Restaurant Marketing Strategies – 7 Surefire Promotion Ideas for your Restaurant Business

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hey this is Ola I’m the creator of my
Empire Pro today we’re talking about restaurant marketing strategies I will
give you several different ways seventy-first
marketing strategies for the digital age for your restaurant MFI what color this is
Ola coming to you live my Empire for Studios here and I’ll be talking about
restaurant marketing strategies as you know every Thursday I bring you an
example of a local business and how we can apply the digital age marketing
strategies to what you have going on the truth of the matter is that you really
can’t afford to still the channel avoid the digital age we’re dead in the middle
of the digital age and a lot of businesses are going on there because of
it Amazon is white and now it’s a whole lot of traditional businesses even
Walmart have to look over their shoulder because they’re scared now because this
guy just Basil’s Amazon you’re going to end up get wiping out the whole lot of
traditional ways of doing business you know and the other day one of my buddies
that worked at fetish because I used to work outside and I worked at FedEx for
several years was telling me that FedEx a lot to carry dessert of their volume
because Amazon took over shipping your own stuff right so that’s a big deal
something we have to pay attention to in every different aspect of business so on
Thursdays I try to bring you particular businesses today is going to be
restaurant we’re talking about restaurants and together us with you
restaurant has always been a scary distance for me looking from the outside
in but then you know because of my skills and marketing and business I I
can dissect any business literally you know because it really comes down to a
few key things okay which I’m going to talk about at the bonus a little bit
later but before I move on father I want to give you my seven seven seven
different things that I actually took some notes here because I wanted to make
you I deliver some good value for you in this video if
you’re in the restaurant business or you’re looking to get into the
restaurant business or you have a body of yours that’s in the restaurant
business you want to make sure you share this video with them and please give me
a thumbs up because it helps me okay so the first thing I want you to determine
if you’re getting to the restaurant business is to determine if you want to
run by we have a franchise or not okay if you’re using a successful franchise
model such as McDonald’s subway baggage can think like that if you’re using
something like that there’s a proven system that already works even in the
digital age and a lot of those big companies are already on top of the
social media maybe not fast but they are because they are they pay attention
that’s why these two big in this time and age and in fast food you know
but then widely speaking you want to determine if you want to run and
leverage of an existing franchise model and you want to be careful make sure
you’re not buying a forty thirty thousand dollar franchise model because
chances are is that cheap your mass will just get started all on your own so you
want to determine if you want to run a franchise or not personally in this time
and age if I was to run a restaurant business I would probably because you
know it’s a control thing which is an illusion anyway just sentimental thing
for me I like to be in certain level of control and franchise may not allow me
for that but I also don’t mind me leveraging existing infrastructures
which is what you get one franchise so it really depends on how deep your
pocket is if you have a very deep pocket or you just like to extend into the
restaurant world just by a franchise you know approving ten franchise that has
quite a few examples all over the place already and if you just follow that same
model and you start making profit you said some forty two ten thirty two
example that money back to the franchise company you know it’s to leverage
leverage leverage but if you’re starting from scratch right this is the people
that getting in trouble mostly in western
these are people who are starting from scratch and and they just want to do it
on their own the body to buy into the restaurant business and they don’t do
this next step I’m about to share with you right now okay so the second thing
is research your market so if you’re the rest of every time I’m going to share
with you here applies to you more if you’re doing it all on your own when I
research your market you want to make sure that it plays your location of your
restaurant is the place they have high traffic because why not you know it is
high traffic is gonna you know high traffic but also make sure you’re not
overpaying for location without having a proven model that’s going to bring you
revenue so the bottom of the Train high traffic and not overpaying for location
if that’s where you want it that’s the part that gets a little tricky but
generally speaking you want some good traffic and also depending on what type
of restaurant you’re running if you’re running a asia restaurant you’re running
a australian restaurant and things like that you want to be clear you’re looking
at close to your target market who are the people that are most likely to enjoy
your food or the people you are targeting in fact sometimes people get
Australian they want to restore a less Australian restaurant or specialize in
food if you were doing something like that make sure that you still have a
menu that everybody can relate this okay it’s Australian but you can walk in
there and you can grab chicken you can grab think that you know something that
everybody can live with salad bar something like that anyone from anywhere
can relate to it and that you can have a special section for the speciality menu
