Small Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms (Make Money from Home!)

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, I’m going to share with
you some small business ideas if you are a stay at home mom who wants to earn income
from home. By the end of this video, you will have a
list of 10 business ideas which can help you earn some cash while spending time with your
kids. If you want more tips on growing your online
influence and building your online empire as a business owner, be sure to subscribe
to my channel and hit the bell to be notified whenever I upload a new video every Friday. The first business idea is to start a home
agency. You can start an agency from home and be the
middleman to provide catered solutions for your clients. Some home agency ideas include a tuition agency,
which works by matching instructors with students. You can apply the same concept in other industries,
such as matching caregivers with the elderly, or by finding babysitters for working parents. The second business idea is blogging. Blogging can be a lucrative career if you
are able to connect with your audience and create engaging and valuable content on a
consistent basis. Blogging is a great business idea if you are
good at writing and able to create interesting conversations with others. You may not earn money right away, but you
can slowly build your audience and gain a loyal following. You can start to monetize your blog once your
traffic starts to pick up, by selling ad space and guest posts for a certain fee. The next business idea is to start a home
baking business. You can start a home baking business if you
are good at baking, but be sure to check with the laws regarding food businesses in your
country and state. Once you have checked on whether it is legal
and safe to do so, you can start selling cookies and cakes from the comfort of your home. The next business idea is to start a customized
gift store. If you are good at handicrafts, you can set
up your own personalized gift stores and sell your products on Etsy, and use Pinterest to
promote your store. You can customize gifts for baby showers to
children’s birthday parties, if you have a flair for creativity. The next business idea is to start a bookkeeping
company. You can become a certified bookkeeper and
start a bookkeeping business from home, which has a low start-up cost and you don’t really
need an education, though it is usually preferred by clients if you have some bookkeeping or
accounting background. Choosing a niche for your bookkeeping services
is just as important as choosing a niche for any other business, and you can choose an
industry based on your interests, such as working with design firms. The next business idea is to provide beauty
services. If you have the necessary training and qualifications,
you can start a home spa business and provide beauty services, with clients coming over
to your home to receive treatments. You will need to have a room specially dedicated
to provide your services, and ensure that hygiene practices are up to standard. You can even upsell your clients with beauty
products by selling it to them at retail value. The next business idea is to start a virtual
assistant business. You can start your own business as a freelance
virtual assistant and provide various services for entrepreneurs and business owners. If you don’t want to be the one providing
the virtual services, you can start a virtual assistant agency and connect virtual assistants
with business owners. The next business idea is to be a travel planner
or to start a travel planning agency. You can work remotely as a travel planner
by helping others plan their vacation, and you don’t really need any background as
a travel agent. What you will need is knowledge on various
travel locations, so that you can advise people and help them with their itinerary. The next business idea is to provide video
editing services. If you have some knowledge with editing videos,
you can start a video editing business as a freelancer. If you want to run an entire video editing
business with a whole production team, you can recruit employees and work with companies. The next business idea is to be a marketing
consultant. Being a marketing consultant provides you
with great flexibility, which can be easily done from home. You can provide these services as a freelancer,
or you can run a consultation company by outsourcing solutions to your clients. If you work from home as a freelancer providing
all these services that I have mentioned, you can make a decent salary. However, the downside is that you will need
to be consistently available and if you take a day off, so will your earnings. If you hire some staff and turn these services
into a business and start delegating, this means that your business can still run even
if you take a day off. The whole idea of starting a business from
home is to have flexibility and to free up the time that you have, so that you don’t
need to work a 9 to 5 job and be constantly spending all your hours at work. Take these small business ideas, and try to
think of ways you can turn it into a source of recurring revenue for yourself, by removing
yourself as the freelancer and implementing a successful business strategy so that your
business can run even when you are not available. Running a successful business from home is
not just about making money, but being able to manage your time effectively with the right
systems and strategy. Ultimately, the goal as moms is to work smarter
and not harder, so that we can spend time with our loved ones and provide for them at
the same time, without being overworked. What other small business ideas do you have
for stay at home moms? Do leave a comment! If you want to learn how to start a profitable
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