Sony A5100 :: The Best Deal In Photography?

Sony A5100 :: The Best Deal In Photography?


  1. Ann says:

    I'm on a budget is the a5000 about the same?

  2. Changu Online says:

    Sony A5100 or Cannon T5I (750D)? I Currently have the 750D but I'm not sure I'm getting the best quality for my videos…

  3. weitao Zhou says:

    If you can put a little bit of video demonstrations of the points you mentioned, it would definitely make your video more attractive .

  4. Zatoichiable says:

    do you have a video showing your lighting set up?

  5. Econael says:

    You wore out a camera in 2 years? Can you elaborate on that? I assume cameras last a bit longer than that.

  6. idanial says:

    how about in 2017?

  7. ShoresOfHelll says:

    Difference between 5000 vs 51000? Thanks

  8. 2g31fb23tfb7t478f2ily1 19723fxbtye98wqq2093ef says:

    Would rather buy a DSLR

  9. Paras Punjabi says:

    should i get this or the panasonic lx10/15 as an entry level photographer?

  10. Amber browning says:

    what the name of the smaller camera you are using for comparision

  11. Dorin Lucian says:

    I was thinking buying Sony a5100, based on your review.
    Can you please tell me if it's possible to make astrophotography pictures with the kit lens…18-50mm or with SEL35F1.8? I'm new to this, my camera was always a smartphone…never had a real camera.

  12. N Nicole says:

    Excuse me. Have the Chinese language ?

  13. James Angrave says:

    I'm looking for a small inexpensive vlogging camera and have been studying this camera for some time now. Here in Shanghai where I currently live it costs $470. My questions are: Would you still recommend it as a good video camera when compared to it's newer competitors? How long is the wait time usually once the overheat warning happens, are we talking a few minutes or longer? I can live with a few minutes but much longer might make it a non starter.

  14. Henrik says:

    Just bought this camera.. Hope a did a good choice.

  15. John Lin says:

    hi guys I'm extremely new to cameras from my research I've narrowed down to those choices,
    image and video quality are important to me, because I plan to travel and take alot of pictures and videos.
    which of those would best for me.
    Sony alpha a6000
    Nikon D3400
    Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ300K
    Panasonic LUMIX G7
    Panasonic LUMIX 85
    Canon EOS Rebel T6i
    Canon PowerShot g7x mkll

    top 3?

  16. Byron Griffin says:

    Can I take good portrait photos and what lens to use?

  17. Valentina says:

    I was about to buy this camera but what stopped me was the price of the lenses.
    You mentioned adapters for lenses, then, do you mean that you can buy an adapter for normal sony DLSR lenses to E lenses?

  18. Daniel Dougan says:

    No EVF? No thanks. My Olympus E-PL5 at least allows me to add a viewfinder (which I did).

  19. H2o Fishing says:

    I can't decide between the Sony a5100 or the Nikon d5300 for vlogging and I also want to get good photo. Which should I get?

  20. Hashir Sohail Awan says:

    How much does this camera cost?

  21. Punydoctor says:

    Does anyone have any experience with this camera overheating? I've heard it overheats, but is that only when filming, or also when taking pictures?

  22. Camera Gear says:

    SONY Alpha a5200 Comming Soon !

  23. collectoroffrance says:

    I like this cam for video but I was told the battery warms up quickly and does not stand long?

  24. Deep Kumar says:

    hi…m an amateur photographer and want to upgrade to a mirrorless camera from nikon d3300. one particular thing i am interested in is underwater photography. i cant afford the bigger dslrs or waterproof cases. so i was interested in nikon 1 aw1. but this one is pretty old now… are there any other options in the mirrorless category?

  25. Lito Ts says:

    Is there a background noise cancelling feature?

  26. J L says:

    Do you think the a5100 is better than the 6000?

  27. Kim T says:

    Hi, I love your reviews! I have a question…. what macro lens is compatible with the sony A5100? Or micro lens (nikon)?

  28. Jonaq Niveer Sarma says:

    Bought this now in late September 2017. I like it. My entry to APS-C sized sensors and interchangeable lens systems.

  29. Jawsh says:

    This is a great review I have been saving up for one of these thank you

  30. Evan Au says:

    help… how do i switch it to MF?

  31. chaznsc says:

    How does this compare to the Canon G5x?

  32. Justin Carlson says:

    It still horrifies me when reviewers pop off the lens and expose the sensor. I had to pay $80 to clean my sensor because there was dust on it you could not ignore.

  33. pradeep v says:

    What is the another model u showing other than a5100

  34. Adam Ison says:

    I know this is a old video and don't know if you'll see this comment, but I was wondering if you still recommend this camera in 2017 and would you pick the a5100 or the Panasonic G7. Mainly using for vlogging and need a good camera. Also how is the low light and image stabilization. Thanks.

  35. unalx says:

    I'm thinking about buying a used sony a5000, since i think it's the best pocketable mirrorless camera. Any suggestion on contenders for the same price (around 300 usd, with the kit)??

