The Drama Company – Episode 24 – 7th October, 2017

The Drama Company – Episode 24 – 7th October, 2017

Hello and a very
warm welcome to ‘The Drama Company’. Super night. When I learnt.. When I learnt
that it’s going to be fun and everyone
is going to celebrate then why should we lag behind? Why should we miss
the fun? Without wasting more time I would like to call
all the superstars of Bhojpuri industry
an Bhojpuri family. We’ll start with
Dinesh Lal yadav ‘Nirauha’. Amrapali Dubey. Rani Chatterjee. Vinay Anand. Monalisa and Vikrant. Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirauha,
the entire country loves you. They have watched you
in many shows. Your films are blockbuster. Your film ‘Kashi Amarnath’
is getting released. Ms. Priyanka Chopra
has produced the film. The entire state of Bihar
is waiting for that film. What would you like
to say about that film? You are speaking as though
you don’t know anything. In the film ‘Kashi Amarnath’,
I am Kashi and he is playing
the character of Amarnath. The best part
is ‘Kashi Amarnath’ will receive Mr. Mithun
blessings today. The film will anyway
become a super hit. Sir, when I was younger
and I was studying in Bengal then Mr. Mithun used
to have a show there. We were really young. We went to watch the show. It was so crowded
that we couldn’t get to see it. We could see slight details
like his hair.. Wonderful! We love Mr. Mithun! Sir has several stories. There are several..
– No.. You say what you have to,
then I’ll tell your stories. Sir, what do you think? Since you have
Mr. Govinda’s nephew hence your side is stronger. I too have a nephew
of Brother Govinda. The entire industry to Bhojpuri
is proud of him. Now, he is working
in Bollywood films too. Vinay Anand. Now, let’s speak
to Rani Chatterjee. She is from Mumbai. How is it that you
are from Mumbai and you entered
the film industry of Bhojpur? Tell everyone about it. Everyone knows that I am born
and brought up in Mumbai. It is love of the audience
of UP and Bihar that they’ve accepted me
as their actress. Otherwise, you had seen me
when I entered the industry. Rani, how many films
have you worked in? I think, I have done
more than 250 films. Oh, my God! Rani, that’s very nice.
Thank you, Rani. Now, let’s speak
to the couple who have been blessed
by this country. Monalisa. I have worked
in several films with her. She is a very nice girl. How are you? Are you good?
– I am good. Mona, how many different
language films have you done? I am just yet to work
in a Marathi film. I have done films in all other languages.
– Wow! But special thanks
to films of Bhojpuri industry. I have done 125 films
in that language. 125!
– Yes. That’s great!
Thank you, Vikrant. Thank you so much. Just a second.
– Sir. Sir. You are speaking so much,
let me speak as well. How are you, boy? You are all dressed up
in red. It’s important to say
something about him. This guy that you are seeing he looks like a simple guy but he is one complex fellow. He is so mischievous that if I start
telling his tales then he will not spare me. Now, I would request you
all to take a seat and we will proceed
with this spectacular show. This is a night of celebration and a celebration
has to be grand. Hey.. Hey.. Hello, sir. Sir, they tied me
at the back and they came. Did you ask them to do it? They did the right thing.
If you went missing then that would’ve
been the best part. On this note,
let the celebration begin with Karan! Congratulations
to all of you! Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Ravi. Mr. Ravi, you have set
the ambience. But celebrations
are incomplete without fire crackers. Two cracker like ladies
are coming on stage to add that glimmer
to the show. They are producing
Bhojpuri films hence, it’s a great
opportunity for you. We are talking you
to their set. A huge round
of applause for them! “You got everyone else married,
Father” “in Gorakhour and Chhapra.
Tell me why?” “Tell me why?” “Tell me why?” “You got me
married off in Bhojpur.” “Tell me why?” “You got me
married off in Bhojpur.” “Tell me why?” Stop it.
Stop it. Sister, how much
will you dance? We need to shoot as well. I am dancing because
I am frustrated. Why are you frustrated? Who keeps a shoot
early in the morning? Mr. Ravi has a flight.
Does he have an appointment? Who watches comedy
early in the morning? I have recovered
from my hangover and I am here to do comedy. Do you know how much
sufferance was incurred? How much?
– Mr. Mithun has to travel all the way from Madh Island. Really? – He has left home
at 4:00 a.m.. Did he walk
to the shoot location? Are you okay?- Do you know
how much problem I am in? I have massive indigestion. Get me a bandage. You need a medicine
