THE COMPANY YOU KEEP Trailer | Festival 2012

THE COMPANY YOU KEEP Trailer | Festival 2012

FBI! Don’t move! Hands in the air! You are under arrest for the
murder of Hugh Crossley. Sharon Solarz is one of the
longest standing fugitives on the FBI’s most wanted list,
was arrested yesterday 30 years after the notorious bank
robbery that claimed the life a guard. You’re late.
-Well if I’m not here they can’t fire me right. Who’s you’re best reporter? New reports reveal
that terrorist suspect, Nicholas Sloan remains at large. Do you still have your friend
in the FBI field office? Not sure she ever wants to
speak to me again. Get me something and
you can keep your job. What’s wrong? You look weird.
-I’m fine honey. Can I just see the case-file
for old-times sake? Just because we hooked up in college
I’m going to give you access to FBI wiretaps? Wiretaps? You talk to Jim Grant? Who’s Jim Grant?
-He’s a laywer man. He’s obviously a
responsible single-parent. Pillar of society. Nothing I can turn into a story. Mr. Grant! I’m just trying to
put the pieces together. I don’t have time for this. I look at the man’s history. Nothing.
The man doesn’t exist before 1979. We all died. Some of us came back. We’re not going to school.
We’re going on a little trip. I think he knows how to run,
which means he has an advantage. I got him! East stair-well. Don’t move! Stay right there. Kid’s our age are being
murdered by our government. We made mistakes but we were right. We’re bringing these people down and
I hope I don’t find you in my way. What are you going to do? My job. FBI was in my apartment. They’re
pissed because I’m doing their job better than they are. You’re about to do a lot of damage
to a lot of people. You have no idea how much. I don’t want anything to do with this. Did you kill that man?
-Of course not. Right now nothing he’s doing
makes any sense if he’s killed. Got him. You have a full green-light. I don’t think he’s running away. I think he’s trying to clear his name. Secrets are a dangerous thing. We all
think we want to know them, but you also discover something
about yourself. I hope you’re ready for that.


  1. Sempi Ternam says:

    Jackie Evancho's movie debut – awesome! Can hardly wait to see this movie!

  2. drwtexas says:

    Our little girl is growing up so fast! I hope the movie is a Box Office run away.

  3. Lewis Norton says:

    Jackie Evancho appearances: 1:04+; 1:23+ 1:39+; 2:04; 2:09; 2:30(movie credit).

  4. Judi Behrens-LaRue says:

    Robert Redford et al and Jackie Evancho? Great choices! 🙂 I will definitely be waiting for this! 🙂

  5. Bobby Garcia says:

    Of allll the brilliant actors in this film, everyone is talking about Jackie Evancho, who the hell is she?

  6. Everett Cox says:

    Search youtube for her performances. She's also on Wiki.

  7. Dan Trigona says:

    Short version…Jackie Evancho is probably one of the best classical crossover singers alive today. She came to fame on America's Got Talent two years ago with a voice that is simply awesome. At the time, the was just tuning 10, yet, if you listen to her without watching, she sounds like someone who has been doing this for decades. She's the 12 year old in the trailer.

  8. DemiRonin says:

    I have no idea what this movie is about

  9. HelTra91 says:

    she's probably the reason why they have any interest in the film 😛

  10. RonHoward says:

    Jackie Evancho? Meh, I'm here 'cause Anna Kendrick is in this movie…

  11. Brittany Gill - Singer says:

    Wow! Jackie Evancho is in a movie! And also, Shia Le'Beouf is in this one, too! At first, I wasn't sure who he was, but he looked really familiar. Then, I was like, "Wow, that's him!" Actually, he looks a lot like Josh Groban, in this movie.

  12. adamyspace says:

    Such an amazing cast!

  13. jeff goetz says:

    I got a feeling Robert Redford handpicked Jackie Evancho to play his daughter in this film because he recognized what a natural performer she is. Just watch any of the thousands of vids of her singing live. She immerses herself. Uncanny for one so young.

  14. purplenurps says:

    On paper a very good cast, i hope the film turns out as good as it looks.

  15. M8A8D8O8N8N8A says:

    Oh Jackie ♥

  16. montojo says:

    For anyone wondering why all the comments about Jackie on a movie she doesn't play a major role in, the trailer was posted in a fan group! great reaction though. Same as if a person you were a fan of was doing something big!

  17. 2lostboy says:

    Looks good! Can't wait to see how Jackie does, either. With Redford as a mentor, she should be fine.