okay so don’t just base your restaurant all around the specialty menu the
specialty menu is your core it’s just a core but always be open to making money
outside of your core you don’t wanna be addicted to the idea that I just want I
just want a chien food I just want a give me any food don’t do something
stupid like that that’s how we’re starting together that’s how they become
stupid and before you know it one two years they’re out of business make sure
you have everything in your menu yet plus your specialty menu that people
know you for honestly specialty menu really should be about
grinding for you okay so you just be about brown and branding nothing else
nothing sentimental because this is business and you better bring in some
revenue if you don’t bring in revenue you won’t be able to do something you’re
passionate about so in order for you to be able to do what you’re really
passionate about you want to make sure that you are running your business in an
all-inclusive way anyone can walk in and say hey I’m interested in that Nigerian
came out food over there right but thank you yeah I’ll be able to grab some
vulgar – a little – grab some like things that you know people that are
safe either like me would – want even if I came to sit down in your restaurant
with somebody okay all right so yeah that’s that like that all right so the
other thing here is the third step here you want to do the followership online
okay especially if you’re starting from scratch as a matter fact I would not get
started with my restaurant if you don’t have a followership online already so
building the followership online is very very important that means you have to be
giving something online already and right when I say giving something online
I’m not saying shipping food for free to people’s houses I’m saying content I’m
saying digital content you should do some cooking if you have a YouTube
channel where you’re doing some cooking and you’re showcasing all the things
you’re good about all the ideas I’ve seen your head you should have a
followership already decent followership people that would be already rooting for
you before you open the restaurant that’s very very important because a lot
of people get into a business on my last hour version of this type of
video the one about selling your book is an author and talk about that you have
to have a make sure you have a follower ship before you invest way too much
money again unless you’re on the franchise model in which case that will
bring a lot of those things to the table for you but if you’re running your own
restaurant make sure that you are you have a followership online make sure
you’re giving some good content start doing a little cooking on the corner of
your house set up a place in your basement where you do some little bit of
cooking leave your kitchen once a week to do a little bit of cook
and comment and have some commentaries and things like that about what type of
food review shows about you know cooking food shows up and sorry cooking shows
right that’s what a food cooking shows right review them on your website talk
about some of the ideas that talk about and input your own idea
those things are content people start follow you and they know you as the food
girl the food dye right put some pictures on foodie pictures and things
like that cook some really nice dishes and take pictures of it and put it on
Instagram and create followership like that people start knowing you for what
you are before you even know from the restaurant is very very important this
is how you’re going to set yourself apart years lightyears ahead of ever
possibly getting shot down or getting evicted out of your store after starting
understand that happened a lot to a lot of people okay so yeah yep so the next
thing here here okay the next thing that I have one here is become the tourist
spot okay my friend even call Michael as a beneath nation is the guy that that
really got this he was a Toronto salsa right in Toronto salsa I think is
Taunton right it sounds yet so tanto salsa dance like the – studio has become
a tourist center if I’m going to console I would definitely want a definitely I’m
going to be starting back Toronto the south and act like us it’s known
worldwide right and you want your restaurant to be there because let’s be
frank let’s be honor the people that are in your exact neighborhood most of them
I’ve read the ones that are smart are not going to be eating out every day
unless you’re selling pizza or you’re selling fast food right even that I
don’t like you if you’re a bugger either and you go to McDonald’s all the time if
I was going to go broke soon right but most people don’t do that maybe they
have once a day by sorry once a week or one day week maybe once every other week
that they eat out like that right and to be honest a lot of people do eat a shoe
but restaurants specialty restaurant chances are you’re not gonna have every
day we keep customer like people that just come every time if you have that
it’s not a regular thing right so because of that your
cool area should not just be a target market you should make your spot it’s
all recenter I like when people come into town and they come into Woodbridge
New Jersey or they coming to be on New Jersey you want people that are already
familiar with you online to be looking for your spot how do they do that again
the same thing I’ve said in step three here beautiful oh ship online by
creating content online right and while you create all those contents you’re
literally doing product placement at your restaurant policeman because people
know that your restaurant in this a certain city in a certain city in a
certain state and when they decide to visit in the future or even if their
friends are visiting they will recommend your restaurant even without eating your
food first they will recommend your restaurant for people to stop by so make
sure that you set up in a way that in your restaurant become a tourist spot