not a bandage. I want to seal the place. I meant to say,
I will seal my mouth. If I don’t eat,
then I won’t have indigestion. Look at what I’ve got. Why did you get this spray? After all the guests are here. Sister, do you want
to smell good because the guests
have arrived? No, I will spray
this on them. They generally put jasmine oil,
it smells terrible. Sister, tell me something.
How do they get so much oil? The heroes are here.
– Yes. They sign the movies.
– Yes. The shoot begins as soon they sign
the movie. – Yes. Then, the producer
is dried of their resources. How are you, Mr. Mithun? Sir, you are legendary. He was praised
so greatly today. No matter
how much you praise him I would just say one thing. Be it stun or fun
our superstar is Mithun! On, my God! What happened? Vinay Anand.
– Oh, my God! Do you know?
– No. He is the superstar
– Oh! Krushna’s brother. He has received
several awards. He has received
five Bhaskar Awards. But Bhaskar, you mean,
Oscar, Sister? Oscars are for Hollywood. Bhaskar is for regional films. Sister, I’ve heard,
he is Govinda’s nephew. So, what? Sister..
– So, what? – Please.. So, what if he
is Govinda’s nephew? How does that change anything?
– Calm down. One has to make
their own identity. What is Govinda’s nephew?
Tell me. – Nothing Sister! Calm down.
– We will do the hard work and our family will be praised! No!
That can’t happen. That’s not possible. Sister, how does he perform
emotional scenes? Haven’t you seen?
– What? Emotional scene?
– Yes. He is a brilliant dancer. How are his skills
at action sequences? – Action? You haven’t seen him dance.
He is too impressive! No, Ma’am..
Is he good at romance? This legs rattle..
It is fun to watch him. Have you lost your mind? I ask you about acting
and you’re stuck on his dance? How can I talk about something
he hasn’t done till date? Ravi Krushna is an uncrowned
king of Bhojpuri cinema. Wow.. – Wow! Why is he uncrowned?
– Because they do not have money to buy him a crown.
Therefore uncrowned.. I have worked in his films
before. I was an actor. Which films, Ma’am? I ‘ve done this film with Ravi..
– Which one? ‘Eating a morsel of ‘Paan’
I groped an old lady.’ Whatever it may be, Ma’am..
I desire to work with Mr. Ravi. Really? – Yes, Ma’am. There is nothing left
to be useless anymore so at least
I can be proud of something! Life is useless..
– …but yet to be proud of! Wow. – We have Sayani Chatterjee
with us too. Not Sayani, Ma’am.
But Rani Chatterjee.. No, she is very clever. She feeds the director ‘Paan’
and milks her way for roles. No.. – Does ‘Paan masala’
satisfy the director? I don’t know.
He would like me to kiss him. I don’t know about her.
– No.. How many films have you done
yet? – I don’t know! More than 250.
– More than 250.. Yes,
I have heard so.. Is this her weight or really
the number of her films? I will thrash you!
I will not spare you. But I have heard that she is
the queen of Bhojpuri cinema. Queen! Are you mad?
– No.. If a king had such a queen he’d
rather ask her to stay indoors and he would have to go out
begging. These people have written
this script! What’s the matter, Ma’am?
– Mona Lisa? Mona Lisa is no more ordinary.
– Isn’t she? When she goes to a restaurant they arrange the plates before
her. – To eat? No, to wash them!
Seriously.. You are on a ride today.. – You
are on an exclusive journey. Mithun is great!
Please applause for him! Vikrant with Mona Lisa? Please give Vikrant
a round of applause! He is a new artist and he
seems to be doing a good job. You know that women are crazy
about him? Yes.. The proposal of four women
were sent to him. They didn’t mind dying
but they refused to marry him! So crazy they are! Please applause for Mr. Dinesh! Ma’am. – Yes..
– You left out one of them. Amarpali.
Won’t you tell us about her? Have I been assigned
to introduce everyone here? I refrain from saying anything!
– Why? All right..
Ma’am, please calm down.. Calm down.. Silly, it is my phone vibrating! Hello.. Yes, Mr. Bhaskar..
Tell me. He’s our producer.
– Oh! What? – What!
– The hero quit? – Hero.. He left the film?
Did you hear that? He had to leave someday.
They were signing you up for a mother’s role
and he would have to face you. How long would he bear that?
Where will we find our actor? Why be sad? They are sitting
right before us. Here they are!
Let’s try them out. They are all the superstars
of Bhojpuri cinema. – Okay.. That is why I don’t trust them
at all. Let’s audition them. Let’s call the four of them
then? – Yes.. Please give a round of applause
for our four superstars. Ma’am, give them a plot.
– Okay. So, I am your heroine. And you are my brother.
So you are come to my house to ask for my hand in marriage