  36. Gabriel Villarmia says:


  37. DubbRich says:

    I went out and bought this camera right after your review loved the video.

  38. blacksunaccounts says:

    better options now for a beginner wanting to buy a mirrorless?

  39. vaseem thakur says:

    Which id better for photos among a5100 and hx90v

  40. KutWrite says:

    Thanks, thorough overview.

    I like your lighting and narration style a lot.

    (Shh… There's something in your right nostril)

  41. MasterBill Lauer says:

    does the Sony A5100 24MegaPixel Digital Camera overheat???

  42. Maria payan says:

    Someone help me please I need to take photos on my a5100 of my self modeling the cloths I sell but I need the cámara to take 5 continuous photos and give me 3 or 5 seconds on between to pose is it possible????????

  43. The Time Lapse Factory says:

    camera is nice. lens is garbage! when buying a camera, one must think about the line of lenses offered by the brand! good camera + garbage lens = mediocre photos! M43 Is far more value for your bucks!

  44. Pan Versus says:

    wait so is this camera for photography or filming

  45. S Dav says:

    Hello, can you tell me how to video with the skin smoothing feature not turning on and off?

  46. grindinglicks says:

    Great video’s, but you have to slow down. Even if we don’t miss an episode we’ll miss what you say! Half the time you don’t even come up for air

  47. Ian Holmes says:

    So I am trying to start a photography business as well as begin making videos. I have a budget of around $1000 (I am 17) and I have a few wants/needs for a camera. These include: Sharp image quality, at least 6 fps shooting, at least 1080p 60fps (slow motion is something I will be doing) but 4k would be much better, at least 20000 iso, wi fi and bluetooth as well as time lapse mode would be nice, tilting display, good auto focus, microphone port (not necessary but it would be nice), a touch screen would be great, Environmental sealing would also be nice, lots of lenses to choose from. So those are my needs/wants in a camera, It will be for everything from landscape photography, to product photography, portraits and the video will be used just as much. I have narrowed my search to 2 camera that I have found and can get for the same price right now. They are the Canon T7i and the Sony a6300. The kits I found have the following: Canon T7i, EF-S 18 – 55mm IS STIM, EF-S 55 – 250mm lens, filter, battery charger, 2 batteries and camera bag or the Sony a6300, 16 – 50mm lens, battery and charger. Both kits cost the same. I am having trouble deciding, I like the T7i for the ease of use i.e. touch screen, fully articulating, lots of lens options, good button layout, classic dslr feel and the 60fps 1080p is the only reason I want to pay more for it over the T6i which is $500 off at the moment as I want to do slow motion. But I am disappointed that it doesn't have 4k which is why the sony a6300 is nice. I like the 4k capabilities and the 1080p 60fps. Really both cameras have similar photography capabilities. But I am disappointed that the sony a6300 doesn't have a touch screen and the numerous articles about sony a6300's over heating are worrisome as well as the poor button layout. Anyways, my question is which of these 2 packages is the better option for my needs as both are the same price and if you have a better option to recommend please let me know! Thank you very much and I hope to hear some replies soon as the deals are time sensitive. Thanks.

  48. Honoka kousaka says:

    Do you think this is still worth getting now? Im torn wether to buy this or fujifilm xa3 or canon eos m3 what do you think? I want to focus on photography. But I also want something great for videos. I hears that a5100 overheat so I don't know if it is worth it.

  49. amir khans says:

    Hi dude, a5100 vs canon m3, best and recomnd for photo and sinematography , about both camera, Thanks 🙂

  50. Des Francisco says:

    I'm planning to buy a mirrorless camera. is this a better option than the Canon EOS m100 and Fujifilm xa3 ? I'm a novice and i want to learn

  51. atul pangotra says:

    @the art of photography which camera is having better image stabilization … Canon g9x mk ll or Sony a5100. Which camera would you recommend considering primary purpose is casual photography… family picnics and get together?

  52. Ashley Rose says:

    Whats the right lens for this camera for still photography??? Is the one that comes with it good enough?

  53. Dan T says:

    Cam anyone tell me which is a better choice for a begginer. Nikon 3400 vs Sony a5100 I'm indecisive?

  54. Carerraluu says:

    Should i buy this camera in 2018 ?

  55. Rooney Imogen says:

    I just got this as a gift today, I know it has digital zoom, but is it okay to manually adjust it with my hand? Because that’s what I did a few times 🤭

  56. Piia K says:

    One thing I think is a downgrade on the a5100 (being a former NEX and now a6000 shooter) compared to the NEX5 is replacing the shoe for flash with a pop-up. I had a proper big flash for the NEX and it saved the camera for me. It was actually possible to shoot in the dark.

  57. Ruhul Talukder says:

    What sort of lens would you suggest for street photography with this camera?

  58. Olga Vlh says:


  59. gaby 92 says:

    how is the zooming capability with the base lens?

  60. Mauricio Ruiz says:

    You hurt your arm

  61. Jay Newton says:

    Hello mate loved the vid. Could you tell me, or do you know if the a5100 is compatable with a IR remote for self takes.

