The Absolute Worst NBA Player Trades Of All Time!

The Absolute Worst NBA Player Trades Of All Time!

When it comes to the NBA you never know
100% that up there you draft is going to work out sometimes you can make a deal
that really turns out well helping add an extra role player that might push a
team from good to great and other times you might end up unknowingly giving up a
future star in a lot of these cases is extremely difficult to tell if the right
decision was made nonetheless this has happened to many teams so with that
being said let’s take a look at the worst traits to ever happen in NBA
history welcome to NBA insider Tyson Chandler
was drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers and traded on draft day to the Chicago
Bulls for Elton Brand after several years of not meeting his potential in
Chicago the Bulls went out and signed Ben Wallace and immediately turned
around and sent handler to the New Orleans Hornets and returned they got PJ
Brown and JR Smith PJ Brown played one season with the Bulls and JR Smith was
waived before even putting on the uniform
Tyson Chandler would eventually develop into an all-star and NBA champion the
Oklahoma City Thunder took James Harden was the third overall pick in 2009 and
used him off the bench as a scoring sixth man for three seasons but just
before the 2012-2013 season the Thunder made a decision to trade harder to the
Houston Rockets in return for Kevin Martin Jeremy Lamb and draft picks that
were used on Stephen Adams and Mitch McGary harden immediately transformed
into a star averaging 27 points per game over the last four years with the rocket
after Horace Grant left Chicago to play with Orlando Magic the Bulls were in
need of a rebounder they decided to make a deal with the San Antonio Spurs to get
rebounding legend Dennis Rodman however Rodman was already 34 years old and his
best seasons were already behind him so the Spurs gave him to Chicago in
exchange for backup center will Perdue unfortunately for them Rodman ended up
having three more great careers leading the NBA in rebounds per game and helping
the Bulls win three championship a Minnesota Timberwolves drafted shooting
guard Brandon Roy was the number 6 overall pick in the 2006 draft and then
immediately traded him to the Portland Trailblazers for shooting guard Randy
Foye who was taken with the next pick at the time Randy Foye never proved to be
anything more than a backup guard Brandon Roy on the other hand quickly
developed into a star in Portland unfortunately knee injuries ended his
career early but it was still a major mistake by Minnesota and usually when a
star player is traded for prospects the team giving up the star is the one that
ends up regretting it what’s the case of Deron Williams being dealt with anew
zena’s from utah jazz it was actually the nuts that ended up regretting thing
at the trade deadline in 2011 the mess that Derrick Favors Devin Harris and
draft picks that were turned into Anna’s Cantor and Gorge a bank to Utah and
exchange for Darrin William he quickly dropped from his status as one of the
best point guards in the game and ended up being waived by the net in 2016 most
NBA fans might not know this but back in 1998 it was actually the Golden State
Warriors that drafted Vince Carter however on draft day the Warriors
decided to send Vince Carter to the Toronto Raptors with some extra money in
exchange for Antoine Jamison following this trade Vince immediately developed
himself star player winning Rookie of the Year
Antoine Jamison himself also developed in his own way but that was because he
was a best player on a bad team in all of the postseason he performed great
still a loss for the Warriors in my opinion after LeBron James left the
Cleveland Cavaliers to go to the Miami Heat before the 2010-2011 season the
Cavaliers prepared to make quick moves with much of the roster still there –
LeBron James the Cavs were and from one of the best
to one of the worst teams in the league they needed to begin rebuilding quickly
because of this they decided to make a deal with the Los Angeles Clippers at
the trade deadline Los Angeles Red Baron Davis and an unprotected first-round
pick to the Cavs for jamario moon and Mo Williams so what makes this such a bad
trade that drastic were used to pick up Kyrie Irving back in 2012 when Gerald
Wallace was still playing for the Portland Trail Blazers he was averaging
13.3 points and 6.6 rebounds because of his fear the impressive performance the
New Jersey Nets felt that they needed to make a deal to get Wallach at the trade
deadline they sent Shawn Williams a madman all poor and the first-round pick
to the Portland Trail Blazers to get Wallace to the rest of the season and
the season after unfortunately for New Jersey just a few months later that
draft pick ended up being Damian Lillard back in 2002 the Boston Celtics found
themselves to be contenders once again behind stars Antoine Walker and Paul
Pierce in order to strengthen their front line and bench they made a deal
sending rookie shooting guard Joe Johnson to the Phoenix Suns in exchange
for veteran forward Rodney Rogers and guards Tony Delk sure the Celtics made
it to the Eastern Conference Finals that year but giving up Johnson ended up
being a huge mistake he averaged 18 point five points per game over his next
seven seasons and made seven all-star teams in his career when the Cincinnati
Royals traded Oscar Robertson to the Milwaukee Bucks she was already 31 years
old and it appears to be the right move something in exchange for the aging
start well he would only pay for four more years in the NBA and his packs big
decline Robertson helped the Bucks in the NBA championship in 1971 charlie
calc and Sue Anne Robinson the players the Royals received in the deal were
complete non factors for the team making this one of the worst NBA deals in
history after giving away Eddie curry it was clear that the Chicago Bulls needed
a low post scoring power for it luckily Chicago had the second pick in the draft
that year they took power forward LaMarcus Aldridge which would look like
a brilliant move at the time but shortly after they traded college to the
Portland Trail Blazers in return for Forest Tyrus Thomas LaMarcus Aldridge
became the exact pair that the Bulls needed and Chicago would end up really
regarding their decision back in 1992 Charles Barkley had proved himself as
one of the better power forwards in the NBA so while he was 28 years old it was
confusing as to why the Philadelphia 76ers decided to trade him the Sixers
sent him to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for shooting guard Jeff hornacek
and two bench players this bad choice created a lot of awful seasons over the
next six years sparsely on the other hand would help need the Sun to the 1993
NBA Finals and win the MVP award that season back in 1976 the NBA was
undergoing the multiple drafts of players from the spirit of st. Louis the