And you have to convince him because he does not agree
for the alliance. – Fine. Okay? – Yes. – Come.
You are the house maid. Okay. I will open the door. The one who is about to enter
is a celebrity. Talk to him about my marriage
and fix my alliance with him. I don’t intend spoiling his life
but I’ll try something. Let me see.. Knock, knock.. – He rang the
doorbell after stepping inside. Our door is here.
How did you ring the bell here? Okay.. Knock, knock.
– One minute, please. Our doorbell sounds different
from the sounds you made. This is not acceptable. Kick down the door! Ma’am, who is next? It is your turn
to present a plot. The plot goes like this.
Imagine there is a sea and we are drowning. – Okay.
– You have to save me. Okay? All right. And bring me back to
life by artificial respiration. I don’t want to work
in this film. – No.. No! What about the life
she is sucking out of me? Convince him.
You want to.. Come! No.. I don’t want to do it.
– No, I’m drowning. I’m drowning! She has stooped so low.
– Oxygen! Help me!
– Help! – Jump.. Run!
– Help! Help me, someone.
– You were drowning? It seemed like a worm
in sand. What’s wrong with you? She needs oxygen! Oxygen..
– Who would save her? Come on.. Do it..
– Oxygen.. Oxygen! Thank you! Mr. Ravi, Mr. Nirahua,
are you fed-up of life? Do you ever think of what
is happening in your life and what will
the future hold? Do you pray for all
of it to be fine? If you ever experience this..
– Yes. – …there is an astrologer we have,
whom you should never consult. Never! – Let me show you
what actually happened. A huge round of applause
for the astrologer! Blessings to everyone
from Sage Saiyaan, that’s me. I am such a great astrologer,
that I can tell you your name just by
looking at your face. But who are you? Even my knowledge
seems incomplete. Mr. Mithun
is so kind-hearted. He asks the audience
to sit with him. But it is nice
that he has the superstars of Bhojpuri film industry
with him. Applause, please! Would someone from the
audience, like to ask something? Hello, Sage.
– I bless you to die. I cannot find a job.
– Is it? – Yes. I applied for a manager’s post
at all the banks in the country but I didn’t get a job.
– Oh, no! How qualified are you?
– Not over 8th grade. Dear, you should have studied
further. Do I look stupid? No. I don’t, right? – No.
– But you do look stupid! Thank you. You should be educated
to get a job. Sit down now. Hello. – Hello,
may God bless you. My problem is
that I walk in my sleep. You walk in your sleep?
– Yes. I will give you
my address later. Let me complete.
The address to my clinic.. Come there, I’ll give
you medicines for your problem. Okay.
– Anyone else? What is it?
You want to talk or slap? Get up.
Speak up, dear. Hello. – Bless you.
– I can’t sleep at night. There is no scope for comedy
in this. – Yes. I had two jokes,
which I already used. Sit, now!
You’re not even in the team. Anyone else
or should I rest? The time of festivals is
when the family gets together has meals together,
enjoys and celebrates. And today, with this
entire Bhojpuri superstar family the one coming to
celebrate is Mr. Amitabh.. Chappan! So let us play a game with the
entire Bhojpuri team. “Sooryavansham!
Sooryavansham!” “Sooryavansham!
Sooryavansham!” Ladies and gentlemen,
on this game show we will have with us
tonight, someone who truly needs money. So, let us first ask you
some general knowledge based questions, and the
one who gets them correct will join us for the show.
– Okay. Who built the Taj Mahal?
– Shah Jahan! Shah Jahan did.
– Are you sure? – Yes. It is the right answer.
Join us for the game. Come on! Wow! Before we begin the show,
let us call upon our expert. Please come.. Who is this expert? I would like to greet you
with all this fodder.. I mean, with all my heart.
– Hello. My name is Jabdi Devi. – Wow!
– But my husband is stupid. No, his name isn’t ‘stupid’,
but he is stupid. Vote for me.
My logo is.. Buffalo. – But we don’t
see a buffalo here. Come to my village,
and you will see one. So, let me tell you about
the rules of this show. You have four life-lines. By choice, Fifty-Fifty Ask Your Companion
and Phone a Friend. So are you ready
to play the game? – Absolutely. No one must move! Terrorists? Please welcome Donald Duck. What is this?
That’s Donald Duck. Hello, everybody. I am.. Donald Duck. I want to say
a few words. What is he doing in our show? I love India. India is my favourite country. All Indians are my brothers and women are my wives..
Sisters! – Hey! Hey, you idiot!
What rubbish are you speaking? I’ll smack you! Oh, my God! Heera Thakur? If you’re here, who’s in
the movie ‘Sooryavansham’? This is strange!
You know me? Not just know you,
we’re irritated by you. Every time you switch