  18. holywells says:

    I agree, and with her millions of fans worldwide I am certain that there will be many comments regarding the release of this movie. She has fantastic stage presence at her concerts, and with her prodigy brain she was able to remember her lines easily during filming without any problem, so she should be a natural for the part that she is playing. By the way, if many of her fans go to see this movie (some more than once) like they do her live concerts, then it will be a blockbuster for sure.

  19. pgantioch43 says:

    "One of" the best??
    Plenty of musically knowledgeable people think Jackie has the most beautiful voice in the history of recorded music. But that's not her biggest strength. What she's REALLY good at is making everybody cry when she sings. Her talent is profound.
    She shot this movie when she was 11; she turned 12 on 9 April 2012.
    Check her out before they delete all her YT vids, which they've foolishly been doing lately.

  20. QQTrick1QQ says:

    Yes in fact Susan Sarandon saw her on TV and called Robert Redford, he saw a clip and called Jackie"s management to see if she was available.

  21. Gregg North says:

    I'm just another Jackie Evancho fan! I wonder how many Robert Redford fans even know who she is? They will after watching this movie. My daughters will be watching to see Shia Labeouf. I'll be watching to see Jackie!

  22. Andrew Panos says:

    Nice to see at 2:15 they might actually catch Sundance alive

  23. Dan Trigona says:

    No quarrel here 🙂 Jackie's awesome. I stumbled on one of her AGT videos a year and a half ago and I was totally floored. I've been a huge fan ever since.


    love jackie!!!!
    i will go to the cinema and watch it!!! Of course!!
    I think your acting and singing are both excellent!!

  25. Sablicious says:

    Stopped watching at 0:38

  26. Nick says:

    Wait. Can Shia Lebouf act? I didn't see any oiled female stomachs or robots.

  27. Patricia G. says:

    The cast is perfect.

  28. seefishbee says:

    me thinks Shia has seen better days… 🙁

  29. tunanorth says:

    Jackie Evancho [playing Redford's daughter here] has a concert tonight at Ironstone Vineyards Amphitheater in California, where she is co-billed with Tony Bennett.

  30. doomoncharlie says:

    Wow … great cast!!

  31. Tamsaaan says:

    Thumbs up for Jackie Evancho!!

  32. Karl Turban says:

    I am a big Jackie as well as Robert Redford fan. Together they should project a true father daughter relationship here.

  33. Royalchess1 says:

    DOES ANYONE SEE Jackie's name on the credits anywhere?!!! What does this gifted young lady have to do to get the CREDIT SHE DESERVES?!! I can't wait to see this! Now JEM is a TRIPLE THREAT: SING, ACT, MODEL. WOW! WHAT NEXT?!! I'M UBER-IMPRESSED!

  34. Emily Slomovits says:

    It's there.

  35. SHUAILmovies says:

    dont ask me why but i want to watch this

  36. Royalchess1 says:

    OK!! I finally saw Jackie's name! (on the first set of credits) Now I'm satisfied and calm! I STILL CAN'T WAIT!!

  37. Royalchess1 says:

    (I finally saw her name!)

  38. frank j Morley says:

    "WOW" our Angel makes movies too?

  39. ALEX ROSS says:


  40. SolairesDN says:

    AWESOOOOOME!!!! Jackie =) =)

  41. RandomPlayIist says:

    How so?

  42. Jason Chan says:

    ANNA KENDRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. QQTrick1QQ says:

    Check out Jackie Evancho's Wiki page, Amazing!

  44. albertz says:

    Is standing ovation for Jackie in the movie theatre ok?

  45. holywells says:

    After the movie is over I'm sure that her fans who are in attendance will do exactly that. By the way, she did great with Tony Bennett last nite at the Ironstone concert. Even with a marginal sound system they performed to a packed house and they both received standing ovations. Tony tweeted today: "Sang with the magical Jackie Evancho last night. I can't believe what a beautiful singer she is." That is quite an endorsement coming from a pro like Tony Bennett!!

  46. albertz says:

    Briefly speaking: Pros of the world, keep company with Jackie!

  47. Sheps92 says:

    Fucking hell this trailer has too many BAAAAAOOOOOOOOOs.

  48. Mattia De Iulis says:

    Amazing Shia LaBeouf!!!

  49. holywells says:

    Jackie is in Toronto today, more than likely for the showing of this movie at the Toronto International Film Festival event at 9:30 tonight. Let's hope that it is received well by all of those who will attend. It would be nice to be there personally, but I am sure that we will all be able to read about it on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

  50. holywells says:

    The reviews are starting to be posted for this movie now and the one from "Cine-Vue" has a photo of Robert Redford and Jackie Evancho at the top of the article. As usual, some critics like the movie and others are not too impressed. Oh well, that's typical for critics, huh? I have never really cared what critics have to say about movies, I just enjoy them for their content and for the actors. There are millions of Jackie's fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of this film in the USA!!