  62. Joelle Daou says:

    I am so late to watch this. But I have a question and would love it if you answered. This camera is known for its filtering and smoothing the pictures….Does this come built in or you have to download an application on it?

  63. Augustine Appadurai says:

    I am still using my Nex5 as a standby. Still great.will consider the next entry level Sony when that knocks off. Thanks for the review.

  64. Isaac Moscovich says:

    Love the video!

  65. Adam says:

    This camera isnt aimed towards photographers

  66. Isabelle Victoria TV says:

    I love my Sony a5100

  67. Athao Thao says:

    nice sony a5100 camera

  68. Comrade Stalin says:

    I think I might grab one as a backup camera since it is so tiny, my friend has one and it is really nice. Might use this as a backup and as my time lapse camera since a time lapse doesn’t really require a full frame A7ii

  69. electrabot says:

    I have this camera. But I have a question. I bought the Rokinon 12mm lense for it, but for whatever reason, even when I’m in manual settings, every shot is out of focus slightly even though I touch the screen for where i want it to focus. Why is everything out of focus even slightly? I guess I don’t understand how to work the lense. I thought it was doing it right. Anyone else have any thoughts/ideas or similar problems?

  70. John Donaldson says:

    Nice camera but without an EVF it simply won't make it onto my buy list.

  71. Magnificent1393 says:

    Nice!, which one is better the Sony A5100 or the Nikon d3400?

  72. Lavender a says:


  73. Aziz Alwees says:

    Can you Tell me please , which one is the best Choice for Instagram?
    Sony a5100 ..or
    Nikon D3400
    And why ?
    Please guys help me

  74. Yane Wise says:

    Is it full frame or crop sensor? Nice video.

  75. Stefan Zubal says:

    Wish I had the money…

  76. Adil Rana says:

    Still worth buying it or shall I look for another camera? Any suggestions? Also, will Sony release a new camera in the 'a' any time soon?

  77. Louis Marucci says:

    Love this camera. Easy solution to lack of an eyelevel viewfinder is a Hoodman so it's no brainer.

  78. Jesse says:

    Hi. Im having an issue with the camera when taking a photo it duplicates however the 2nd image is up close ? Would you be able to help me out on how i can remove the 2nd shot? thank you

  79. Juan Ojeda says:

    Hello, very good review, I am looking for my first camera and I am between the Canon T6 (in its kit it brings two lenses 18-55 and 75-300) and the Alpha 5100 (lens 16-50), is more than anything for images of landscapes and photograph one or another family moment, I hope you can help me .. Thank you

  80. shaolin95 says:

    Your lighting, grading etc is what makes video look good not the frame rate so your comment about 60fps looking like cheap TV is beyond dumb

  81. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Is this camera good for portrait and landscape photography?? And I mean for a beginner like me 😅

  82. Weeiii Tech says:

    can this be a deal in 2019?

  83. dheeraj Dman says:

    U should be showing display when u show functions

  84. NDK0 says:

    I was not really a Sony fan, but a friend of mine lend me his A5100… Oh boy, this was just the "perfect" camera for people to either get into photography and/or for the ama who wants really good pictures, but don't wanna spend thousands of dollhairs.

  85. Abhinandan Kheria says:

    How much time it takes to charge from 0 to 100 % ¿

  86. Daniel JR says:

    Would you still use this camera today?

  87. Echo says:

    Currently I think it would be the a6000 I got mine for 400 and am planning on having it converted to IR to experiment a bit.

  88. Jorge Macias says:

    Someone knows if this camera works for decent wedding video?

  89. Javier Lugo lugo says:

    Cuanto cuesta?

  90. Laura Stokes says:

    Too many cameras…gets confusing

  91. TanxxTin Muk says:

    Hi Ted can I ask for the best settings for portrait videos whenever I film with this camera my videos are always dark and that's using a ring light and two soft boxes. Please help as I need a well light up face for my makeup videos

  92. Ash Haight says:

    Any Eye tracking AF in a5100?

  93. Wilson Emerson says:

    Wow …

    Can you please give it to me .for free.

  94. Md Mostafa kamal says:

    How to Add Date & Time in Image………Plz reply …………..

  95. Gerard Gustilo says:

    With the announcement of the 6100, this camera is still clutch for the amateur/beginner. Love mine.

  96. SERANI says:

    Hi ted. I can't wait for your opinion on the Sony a7rIV. My decision will be based on your review. Thanks

  97. GuitarVFXlive says:

    Just bought it 278$ best buy open box. Thanks for your great advice!

  98. ZapPH PUBG MOBILE says:

    I just bought this camera in 2019. And i am a novice in cameras..i love the camera. And for my usage it's has an average battery life. Great video sir! It's really helpful.

  99. Dean says:

    I still love this camera. Wish they would make an update. It’s the perfect camera to take in a ski jacket on the slopes ( others are just too big). I just wish it had better AF…

  100. MrRadiorobot says:

    I understand it has overheating problems… Maybe not such a bargain.

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