for people come into town you would that are coming and going from town that way
you have a global customer landscape as opposed to just your local of course you
want to be followed on your local area what I’m saying that’s additional money
people coming in and out every day that could come into your restaurant so you
want to definitely think about you want to definitely think about that okay all
right the next time here we’re talking about here sorry but that a the phone
that I’m using to record is almost trying to die but the next thing I want
to talk about here step 5 is birthdays and anniversary what people visit your
restaurant so this is after you opened up even now all right
even now before you open you can collect a database of number one email addresses
of people but birthdays and anniversaries and then you want to make
sure you’re sending out coupons by email to people that get birthday there are
systems out there there are tools out there they can use for this kind of
thing where it’s automatic email that goes out on people’s birthday few days
before people’s birthdays to visit you and give them a special coupon come
celebrate with you right and then you obviously you do what you do you do what
to do at CDF I do want to show for birthday right birthday anniversaries or
any special events you want to make sure you keep that in your database though
on board mine if you don’t keep those things in your database
that’s good mine okay you want to make sure you keep that in your database
again it’s all about building a list right building a list of your audience
because IBM is a yes you are in the restaurant business you’re in the food
business but you’re really in the media business okay you’re in the people
distance you are the connection between your products and the people right and
I’ll talk about the process all in between right right now so people for
that process we’re going to talk about that in a second here okay so the next
thing step six here is Google Maps Google Maps local distance and Yelp and
other local business online make sure you’re listed everywhere okay there are
simple services on to get this done for you okay make sure you
list it everywhere you never know what people are using to you know make sure
you’re listed everywhere bottom line okay even in the old school yellow books
some people still pick that up just don’t spend money on ads okay that’s it
that’s like this some of these super there’s things to do right now those my
money on buying ads and yellow books but make sure you’re listed in the local
listings everywhere even your local newspapers you know you just never know
especially if it’s free we never know what people are seen and things like
that I just cover all that bases okay so I’ll make it number six because it’s not
that important anymore but it’s still the problem you never know you should
just cover every basis where you could tap into additional customers okay
because when you bring people in from all of these places you can also they
will also now be wrapped into this number seven about to give you okay it’s
called the on-site incentivized reviews okay people give you reviews on Yelp on
goo-goo and all those platforms like you want to have on standby a couple of iPad
you know stores like a couple of iPads where you get people say would you mind
if you give me I’m going to give you a nice dessert or something like a little
extra something you give them as a gift if they would review you right there on
the spot before the leaves okay I’ll give you a cup of Sunday ice cream
something like that I’ll give you a little dessert a takeaway dessert if you
can give us a quick review right here right and you want to make sure you
collect and use as possible cuz people frankly
are using those reviews number one you’re right there at that moment you’re
killing or you’re killing two birds with one stone right not that we want to kill
birds we don’t like to remember exact right
you’re killing two birds with one stone you’re number one get it you’re getting
on their right side like even if you just add not so good an experience you
just switching that experience for them in addition to that they’re going to use
that filling in that moment to give you a good review and what you want is a
bunch of good reviews right so that’s a tip for you make sure on site
incentivize you’ve used me to get set up for that just a couple of iPads two or
three iPads if you pay for 500 for that we’ll pay you back in multiple folds
because those reviews are going to talk to mark customers coming in so again all
in all of this dissolve I leverage okay leverage leverage level every leverage
you have always good news about your restaurant stamped all over the place on
the Internet in addition to your own content because we talk about your
content earlier right all right so that’s the seven tips but I have a
couple of bonus things here that I wanted to I have to Boris promotion
ideas that I wanted to give to you here and I’m hoping that when you listen to
this two bonus ideas it to prompt you to give me a thumbs up okay that I would
like it comes up and I would like you to share this with anybody that you know is
trying to get into the restaurant business I really appreciate that they
would appreciate you too number eight okay eight first bonus
incentive I to referrals okay you want to give people simple cards or something
like that where they can get an additional coupon it daily first
somebody for you an additional dessert or something Denver you find a way to
incentivize people for 70 euro for us okay it’s fine a way to do it could be
coupons you send up coupons if you defy somebody to me I’ll give you a $10
coupon for your next next trip to our spot again you’re killing to sponsor you
not inviting them back to buy more once people are sitting in your seat they
will buy really what you want to do is you want to make sure that those seats