to ‘SET MAX’ it is only this movie
that goes on! Please come.
You are our special guest. Please enjoy some tea
and dinner. I already ate.
I ate two rotis with toothpaste. What! Who eats toothpaste
for dinner? My toothpaste has salt in it. It even has mint. Oh, my God! “I am a disco dancer!” Ladies and gentlemen,
how could I leave this chance? I have the same cushion
back home. Anyway, jokes apart,
but you know I have the same marble tiles
at home. There is a question
I need to ask you. Where do you belong from?
– I was born in Nalasopara. Jokes apart,
the legendary hero of India Mr. Mithun Chakraborty,
ladies and gentlemen.. Sir here.
And begin the game already. Let us play ‘Who wants to be
a billionaire?’. The first question for
Rs. 10,000 is on your screen. ‘I will lift your skirt
with a remote.’ Why would
he do such a thing? A: He is lazy. B: He is cheap. C: He doesn’t want to dirty
his hands. D:Such a thing
cannot happen, and he is fooling us. I would like to do
a demonstration. Wow! May I have your answer? ‘I am being made a fool of.’ Oh, that’s the correct answer.
– Right answer! You will collect Rs. 10,000
and you may leave. Wow..
– You have a flight too. And tell me, how did you shrink
from 6’4″ to 5’4″?
– It depends on the payment. Thank you so much, thank you. Thank you.
– Thank you, bye.. Now, I request Mr. Nirahua
and Ms. Amarpali to please be seated
on the ‘Hot Seat.’ Be seated. This is very bad.
– What is it? Why are you whiling
your time here? Come to the farm, you
need to feed the buffalo. – No. I know how to dance.
– Dance? What do you mean? Didn’t you hear that song
from the singer Badshah? The lyrics say, ‘Whoever
doesn’t know how to dance’ ‘should go feed your buffalo.’ Oh, just come! The buffalo is hungry.
– Then, feed him this! Go now! So, the question is what’s the correct way
to deliver a flying kiss? And your options are,
‘A..’ ‘B..’ ‘C..’ Please pass this to her. And ‘D..’ Hey! What are you doing?
This isn’t an option. It isn’t! I am asking for
a cigarette, I am craving one. The question remains the same,
how is the kiss delivered? Answer.
– None of the above! This is how a flying
kiss is given. Oh! You have won Rs. 10 crores. Really?
– Here you go. Are these Rs. 10,000 notes?
– Rs. 10 Crores. Wow!
– Oh, congratulations my party has won.. – Wow.
– Congratulations. It’s time for a celebration now. So, you have already won,
let’s call the next couple. Monalisa and Vikrant, come. Come.
– Be seat in the ‘Hot Seat.’ Mr. Mithun has been staring
at Monalisa since quite a while. What’s wrong in us?
Look at us too. Are we here to link our
identification cards? Curb your nonsense for a while. Let’s move on to the next
beautiful couple. Thank you. – And congratulations
for your recent wedding. Thank you. Now, the last question
for one billion rupees. ‘Life in shambles,
yet, so arrogant.’ What does this
arrogance relate to? And why does it exist?
Your options are ‘A.’ Because you brother-in-law
is a police officer. Brother-in-law an officer! ‘B.’ You got a car in the dowry,
hence, the arrogance. ‘C.’ Arrogance as no one
comprehends the person. ‘D.’ Arrogance is his
behavioural trait. Oh, listen.. Why are you sitting
here and whiling time? Come home, the baby is crying.
– Whose baby is crying? Whose baby!
If you stay here all the time how will a baby be conceived? Correct.
– Come. Come on.
– No, I am going with Trump. Get my visa arranged.
– Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare go with him..
– You please take care. You are pregnant, take care. Oh, man with golden hair,
let me tell you don’t you dare export
what belongs to me. She is my wife! Come now.
– When your wife is ready to go then, what’s your problem? I drink the milk of four
buffalos, you think I am weak! What..
– You are supposed to fight! And again.. Hey, he is a duck! I will expose you.
– You please come inside. You carry on fighting,
I will go in an auto-rickshaw with him.
– Come on.. Sir, please. Let’s have a huge
round of applause for everyone. “Nirahua,
the auto-rickshaw driver.” I would like to ask everyone about their experience in
‘The Drama Company.’ Rani.
– It felt amazing and everyone’s energy..
I am speechless. My jaw is hurting
from laughing so much. All I want to say is
that no matter what sorrow you may have watch ‘The Drama Company’ and all your pain will vanish.
– How wonderful! – Yes. Sugandha, please imitate
Kangana Ranuat once. Look, your name might mean queen
but I am the queen of Bollywood. Wow! Wow!
– We have Nirahua here with us and this evening will be
incomplete without his song. Right.
– Let’s have it. Mr. Dinesh. – Yes. – Let’s have
an amazing song from you. There’s a surprise for you. Wow.
– Yes.


