Rep Williams blasts Bernie’s socialist policies: Capitalism is the answer

Rep Williams blasts Bernie’s socialist policies: Capitalism is the answer


  1. Her Name is Akane says:

    Socialist, Communist. The only difference is the spelling.

  2. Larry Sokau says:

    Personally, Socialism produces limited Food Ration Cards to Supporters but its leaders live off Capitalism.

  3. ronald tanner says:

    Comrade 👹Sanders pledges "Free Cuban cigars for everyone!"

  4. impala tmech81 says:

    The only way Bernie is gonna be pres. is if God appoints him! and that just ain't gonna happen!

  5. kingdom7 says:

    CAPITALISM is about absolute CORRUPTION. Plenty of our people living in, camping tents on the streets of many cities, across USA. Our economy through Wall Street is, right now : in negative interest rate. Nothing to glorify CAPITALISM. Our economy belongs to , the 1% ( wealthy people ).

  6. Jenn Faire says:

    Bernie is just an old communist from the 1970s along with his buddy Noam chomsky.

  7. Cleopatra Anu says:

    Buttegieg is a Socialist too. The Socialist State devours itself. It only serves its Elites. Capitalism gives our tax money to fund good programs for the benefit of the people. The Nanny State feeds on itself till nothing remains and all are on anti depressants.

  8. Kasthoorie Pollmeier says:

    Whose worse – Bloomberg admitting he BOUGHT 21 SEATS & PELOSI & THE HOUSE = CAPITALISM OR 1% SOCIALIST BERNIE ???????????

  9. Pablo Koinonia says:

    Capitalism was a word coined by leftists to point out problems with the free market, and Bernie is doing just that: young people cannot get into capital (usually means property). Stupid conservatives use the word without addressing the problems it implies.

  10. musterseeds says:

    only fool fall for FREEE STUFFS FOR ALL….want free stuff go China.

  11. Jesse Kulbacki says:

    I wouldn't worry about Sleepy Joe.  He said he is running for a senate seat.

  12. Coffy Mix says:

    The democratic party once the party of John F Kennedy, who put a man in the moon
    has now degenerated into a socialist/communist regime with Bernie Sanders at the forefront
    who have put a man in the women's restroom and believes that and unborn child has no rights unless they entered into the country illegally

  13. billyjaco652 says:

    the whole democratic party are socialists which we Americans don't want government telling me what is and isnt good for me.or my children.also i have great grandparents and other family that have died for our country and they went to war to keep our freedom our family s safe,they did not fight for socialism nor communism.they fought against this sort of thinking and way of life that does not work.

  14. Gary Nicks says:

    Bernie is a few Loaves of bread short of a sandwich

  15. Kathleen Sidwells says:

    Cap. is for the rich.Not for all.

  16. Mickey Andres says:

    The democrats are a laughingstock!

  17. M Ppp says:

    I am worried about Biden's mental stability. I feel sorry for his condition and I hope he finds rest in one of our fine penal institutions regarding his list of bribes while in public office.

  18. Paul H says:

    "My party is very interested in deficits when there is a Democrat in the White House. The worst thing in the whole world is deficits when Barack Obama was the president. Then Donald Trump became president, and we're a lot less interested as a party."
    — Mick Mulvaney, Office of Management and Budget Director, February 19, 2020.

    Mick Mulvaney said Republicans were "evolving" on the matter since Trump took office in 2017. Here is the federal deficit in the last five fiscal years:

    2015: $442 billion
    2016: $584 billion 
    2017: $665 billion
    2018: $779 billion
    2019: $984 billion

    During the Obama presidency, Republicans argued it was critical to curtail the level of federal spending to safeguard the nation's economic future.

  19. guy laurent says:

    Amazing how many people can be convinced that Socialism will improve their lives, just with the word FREE
    there's nothing free in life, where will the money will come from when the rich leave ???? your pockets.

  20. Alexander Franke says:

    Joe had half of his brain removed back in 1997, true no joke. They had to remove large portion which had "died" or so they reported 25 years ago.

  21. Jane D says:

    There needs to be an upper limit on age for president as well as a lower limit. All the folks I know over 75 have to sleep 80% of the time and can't think quickly.
    Look how slow all though codgers were on stage. not one of them was quick enough to call bloomberg out on "buying" congress or biden saying 150,000,000 gun deaths in the last 12 years.
    go to any nursing home at mealtime and you will see a reenactment of this debate. Flailing arms, pounding, screaming…
    They are too old and too slow. I am a senior citizen, so I know from whence I speak.

  22. chris barbera says:

    Pete is another Manchurian agent, just like Obama! This man is extremely dangerous!

  23. munyumba mutwale says:

    Socialism is a Godless ideology and through the removal of God socialism has managed to grow especially in this generation. Capitalism works best and is the most attractive to Religious family structured people. The Values of religion are important to Capitalism and we have made the mistake of separating God and state and thinking Capitalism would survive.

    Liberals have played a long game and discouraged young people from getting married and starting families through extended education and a femiminst movement that has become Anti-Men. Simply because they know that Married Adults with Children are very averse to tax hikes. In order to increase to make capitalism more attractive you need young people to be encouraged to get married and start having kids (increased both marital and fertility rates simultaneously) and thus you will have more people who are for lower taxes and therefore in favour of capitalism. That is why the Church is important to Free Market Conservative Capitalism.