are filled all the time even if it’s a Wednesday or Tuesday you want to make
sure those seats are filled you want people
lining up in front of your restaurant if you’re not having that you are failing
and your business will go under only a matter of time you want but you want but
sucks and those seats all the time okay so you create all these creative things
to make sure people are coming back but also to incentivize them even more so
incentivized retro before some people call it to for people to keep from it
coming back number nine active and dynamic online
presence so a lot of people create content one time or maybe ten times and
then they stop creating content don’t do that okay this is something that if you
get into the restaurant business you supposed to be passionate about it and
you should never have an end to how much you could talk about it you should
always be able to talk about it talk talk talk talk about it okay you
should you should be able to talk about this over and over as much as you can
and that’s the ninth which is the last bonus promotion idea that I know not the
last I have a couple more okay I have a couple more okay I have three more Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is the cheapest thing in the world make sure that your son has Wi-Fi for
guests okay so people can come and make sure you have sockets like people can
plug in their laptop when people are sitting down right I mean it depends on
what type of restaurant of course it is if you’re getting worse obviously you
reuse that that means that’s good business right but if you know people
sit down to grab a coffee together something make sure that’s Wi-Fi it give
people reason to come ask assembly understand I’m just Ignacio and they
want our romance of your nice food I mean India knows don’t want to buy
something again it’s all about buying something right so Starbucks buzzes even
even McDonald’s daughters now don’t be the one left behind make sure you have
solid Wi-Fi for the guests calm and make sure you have the ties that make sure
it’s clear to people like free Wi-Fi make sure you make that known to people
as well to multiple streams of income like don’t have empty spots I mean of
course it needs to be clean and neat be irate but make sure you have multiple
streams of income and I mentioned that’s kind of slightly earlier that if you’re
at a specialty type of menu make sure you have something like everyone can
pick up candy water let’s order something
so that I don’t think sort of but people still drink soda you know if your values
are aligns with that offer sodas offer things that people then grab even if
they’re not buying a full-blown menu something that people’s and grab the
little snacks here and there make sure you clear attention to multiple streams
of income while people visit your store okay make sure you’re selling even
sometimes the seasoning maybe other speciality seasoning make sure you have
it arranged on a shelf nicely where people can pick it up teach people how
to cook your manual okay you make more money like if you if you’re afraid of
teaching people how to cook your menu then you have a lack of abundance
mindset and people that have that just to win okay because you should have
abundance okay most people are not going to cook it they want you to cook it
anyway but offer them to learn how to do it it’s multiple streams of income which
I can cover in another video entirely later on okay active and dynamic online
presence we talked about that earlier alright the last will not list bonus
okay is PPP arrange your product people and process I just talked about all
about the process of cable at the end of the day you’re just a media company
you’re trying to connect the people with your products okay and and you need a
mass your job to make sure that that’s done properly especially for the digital
age and some people may advise go spend some money on PPC don’t do that don’t do
that especially if your business is not bringing in six figures already don’t do
that don’t spend money on marketing pieces that all of this stuff right here
that I just shared with you are completely free especially if you start
with the proper foundation which is beautiful oh I ship online first
everyone has access to YouTube do the followership online first okay so two
top mistakes that people make they don’t do any research
no followership before they start a restaurant okay those are the two top
mistakes and don’t make that mistake so if you want to learn how to put content
online and optimize it on the Internet okay that’s something I cover
essentially you’re looking to generate free leads free traffic free signups
free customers okay just coming through your door right or people start
following you already you want to build your followers right you want start
putting content online before you start your return which is the foundational
thing I told you to do anyway you want to learn how to do that
class where you can attend it’s all I talk about confess mastermind go there
reserve a seat and take a seat and goes to the class okay it’s a free class take
advantage of it a coverages and details on how we do
that online and it’s the same things that I use model in my businesses and I
think you’re going to find it useful in the digital especially in the digital
age everyone is coming from TV from traditional radio marketing tactics to
the internet so it’s getting overpriced but those that lead the wave will always
win okay you don’t want to be left behind that’s why I created a class
again is at all that talk comm slash mastermind
that’s Ola tus com+ mastermind thank you so much give me a thumbs up subscribe to
the channel if you want more videos like this if you enjoying this you can apply
this concept in any business honestly and reserve your seats and I’ll see you
on the inside I know

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