Smartvark: Local Deals. Personalized.

Say hello to Joe he just got back from action-packed vacation
in Thailand and now he’s obsessed with Thai food Green Curry, Chicken Satay Pad Thai, you name it … and the spicier, the better! Now he’s looking for a place in his neighborhood that can help him relive the experience he decided to sign up for the daily deal-o-rama
in hopes of finding a great local Thai place instead he got deluged with a bunch of offers
for yoga classes, whale-watching excursions and spa deals while these offers are great for some people they’re not exactly what he’s looking for right now thankfully, Joe discovered Smartvark Smartvark is a great new way to get personalized
offers for new places to eat and shop with Smartvark you’ll never get spammed with unwanted offers,
just the deals and events specifically tailored to your tastes and preferences In fact, Smartvark helped Joe find One Night in
Bangkok his favorite new neighborhood hang not only did Joe score a great deal on his
first visit but he also met someone that will be happy to accompany him on his second Smartvark is Local Deals. Personalized.

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