  51. Kimber Dion says:

    Stellar cast, amazing director, powerhouse actors! Can not wait to see this film, so happy for the cast and crew! Jackie & Bob look so great together and can't wait to see her shine in this role!

  52. holywells says:

    One of the more detailed reviews comes from Guy Lodge. He gave the movie a B- rating and his readers gave it a B+. Regarding Jackie's performance he refers to her as "…Redford's menacingly plucky 11 year old daughter…she's played by Jacqueline Evancho, a young singer-turned-actress". His best compliment as to her abilities:"…who looks ready to fill Chole Grace Moretz's shoes." Wow, that's quite a surprising comparison since Chole is one of the top young actresses around today! Go Jackie!!

  53. Modupe Oloruntoba says:

    stellar cast O_o must. watch. this.

  54. Sid Vicious says:

    Jackie Evancho.

  55. MrRay66v says:

    I want to see Jackie Evancho, but I will not give my support to this movie, if it glorifies a bunch of terrorists. Sadly right now, It looks like that is the case.

  56. csakkocsogolok says:

    Robert is one of my all time favored actor and love Susan, but i will watch the movie for Jackie. I hope she has few minutes…

  57. Schmanda says:

    My aunt saw them filming a scene for this out in Vancouver. She got pictures of Shia and Robert on set and stuff. It's pretty cool..

  58. Ariel B says:

    Shia Labeouf *-*

  59. Spencer Toth says:

    Came here looking for britt marling 🙁 didn't see her

  60. bparno says:

    Wonderful cast especially JE, great story, perhaps another Oscar for RR. Surely casting a little angel might also help.

  61. T.T says:

    we are waiting for you jackie!

  62. Corso di danza del Ventre a Palermo Sicilia Italia says:

    Questo è un film bravo e grazie Robert

  63. Hector Gonzalez says:

    When does this movie come out? Couldn't find it on piratebay.

  64. Skyforce1989 No Name says:

    when does this movie come out?

  65. andthereis says:

    I literary said "Oh shit, serious?!" when I saw her name on the cast list and then I replayed the video looking for her….yea…no Brit Marling T_T

  66. Vivian Pham says:


  67. drcool2 says:

    is this movie out yet?

  68. A 680 says:

    awesome trailer and impressive cast! another great addition (hopefully) to Shia Labeouf list of movies.and I'm glad that terrance howard is in this.

  69. jellonello says:

    Anna Kendrick <333 I would watch this because of her!! She's so gorgeous and amazing at acting <3333

  70. ironman5454 says:

    "Anti war protesters began a campaign of BOMBING' … anyone see the irony/hypocrisy in this ?? For the low info reader, the protests were, in part, because of Nixon stepping up bombing campaign during the Nam war

  71. ironman5454 says:

    And if this movie in any way glorifies the murderous scum who gunned down two small town police officers in cold blood … family men. good men who were only doing their duty – protecting the woman, children and men of the town they served from these murderous maniacs spraying wild machine gun fire…. if this be the case,,,, well, I better hold my tongue for now until I read/see more….

  72. ironman5454 says:

    "A little over (32) years ago, Nyack (NY) suffered its own day “that shall live in infamy.” Two members of the now disbanded Nyack Police department were ambushed and gunned down near the on-ramp to the NYS Thruway following the Brink’s Robbery at the Nanuet Mall..Three decades have passed, but for many of the families who lost loved ones, it’s still a wound that time cannot completely heal"
    Weather Underground = sociopath murderous scum. If you would cheer the 911 perps …no different.

  73. joe bloggs says:

    typical american ignorance!!! whats the difference between that and the 100's of film's glorifying american terrorism on other country's causing the death's of millions of innocents huh??

  74. David B says:

    way too many bass drops in this trailer…

  75. Alonehz E'G' says:

    la vera solo porque sale Jackie evancho

  76. Lost Beetle says:

    0:52, 1:01, 1:17, 1:29, 1:35, 1:38, 1:46, 2:25
    Notice anything similar with these?

  77. Freestyle Tattoo says:

    You mean the sound? Woop de fucking do. Go do something useful with your time, like play in traffic!

  78. Lost Beetle says:

    It is called a bass drop, and most movie trailers rehash them over and over. Sorry for pointing out blatant unoriginality. It amazes me more people don't notice things like this. As for you being rude, go fuck yourself.

  79. Jayson Ubina says:

    I think, Jackie Evancho is one of the reason why this movie became blockbuster!

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