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    Sir dil bhut rota h jab hme kam nhi milta sir hmne bht bar try ki pr kuch nhi mila sirf toker ke
    Bht presan hoker hme ye msg krna pada mera spna h ki hm bhi filmo me kam kre hm bhi show kre pr kuch nhi ho pa rha

  78. saajan Khan says:

    Nice amarpali love u

  79. singar Durgesh Dilwala says:

    Behanchod dance k sath song kyo mute krta hai chutiya sala

  80. B P SINGH PATEL says:

    Nice vidio

  81. Bhawana Kaiwart says:

    Kapil ke me aate to better tha baki yeah wala Show barbadh hai

  82. Bhargab kr Sarma says:

    Best drama was this show..

  83. Razz Sharma says:

    Kapil me tumhara fan tha but ye bakwass show ho gyi ab ye bhoujpuri walo ko lakar

  84. sanjay vishwakarma says:

    Good job

  85. Vijay Kumar says:


  86. Salim Ansari says:


  87. Salim Ansari says:


  88. Shubham Wankhade says:

    mere ko 1 bat batao jab ye log nachate he tab kana vahi kiv nahi bajhate .nahi agar jo gane pe o nach rahe vahi gana bajaya jaye to khy dikkat khy he ye batao ………

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    Sound nahi hai matam Baja rahe ho

  92. Veer Bahadur Yadav Yadav says:


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  94. Virendra Verma says:


  95. Sandeep premi89 says:


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    Drama comedy is super

  98. Vinay Raj says:

    Vinay 🇮🇳 Raj

  99. बन्ना hukam says:

    पांडू म्यूजिक क्यों बंद किया

  100. Sanni Singh says:

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