  24. Dee Weyant says:

    You have liberty and freedom so keep the excellent leader you already have .. 🇺🇸

  25. Steve Barnes says:

    Lol you Americans… European countries have been electing democratic Socialist governments in and out for 100 years+… I'm not a socialist btw… but you really ought to be abe to tell the difference between the Comunist USSR, and the often demcratically elected socialist governments of Scandanavian countries (who are richer than Americans by GDP per capita)…

  26. Rowdy says:

    Socialist Communist Bernie has turn into a Mad Sick Politician. His obsession to turn the United States Of America into Socialist Country should scare the HELL out of everyone who believes in America and the American way of life to be a FREE PEOPLE from Government Control.

  27. Rowdy says:

    How many people are willing to make a deal with the Devil to give up their Freedom to get Free Stuff.??? Don't forget the Government Force Labor Camps that will be set up across the Country. IF by chance Socialist Communist Bernie is elected he will become America's first Dictator.

  28. Jim Pettinato says:

    The stock market is feeling the Bern

  29. may wilson says:


  30. Praha Mama says:

    Dont Believe Budeggich .. He is hard Core communes Typical Watter- Melon, One hit And the Red communist Brain Is Visible …..thats Thirst For We The peoples Blood

  31. BIG BEN says:

    Bernie is a crazy old fool !

  32. Antonio Bocanegra says:

    Big business are scared because no more free ride on taxes they have to pay like the every day working man or woman😱

  33. Aren't I Adorable says:

    Hey, Bernie…you just lost Florida!

  34. Shirley Anderson says:

    Bernie is a nut case, kick him out of are county, WE THE PEPLOE are the boss not you liners, thief’s.

  35. Reasonable says:

    Drip Bernie off in Venezuela and don't allow him back.

  36. Osafo D'Zulu says:

    Black people love Bernie

  37. Berny Sutton says:

    bernie for president 2020

  38. K Ham says:

    What are Bernie’s squad going to do when they realize he is full of lies and none of his BS will be passed,,,

  39. Lew Mark says:

    B. S. is a Marxist. Way worse. Look it up.

  40. Sammi Previtera says:

    Bernie should consider stepping down before it's too late and Biden say no more

  41. Ramesses O. Reagan says:

    If capitalism sets in when you hit 30 and realize you've got a family and responsibilities that you need to earn more and save more for, then socialism kicks-in when you hit 30 (or even 40) and realize that you've let all of your opportunities get away and you are doomed to be a loser who can't even support himself.

    Socialism is a loser's dream, unequivocally.

  42. Harry Kuheim says:

    Bernie failed at being a Hippie then left his commune in Vermont and ended up in Politics.

  43. waiotahi52 says:

    Democratic socialism was the compact between government, business and citizenry that built all of Americas infrastructure between 1930 and 1980.
    Your schooling from elementary to high school, fire Dept.,Police Dept.,libraries, roads,street lights,water treatment, dams,levees, airports,highway systems,army, navy, air force, marines, Post Office garbage, court house, FDA,OSHA,CDC, snow plows, street sweepers electrical grid- all of that was American tax dollars used by the Gov. to contract businesses to hire Americans to make America a powerhouse. The American dream was built on Democratic Socialism. Unfettered capitalism is destroying it.

  44. wenette hamilton says:

    Everyone has got to vote and stop the socialist agenda in every case.

  45. wenette hamilton says:

    Teach math to people. Quit waamens studys and teach truth, history math and real science. Our colleges have done this to us. Dont send your kids to them anymore.

  46. Todd Austin says:

    People need to wake up from the Bernie Sanders scam .

  47. Yolanda Miranda says:

    BERNIE BURNED AN AMERICAN FLAG celebrating Comunism with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua 1986

  48. XWriter100 says:

    We need voter I.D. The democrats are openly campaigning to undocumented immigrants and they are promising them freebees just like they are to millennials with the free college etc. They can't win without the illegal votes. Trump MUST pass voter ID laws and stop states from giving drivers licenses to undocumented people.

  49. j d says:

    Biden is an aneurism..
    Bernie is an idiot..
    Democrats should all move to Venezuela or Cuba where they will be happy starving & suffering…

  50. John Pettibone says:

    Every Democrat has brain damage.

  51. Walter Knight says:

    Sanders is proud of how the Dictator of a socialist communist Cuba, Castro, taught a few students to read. When I was in grade school, I was taught to duck and cover.

    Duck and cover was when we got under our desk and covered our heads. We were taught this because of the nuclear threat imposed by the Soviet Union and Castro’s Cuba.

    Bernie Sanders wants to emulate this same Castro’s reading program. He wants our children to be good little socialist and even communist.

    Our greatest threat then was the USSR, and Castro’s Cuba. Our greatest threat today, is from within.

  52. Steve Lujan says:

    They're trying to trick all you young people don't fall for that cuz then you'll regret it later on so open your eyes and use your brains

  53. doina fred says:

    It is sad that Bernie does not believe everything what he says! He is a HUGE lyer ! He chests on all his followers! Sad that He = the multimillionaire only now at 80 years old he realize people don't have ," that…and that…and that….now when the America has 23 trillions on debt !!!! Now! Sanders is a huge lyer.

  54. Donald Cameron says:

    Bernie – National Socialist Workers' Party

  55. Dr M says:

    Bernie is so insane and look at all these morons who follow him it just shows how ignorant people in this country are, its scary what MORONS.

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