Seinfeld – Inside looks: “The Deal”

Seinfeld – Inside looks: “The Deal”


  1. Geoffrey Zoref says:

    I actually think that the scene in the coffee shop the next morning with George is the best scene in this episode (and maybe ever), especially when he responds to Jerry's insistence that he and Elaine can have sex and stay friends by laughing in Jerry's face at the notion (which George is quite right to do by the way). 

    Another favorite is when Jerry gives Elaine cash for her birthday and she responds: "what are you, my uncle?" I've used that quote in real life several times.

  2. slide4180 says:

    That whole 'this' and 'that' scene is one of my least favorite of all. Way too much kvetching and kvelling.

  3. peace and love says:

    So wise, you cannot have the best of both worlds. The other show where they have sex again to save the relationship, so true, get out of the way the sexual tension. And the show where Kramer brakes up with George on behalf of her girlfriend and un confortably bump into each other as exes, hilarious.

  4. peace and love says:

    Was is the "other"?

  5. lalune estdort says:

    I love the beach behind Elaine 🙂

  6. Blake McNamara says:

    This episode was probably the closest the show ever came to exhibiting characteristics of a "true sitcom", with a serious scene.

  7. Santhia Calixte says:

    Wow Julie look so young and beautiful

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