?

  54. Is this where I put username? says:

    Bet less than a handful of you read the green new bullshit deal lol

  55. Tyler Moore says:

    america needs to be destroyed.

  56. William Remsen says:

    I'd watch that movie. 😁

  57. BKCoRe32 says:

    This show how scaring stupid people who don't listen to details can destroy a great plan!

  58. Josh Calhov says:

    Oh NO COMMUNISM!! (Sarcasm)

  59. Emrah Trumic says:

    What is wrong with the Democrats? First they want to clean up the environment, what’s next equal wages for both sexes and invest into education. I is not stupid Democrat’s I is a smart republican. My main goal in life is to make the billionaires richer I don’t want them to be embarrassed in front of their other billionaire friends. I would rather pay more in taxes so they pay less I’m so smart because rich people care about us poor people. They will trickle down on us like those girls in Russia trickled down on our great president.

  60. penda says:

    Im in love when is it c8mming out

  61. Katy Gomez says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. People who get their news from FOX my lord 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣no words

  62. Jacinda Rajas says:

    Long live the green new deal

  63. kemar morgan says:

    Whomever made this video needs to go and suck dick! I dont even know why it's notifying me!? Fun fact, they dont encourage good people. They kill good people. Look at past presidents!

  64. diabolically91 says:

    "government forced veganism" god i wish

  65. Chad Leach says:

    Dumbest political stunt ever. If the dems keep this up they will be handing trump 2020 on a silver platter.

  66. ChesterSnap says:

    I lost it at "O-scary-o Cortez" 😂😂😂😂

  67. Diego Bolanos says:

    Every day is September 11th at Fox News

  68. Mario Miletty says:

    Fox News is just a national enquirer that focus on fear monger. Next thing you know they will say “AOC wants the green new deal to distract us from finding big foot!”

  69. Fleur Elise says:

    Driven by drivel. Fox is rivalling Comedy central for the most hilarity in programming evee.

  70. AshasMom says:

    Well, damn! The jokes just write themselves and they would be funny if the fear mongering weren’t so true.

  71. Mutton Rolls says:

    They may be exaggerating but at least they don't lie like CNN

  72. Hélène B says:

    damn bro, these guys are journalists in your country? and you call your country free? not sure even in North Korea they dare to exaggerate and distort reality this way…

  73. Addy White says:


    People still watch cable TV for their news?

  74. ManDudeYeah says:

    I hate to play in to the whole "fake news" garbage but why does Fox even call themselves "news" anymore?

  75. LaughingIBuddha says:

    I guess nobody in the comment section ever studied economics or knows the price or details of this deal. Well here is one very neutral perspective for you to give you an overlook:

  76. James Carlson says:


  77. Anti Generic says:


  78. VocalTranceTV says:

    If not one of you knows how we're going to pay for it, including AOC, then everyone has absolute reason to be skeptical. That's the point of this mockery. That is the truth. Most of you just have your heads in your asses, like "oh someone will pay for it, like the world paid ahead for me to go to college, teeehhee"

  79. Ben RA says:

    You'd have to be pretty dumb and stupid to believe this bullshit. This is clearly an emergency. Our political system sucks and there is man-made climate change that's getting worse. You guys are just brain dead.

  80. Anisa Mazaki says:


  81. Oscar Uetz says:

    Your not funny. Democrats don’t know how to funny.

  82. mae mara says:

    yeah, well.. destroy america, save the world? i'm cool with it, roll it aoc.

  83. Succ God says:

    She'd be such a great Stalin 2.0

  84. MC Mark Markson says:

    Wait what? People want to take away my freedom to work in the coal mine?

  85. Lil’saprel gaming says:


  86. GalmarCheck says:

    Why you do this? This is stupid to encourage oponenents of the climat change sceptic … 😱 I understand this is a demonstration of over reaction of the opponent media.. But honestly It deserve the cause of diffusing accurate (and fun) information

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  88. Dannosuke25 says:

    This is so good! How do people that take Fox news seriously live? I I thought anything said on Fox was true I wouldn't leave the house

  89. LJC says:

    This plan is actually terrible and if you do not see reason, you're all probably libtards.

  90. Jace Cavacini says:

    Jesus Christicles, is any of that shit even based on an actual item in the proposal?

  91. Megabyte Medusa says:

    The dinosaurs in politics representing an antiquated era will die off soon enough.

  92. Elliot Lin says:

    Did ANYONE read the Q&A of the Green New Deal? You know, the fact sheet and Q&A that came with the resolution? If not, here it is:
    And to be clear, here is what it says:
    "We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast" (So, how do you plan to travel to Hawaii? And how do you plan to supply the massive amount of dairy products?)
    "It’s unclear if we will be able to decommission every nuclear plant within 10 years, but the plan is to transition off of nuclear and all fossil fuels as soon as possible." (REALLY? The ONE power source that produces ZERO emissions and is cheaper than most clean energy out there? The one source economically viable?)
    "Upgrade or replace every building in US for state-of-the-art energy efficiency" (Good luck with that)
    "Totally overhaul transportation by massively expanding electric vehicle manufacturing, build charging stations everywhere, build out highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary, create affordable public transit available to all, with goal to replace every combustion-engine vehicle." (So yes, they actually want to replace all cars and planes.)

    So no, this isn't fear mongering. This is the ACTUAL fact sheet. And no, this wasn't a draft, or else Ocasio-Cortez would put up a new version of this fact sheet. She hasn't. Now, everyone who is commenting that Republicans are fear-mongering: Did you actually read the fact sheet, or are you just misleading?

  93. Pound Me2 says:

    Oh my

  94. Justin Films says:

    I love how before every daily show video i get an ad to impeach trump ahha

  95. Rachel Friedl says:

    But guys… farting cows… I mean, this chick is like a child that's never been told 'no' in her life…

  96. Patrick Perez says:


  97. joe rioux says:

    The caravan wasn't real? Fucking moron.

  98. HippieSkippy100 says:

    Grab short edited clips, add scary music, feature political opponents as fear mongers. Hypocritical much?

  99. gninja92 says:

    Leave it to Fox news to stroke Reactionary fears like its 1935 in Germany.

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