Playing immature games at work – Staring Contest

Playing immature games at work – Staring Contest

Rowan – I’m not going to engage in a staring contest with you. I’m not. I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m an adult You’re an adult okay? this isn’t a playground. This is work. So… I’m just gonna get back to it. I’m not! I’m not going to do it I’m better than that I am! I’m better than that I am not going to stoop to your level So, you can just… Stay there and keep staring. I’m not going to engage. nope… damn it see… Hang on I need to blink that was seamless That was seamless. I doubt people will notice you went past me there.


  1. Co P says:

    stares at comments channel unnervingly until a staring contest starts

  2. American Crusader says:

    I bet you the viewer blinked during the video.

  3. The Song says:

    I hope you all realize the fact you end most of your videos by talking about donating to Patreon and such is the primary reason why I don't do that. If you want our money, don't ask for it.

  4. Hanz Schmidt says:

    The computer just has the wallpaper on it, he wasnt working…….

  5. Saberwing says:

    My eyes were open the whole time during the video

  6. An Sa says:

    wtf is wrong with the views. Bored is the best VLDL product

  7. Arthur Morgan says:

    Can you blink in a staring contest?

  8. Grant W says:

    I…I did it…I watched all of the BORED series…what do I do now?

  9. Logic Monkey says:

    rOhan looked like he was playing pocket pull and wasn't even a contest

  10. Vuk Citic says:

    And the legend says that the Rowan still didnt blinked and goes around the world and challenge everybody and he didnt blinked even after a challenge at all!!!

  11. decent says:

    Just binhed from ep 2(couldn't find ep 1) and fuuuuuuck every episode had me going to the comments just trying to find the ones viva commented on I love you guys so much!

  12. MRfluse87 says:

    Rowan is in the new episodes such a dumbass to alan.
    The older episodes who rowan and alan was budies was soooo much better.

    Plz excuse my english.

  13. Bruno Braga says:

    Fair warning to Alan: that beard forces me to picture you nakes

  14. Seathasky says:

    Whens the next Bored episode 🙁

  15. Rueful Rue says:

    finished all the episodes in 3 days, now I need to get back to my homework… oh fuck.

  16. stavik96 says:

    This reminds me of when I was younger and went to school and in the middle of class I notice someone staring at me. You try and ignore it but every 5-10 seconds you can't stop yourself from glancing in their direction to see if they're still staring. You realize they're in fact staring at you and you look away again, you can feel your face becoming more and more warm, you try your best to ignore it but you look again, they still look directly at you and can easily see that you're uncomfortable, you look away again but find yourself looking at them every couple of seconds, your face is now very warm. In the end the person laughs a bit and stops, having had their fun.

  17. part1r0ck says:

    Damn, I just watched the whole playlist in two days 😅

  18. Crimson Dragon says:

    so..I just binged all the episodes….till one night..why did i do it? I dont know..i wanted sleep..but..oh well.. anyways keep up the great work. love the channel

  19. Kuro Yuki says:

    The most intense contest since the beginning of time

  20. theovertaker40 says:

    Sh°t, i watched them all!? In a week, cant believe i never noticed this channel before.

    How often do theycome out?

  21. rickenbacker40011 says:

    I love the shit out of this video

  22. TheOlondo says:

    Binge complete…

  23. Hal Morrison says:

    top notch

  24. Hồ Lê Bảo Duy says:


  25. Proton _ says:

    I want someone who stares at me like Rowan stares at Alan.

  26. Testsubject276 says:


  27. Cult Crow says:

    How do you people manage to look so Australian? It's weird.

  28. Captain Wrecksss says:

    Anyone know what the music playing at 1:02 is? Or is it original music made by VLDL?

  29. OM Kr says:

    From INDIA I love to play this game since my nursery class
    I cannot say how funny it is.
    Not me also I showed this to my whole family. it's amazing

  30. AdamW101 says:

    I feel like the Metal Gear Solid 2 theme would have been perfect to use at 1:03.

  31. Bokks87 says:

    I'm undefeated at staring contests, but Rowan legit looks like a worthy opponent

  32. Tim Nkl says:

    I think I need to go to VLDL rehab

  33. Jiří Dušek says:

    so what are the rules? not looking away. that cant be that hard

  34. Deither Dwight Bargamento says:

    What's the name of the music when the staring starts?

  35. Slabaful says:

    whats the music at 1:04 ?

  36. Kristopher Hilton says:

    Lmfao Jesus I love Rowan

  37. FodSpeed says:

    I beat both of them, and I'm still going!!! 😂

  38. crayz1978 says:

    I blinked 187 times whilst watching this 🤣

  39. Reece Taylor says:

    Rowan's got the "you're a girl" face

  40. Sçøtt Sállëy says:

    Give Alan the white shirt back!

  41. Blake Stormcrow says:

    The most action packed staring competition I've ever laid eyes on!

  42. MondoJohnny says:

    Rowan's peerless leer.

