“TALK IS CHEAP” – TRADER MOTIVATION (Trading Motivational Video) #MondayMotivation

OK let’s be honest. Are you just going to
be all talk or are you willing to let your actions speak for you? People say talk is cheap and in trading this is definitely true Words mean nothing. Actions
mean everything. Are you going to be yet another person who
tells themselves “this year I’m going to follow this strict routine and by the end of the
year I’ll be closer to my goals”. but after just a few days of doing this, they begin to realise the routine is tedious. It’s boring, it’s difficult.
They start cutting corners. They start looking for shortcuts.
They knew at the start of the year that becoming a profitable trader took time and patience,
but after just a few weeks of hard work they’re ready to throw in the towel.
They want the end goal to come sooner. But they haven’t put in the work to justify
the end success. Have you ever seen a long distance runner
going too fast too early? Trying to rush way before they get anywhere near to the finishing line? Do you know what happens? They lose. Do you know what happens to new traders that
rush before they’re ready? They lose too. So let’s not be that person.
Let’s have some integrity and match our actions to our words. If we know trading takes time, let’s treat
it with that respect and take things slowly. Let’s not get frustrated at a lack of big
progress and instead appreciate the small bits of progress that accumulate and compound. Let’s find the areas where we can make a 1% gain in our skills, understanding and ability. Let’s take on the attitude of a winner. When we look at the stories of successes in
trading and investing, they had to grind to get to where they are now. It wasn’t just smooth
sailing all the time. Like any journey, you know your end destination.
You know where you are right now. But the time or the route that you take to get there may vary.
Just accept that and keep plowing along to your goal. Become a relentless machine and
stop giving into set backs. Who are you to expect that anything should
be handed to you on a plate? Fix that delusion and fix it right now. Today I know there are plenty of people sitting
there thinking about quitting their goal for this year.
They expected it to be easier or quicker and now they’re looking for excuses and for easy ways out. Don’t be that person. Change your attitude. If you say you’re going
to do something, do everything in your power to make it happen. Be strong and keep grinding on. I believe in you. Start believing in yourself
as well.

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