Trailblazers took a 21 year old censor named Moses Malone in the draft but just
two months later traded him to the Buffalo break Moses Malone would only
play two games that year for the Braves before being created yet against the
Houston Rockets where he averaged twenty six point one point and fifteen point
three rebounds over the next five seasons back in 1980 the Cleveland
Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers made a trade that seemed to be the right
choice at the sign the Cavs traded butch Lee and the 1982 first-round pick to the
Lakers in exchange for Don Ford and the 1980 first-round pick if you’re
wondering who Don Ford is he was a six foot nine forward who scored a measly
three thousand sixteen points for his career and who was averaging just three
points for the Lakers when the Cavs made the trade this was a perfect deal for
the Cavs until the 1980 toothpick that the Lakers received started to shine
this player was none other than James Worthy a six foot nine force from North
Carolina he ended up developing into a star
averaging 17 points 6 points per game and helping the Lakers win three
championships in his 12 year NBA career on draft day in 1987 the Seattle
SuperSonics held the number 5 overall pick they took a defensive small forward
named Scottie Pippen the later would trade him to the Chicago Bulls for us
named olden Polynice the Sonics needed a sensor so the deal made sense at the
time although Alden averaged only five points
and four point five rebounds in his five years of the Sonics Guardian pickin won
six NBA championships with the Bulls and developed into one of the top players in
NBA history in Vince Carter’s seventh year in Toronto things weren’t working
out the Raptors were no longer a title contender and Carter’s scoring and
shooting numbers had taken a decline so in December 2004 Siriano traded Carter’s
of the New Jersey Nets in a massive package deal that included center
Ilonggo morning and a few draft picks the Raptors ended up releasing mourning
and the drastic turned out to be bench players Rory Graham and Renaldo Balkman
Carter on the other hand averaged twenty two point nine points per game over his
next four season back when the Houston Rockets were still in San Diego they
drafted a center named Alvin he was the number one overall pick back in 1968 he
played four seasons there averaging twenty seven point four points and
sixteen point three rebounds per game but in the summer of 1972 the Rockets
traded their 26 year old star to the Baltimore bullets for small force Jack
Marin was a nice player but not Elvin Hayes the bullets eventually moved to
Washington DC where Hayes would help lead them to a championship in 1978 him
hardway was once one of the most dynamic point guards in the league for the
Golden State Warriors unfortunately a knee injury forced him to miss entire
1993-1994 season and after his return he just was in the game because of this the
Warriors decided to trade him in the middle of the 1995-1996 season to the
Miami Heat in exchange for point guard bimbo poles
and fencer Kevin Willis while hardway was continuing to be a
star with the heat Claus was merely a backup point guard and Willis was
released after just 2018 the Milwaukee Bucks held the ninth pick in the 1998
NBA Draft and they used it to select German for Dirk Nowitzki later in that
draft the Bucks packaged Nowitzki and Pat Garrity who they had selected with
the 19th six to the Dallas Mavericks for power forward Robert Traylor
on the list he would become a superstar over the next 18 years in Counting
winning an NBA championship a league MVP and countless other awards trailer
average four point eight points and three point seven rebounds per game over
his seven-year NBA career which fulfills lineup that included Juwan Howard and
Ben Wallace the Washington Wizards decided to make a deal to give
themselves a more complete team they traded 25-year old power forward Chris
Webber to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for shooting guard Mitch
Richmond and four or distort Richmond had made seven
consecutive all sightings and averaged 23.5 points over that period so look
like a good deal but she was 33 years old and his dad began to drop off 40 so
did the Wizards winning record while Richmond spent only three seasons in
Washington Webber developed into a superstar in Sacramento and helped lead
the Kings to several deep playoff run the 13th overall pick in the 1996 NBA
Draft the Charlotte Hornets took a gamble on the talented high school kid
from Philadelphia named for B Ryan unfortunately for them negotiations with
the 18-year old went poorly over the next few weeks and the Hornets excited
they were better off trading Kobe Bryant to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange
for senator bloody back the Hornets would make a nice fairphone would be
back on the team but he would leave as a free agent just two seasons after Ryan
on the other hand won five NBA championships with the Lakers and
developed into one of the best players of all time
well Chamberlain was already an NBA legend when he was traded by the
Philadelphia 76ers to the Los Angeles Lakers in 1958 he had led the NBA in
scoring average and rebounding average seven times including a season in which
he scored fifty point four points per game so the Sixers traded him away
receiving Jerry Chambers Archy Clark and Darrell Imhoff in return none of those
players had a long-term effect with Philadelphia Wilt Chamberlain on the
other hand finished out his career averaging 17 points seven points and 19
point two rebounds per game and winning a championship in LA Kareem abdul-jabbar
was already an established star at the time that the Milwaukee Bucks decided to
trade him to the Los Angeles Lakers in his final season with the Bucks in 1974
and 75 he averaged 30 points 14 rebounds and three point three blocks per game
and returned to the future Hall of Famer of Milwaukee received a package of
underwhelming players such as junior Bridgeman
Dave Myers and Elmore Smith Kareem abdul-jabbar played 14 more years
winning five championships with the Lakers many people don’t even realize
that Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell wasn’t originally drafted by the Celtics
back in 1956 he was actually taking in the draft of the number two overall pick
by the st. Louis Hawks that same day the Hawks turned around and traded Russell
to Boston and returned for cliff Hagan and Ed McCauley
Hagan would actually have a nice career with the haast but Bill Russell would
become one of the greatest defensive players ever he would go on to lead the
league in rebounding five times and averaging twenty two point five rebounds
per game for his career while winning 11 champions
it kind of 13 NBA season and that concludes the video as always if you
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watching NBA insider