  43. Jonny Tee says:


  44. Skodz Gaming says:

    I've done it! It was less intense though.

  45. Steve Alferenc says:

    Rowen is at daddy level

  46. Hatebreeder 99 says:

    "Blink impulse off the scale and video amazing"

  47. laughthis138 says:

    One day they’ll skip the eye staring and negative comments and goes straight to sex

  48. Aymeric Daniel says:

    1:20 my face when i cum.

  49. Treajean Taumbo says:

    Did you know, people with lower iq can stare for longer periods of time aaand did you SEE how long this guy Rowan stared for???? Not surprising in any way, just wanted to point it out 😁

  50. Busy Business says:

    1:02 wow that capture is awesome and the background music just nailed it.

  51. wali raza says:

    Anyone else notice alan looks really weak

  52. AchmodinIV SWE says:

    You can’t resist a staring contest

  53. Marcus Nordberg says:

    Love the fact that he ends it by saying "see".

  54. Millin Akash says:

    This whole thing felt vissually aggressively romantic/erotic

  55. Felikkse Glodstenbourg says:

    Good day for staring aint it. Huh hah!

  56. Calvin Wells says:

    Get u someone the way Rowan stares at Alan



  58. Baris Cankaya says:

    Yesss! Finally. thank god i haven't seen a rowan joke about this one….YET… its my turn now!
    'Mornin! Nice day for staring ain't it? Huh hah!

  59. Lupin823 says:

    …so you chose to get weird..

  60. Ali_AhmeddIQ says:

    Y am I Watching this?

  61. Ikmalreza 1998 says:

    Rowan is a natural at this.

  62. TheBuakao says:

    My eyes dried out watching this

  63. FED FED says:

    One of your best BORED imo

  64. KiranK28 says:

    Lol this is one of my favorites in the series

  65. Moritz McIntyre says:

    Rowan just too strong 💪🏻

  66. IamJigle says:

    1:20 dumbledore when harry made him drink the water in the half blood prince

  67. Ask Drew says:

    White. Shirt. Alan.

  68. G H says:

    Rowan looks like a Murlock, I just noticed. Tell me i'm wrong? WRRRGGGGLLLRLLRLRLRLR

  69. The White Jarl - Chosen of Odin says:

    Haha f* Sake Rowand Looks Funny 😂

  70. Feb Willard Morabe says:

    Is just noticed that Rowan looks like Sam Smith 😂

  71. Akshay Prashant says:

    Why the hell didn't Alan punch Rowan? I'm infuriated!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  72. fradkiller says:

    Rowan looked like he was about to skin somone xD

  73. Mini Movies says:

    One of my colleagues used to do this.relatable

  74. Antsy Just Antsy says:

    Rowan looks straight up crazy this whole video lmao… I guess I'm implying theres a time he doesn't look crazy?

  75. Joe Henson says:

    I won! Boom!!!

  76. #theofficial_ kami says:

    They always forget who's the manager here because Rowan is too immature most of the time xD

  77. Harr Fast Productions says:

    You guys have some beautiful eyes, just saying.

  78. erictsang3 says:

    I've figured it out. Rowan is birdbox.

  79. shinkueagle says:

    You got it wrong!!!!


  80. David Jimenez says:


  81. Hermes Balbo says:

    I love Rowan 😂😂😂😂😂

  82. Χάι Ντεφινίσιον says:

    Who else didnt blink until the end of the video

  83. somethingsomethingDarkSide says:

    Just by the eyes it's like Rowan is raping Alan.

  84. Hugo Stieglitz says:

    Rowan is voll dat fisheye

  85. Amy Tanabe says:

    Rowan's face! So good!

  86. Nokturnal ASMR says:


  87. Jake says:

    It's interesting how there are all these social dominance games that amount to "being bad at basic body functions" like blinking and flinching

  88. stupid universe 731C says:

    Is this part of bored? Or am I missing something?

  89. poponachtschnecke says:

    I feel like I know what Rowan's "oh" face looks like from below now.

  90. m sharp says:

    With a beard that manly, how can britt resist….

  91. E. Wesley says:

    That’s a pretty mature game to me

  92. Utpal Kumar says:

    Rowan expressions are so much creepy than I think.

  93. 0mniSlash 20 says:

    Im not playing .. I'm not playing…. I'm not playing…. I'm not—.. 👀👁️👁️

  94. Erik Gödel says:

    -What are we?
    -WHat are we?
    -WHAT are we?
    -We are staring contestants.
    -SOOOO leeeeets STARE!!!

  95. Kyle Sanchez says:

    Rowan is quite evil isnt he

  96. Molly9941 says:

    I once had a staring contest with a lemon

  97. David Schneider says:

    Help me , I can’t stop binge watching…

  98. Young says:

    Why isn't there an anime about staring contests yet? …oh right they never blink

  99. im SANAholic says:


  100. Jordy says:

    in real life Rowan lost.

    in scenes. Rowan win. big different.

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