Nuke the ENTERPRISE in Minecraft – Bad History College

Nuke the ENTERPRISE in Minecraft – Bad History College

The Enterprise Was Nuked: Toyguy Bad History
Class Class, pay attention. Pay attention! The Enterprise was 73 meters longer than the
Titanic. Woah dude, amazing! The Enterprise. The Enterprise was the world’s first nuclear
powered aircraft carrier. Nuclear did you say? Nuclear? Dude! Stop talking! At 342 meters long, she is the world’s longest
naval vessel ever built. Yea! The Enterprise entered service in January
12th, 1962. And was officially decommissioned on February
3rd, 2017, after over 55 years of service. That’s not how it happened, I was there! It was another rough day at high seas, doing
my duties as the only crew member of the air carrier. That morning we had 3 bombers on deck. We? You just said you were the only one! Shh! Chill! You’re a complete liar. Those bombers weren’t even invented yet! Shut it! I’m a demolition expert! That was a top secret mission, dude! Those big birds were highly confidential. Tell us more, tell us more! Let me go on, I got distracted. I got called from the bridge. It was the crazy chief officer! Do this, do that. Suddenly: ALARM ALARM! Radiological alarm! I tried to defuse it, but it was too late. One of the bombers burst into flames, and
all the nukes on deck chain reacted! No, I don’t believe you! He’s lying! Tell us more! Shh! Chill dude! I’m trying to daydream! No you wont, tell us more! And the Enterprise got rekt. You’re fake! The Enterprise.. 94781 ton displacement Chill dude, that’s how it happened! Stop talking! Ranked her as the twelfth heaviest carrier You’re lying! And had a crew of some 4600 service members. What if what really happened was… Toyguy! Do dis do dat! Oh no! It’s the crazy chief again! Toyguy! Do dis do dat! Do dis! Do dat! Do this do that he said! Toyguy. Do dis do dat. Yeah yeah yeah chillax dude! Toyguy hurry up! I want all the deck mopped by 2300. But it’s gonna take me days! This is bigger than a stadium! Do as I say and start mopping the whole deck,
or you will be court martialled. Dude chill, I need to secure the nuclear rods! I needed to secure the payload, because a
perfect storm was coming. I ran, but slipped on the soapy deck, and
dropped the nuclear warheads. Oops! I dropped the warheads! And it chain reacted. Woah dude! Toyguy! Do dis do dat! Alright boss, the deck is clean! Nuclear clean! I can’t believe this! You’re clearly lying! What?! I’m telling the truth! Get lost! Let me space out! Tell us more! No go. Mr Toyguy! Are you indicating a cover up! Sure professor! Hmm. I knew it! It’s a conspiracy! Dude, I can’t believe this, amazing! Am I dreaming again? Tell us more! Big thanks to the map creators! The credits and download link are below, in
the video description. If you guys have any other map in mind to
nuke, please tell us in the comments! And remember to leave a like! We love making videos, sub dude! Sub sub sub. Drink some Lord Vertice Lemonade! Goodbye, Toyguy out. This is not safe. Rival Rebels


  1. Pilot Paw Patrol says:

    First and nice video

  2. Hess Leo says:


  3. Crystal Princess says:


  4. The Blu engineer1244 says:

    the uss enterprise was come in ww2 but in modern its have jets

  5. Diana Grell says:

    Nuke the Starship Enterprise

  6. vovochen says:

    There is a GIANTIC Bunker complex wich a huge and will build german military base. It has everything anyone could imagine, and I bet a couple of people worked years on it.
    Response and ill give u the link.

  7. What game to play ? says:

    Enterprice is no more

  8. Robot Owl says:

    What's next, the starship enterprise?

  9. SHQIP Your Bleach says:

    Halifax explosion, but not by a ship full of explosive, but a ship full with nukes!

  10. Mr. Kurczak says:

    Detonate Eifel Tower Or Nagasaki.

  11. Crystal Princess says:

    Rival Rebels is my favorite mod

  12. Rex Fury says:


  13. FR4GM3N says:

    Nice video! I have 1 suggestion.
    Can you create a nuclear bomb called Thundercaller ?

  14. Shimmering Blaze says:

    So many conspiracies all around, what could possibly be next?

  15. Gamma36 says:

    You should create a supernova nuke

  16. CoDKid300 / Zachery Lord says:

    Can You Add A EMP Nuke In the Rival Rebels Mod

  17. here Elaine says:

    I hope this mod can play at mcpe

  18. Bailey W says:

    why not the nimitz or gerald r ford the toughest carriers in the world

  19. The Edgy Guest says:

    0:50 oh no i was play atlantic fleet

  20. Bailey W says:

    toy guy thats terrible history b-2 bombers were not on any aircraft carrier EVER and Enterprise is decomissioned RIGHT NOW so you can see it

    edit: IT WAS NOT SUNK

  21. Oliwier Lisewski says:

    This is uss nimitz

  22. Bailey W says:

    make drivable b-2s or you can control the plane but you fly from the bomb bay and you drop where you want not where the b-2 drops itself

  23. Tower and Jake says:

    Toyguy 😀

  24. jim skywaker says:

    Aircraft carriers don’t have the ability to carry b2 bombers

  25. Bruno Gamer says:

    Hmm the new enterprise dude

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