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    This is rather a case of terrible scouting by the Bucks as opposed to a terrible trade. In actuality, the Bucks traded the 9th and 19th picks for 6th pick. The Bucks told the Mavs to pick Traylor and the Mavs told the Bucks to pick Nowitzki and Garrity.
    The same goes for Kobe. The Lakers didn't have a pick in the range Kobe was projected to be drafted. They offered Charlotte Divak if they picked and traded them Kobe with the 13th pick. Kobe's agent also told all teams interested in drafting Kobe, that Kobe only wants to play for the Lakers and he would play in Italy if any other team drafted him. This is why Kobe fell all the way down to the 13th pick in the first place.
    These two are the most misunderstood trades in my opinion. I understand that a lot of effort is put into making these kinds of videos, but I feel these inaccuracies need to be addressed.

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    2) Moses Malone for Cliff Robinson and Jeff Ruland. The 76ers were a championship team that was integrating Charles Barkley, and they would have been a powerhouse even as Julius Erving and Andrew Toney wound down. Moses and Barkley together would have likely changed NBA history.

    3) Pau Gasol for Marc Gasol. This is the only trade ever that was lopsided for BOTH teams. LA won a title with Pau while Memphis suffered, but then Memphis has enjoyed Marc’s success while LA has suffered!
    Score: DEUCE!

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