Small Business 101: Episode 10 – Brainstorming Business Ideas

Alex: Hey everybody! Welcome back to another episode of Small Business
101 on Arbeit U. Spencer: Yeah, we’ve got another great episode
for the small business folks at home today. We are going to be talking about how you actually
come up with the idea to start a business, right? Alex: Yup, this is probably going to be a
short episode because it’s pretty simple in my opinion. Spencer: Think of a business idea. Alex: No, so only from experience, I can say
the best, I think personally, the best ideas come from when there is a problem you are
facing and you create a business to solve that problem. Spencer: Yup, if you see a need and fill that
need, it’s going to be a great business. If you yourself need something and can’t find
it, probably a good idea for a business. Alex: I mean back in the, back in the day,
it wasn’t necessarily like that, I would say because now and days with the internet its
pretty much made it so you can have the smallest niche that you want to market to, that you
want your business associated with and you can sell millions. So just think about it, so one of my favorite
marketers, Seth Godin, he says, he’s got a book, its called like ‘Tribes’ or something,
I’ve never read it but its like people like us do things like this. Basically, if there is something that you
are trying to do, you like, you want. Spencer: If there is a market for something
Alex: There are enough people out there that are also a market for that with the internet
that you could sell them too. Spencer: You could reach them
Alex: Yeah, exactly, back when there was no internet, it wasn’t like that because you
needed to Spencer: You had to travel somewhere, hold
a conference to get people to come Alex: Yeah, it had to be something that mass
marketable, that was Spencer: Or have a retail distribution
Alex: I think today’s day in age is the day in age of the small business, I mean really,
look at all these small brands out there now that sell everything and anything
Spencer: Like sneakers Alex: There’s so many small brands and I think
its cool because there are all these different things that you can have different stories
and stuff like that and get it from. A while ago its like, you have Nike shoes
and Adidas. Spencer: Yeah, you can have Nike, you could
have Under Armor. Alex: Yeah there’s very few of them but now
there are so many more brands coming out because it’s so easy for your specific target market
to be reached with social media and with the internet. Yeah back on that, if there is a problem you
are facing or something that you like that is not readily available to you, make it. That’s your idea right there, make it. If there is some, you are picky about clothing,
I have had this thought before. You know I’m tall and skinny, I have thought
about making a clothing line for tall and skinny people. Spencer: I knew a guy who couldn’t buy, he
was in between size pants so it used to drive him nuts, that’s a business he should have
started. Alex: In between size pants. There are enough people out there where it
would have worked, I mean it is. So its just,
Spencer: Hopefully he doesn’t watch Alex: So that’s the best business idea, that
is the best way to do it. You just happen about it. You cant really brainstorm on that right? Spencer: And honestly if you sit down and
write out a bunch of ideas and they are not like something you would need, they are probably
not good ideas. Alex: It’s not like you can just sit there
one day and put in 10 hours of brainstorming and now boom you’ve got a great business idea. It doesn’t really work like that, a lot of
time it just comes to you naturally, but you’ve got to look in the right places too. Like if you are working in an industry, you
know what is a struggle that industry has, what is a need you could see. Something as simple as just a little piece
of software that you could make that is really simple that would make everyone’s life that
much easier. I mean that is what Apps are, they are the
simplest pieces of software and it could do just one little thing but it sells to millions
of people because they are so simple and they make the person’s life easier. Solve a problem
Spencer: Solve a problem, see a need, fill a need. Alex: I mean yeah, that’s what we did with
Arbeit, we had the agency, we filled a need that we saw. Spencer: You had your own problem
Alex: yeah, we had a problem, we solved our own problem and then we decided to sell it
to other people. So yeah, it works. Spencer: Use it
Alex: Alright, that’s all. Thanks
Spencer: That’s it, as always we will see you next week, and thank you for watching
Alex: See ya Spencer: See ya

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