Newest 49er Emmanuel Sanders talks post trade

Newest 49er Emmanuel Sanders talks post trade


  1. Oscar Ch says:

    It’s sad to see Emanuel in a different teams uniform but he is happy now and that is the only thing that maters I heard he was being unhappy with the broncos and I don’t blame him good Luck Emanuel u will always have a pice of broncos heart !! Thank you for everything!!! Good luck in San Fran !!! 💙🧡💙🧡

  2. Lionxheart says:

    Welcome to the Bay!

  3. Rex Warren says:

    I cant wait to see him play good move dam goo reciever

  4. Rex Warren says:

    This guy can get open gimmy needs this guy cant wait

  5. Steven Brown says:

    Glad to have you! 😀

  6. Joe Hahn says:

    Welcome Emmanuel Sanders. Let’s go get that ring 👍👍👍👍👍. Go niners

  7. 49ers empire!!!!! says:

    He kinda look like AB

  8. 49ers empire!!!!! says:

    Dude is a beast at route running and has hella hands

  9. Mayhem Jr. says:

    Welcome to the Niners Emmanuel

  10. Joseph Kelly says:

    He went from 1-6 to 6-0 asap

  11. Sac Kings says:

    Yooo Sanders welcome to the family

  12. Unrealistic Expectations says:

    Welcome To The Niner Nation #17. We are glad to have you and to support you throughout every up and down the team goes through!


    Another weapon to the all ready dangerous 49ers ohhhhhh weee

  14. Jacob Boyle says:

    He look so happy to be on a winning team now😀😀

  15. Just My Opinion says:

    Welcome to the fam! #faithful4lif9

  16. Celestial Scripture says:

    The veritable missing piece has now been found.

  17. Steve Butabi says:

    Sorry ya'll, im white, married and a father of 2. Can someone tell me what Easies are?

  18. Ray jr says:

    Welcome Mr Sanders.. Let's go Niners,.

  19. Brian Ritzpatrick says:

    Niners trade for Lamar Jackson

  20. Yahya El Abdullah Ali says:

    Our version of an Antonio Brown-esque talent

  21. Travis Rehder says:

    Yea 49ners going to a NFC championship game

  22. James Medina says:

    If I was the GM Sanders would have retired a Bronco.

  23. Ra Isis says:

    We Love n blesss! Empire Rebirth time!

  24. joshua Uribe says:

    Perfect fit for sanders, weed is legal here too! Sanders sounds lit asf 🔥 anyways stoked to have him on the team

  25. Prod. LilBat says:

    He look way better in red ❤️❤️‼️

  26. Bruce Wayne says:

    The 49ers going to win the Super Bowl for sure now, fucking guarantee baby!!!

  27. Erik Schultz says:

    I love how they just gave up on the subtitles just 50 seconds in. Haha

  28. Erik Schultz says:

    The 49ers and Patriots are savagely loading up, man. I’m starting to smell a war of the unbeatens for the super bowl.

  29. Ziggy says:

    We love you Emmanuel! Know you're gonna miss the Broncos but we're so proud to have you on the roster, brother. Know you're gonna thrive, man.

  30. Fernando Obregon says:

    Dam hes quick you can see the quality of reciever he is jimmy is gonna feel the difference with sanders on tge field

  31. Shanda Golden says:

    is it just me does he have #10 on his beard

  32. Shanda Golden says:

    loike if u see 10 on his beard

  33. Jason Walsh says:

    I can feel it.. coming in the air tonight… hold on!!!! 😊

  34. James Humphries says:

    Welcome aboard faithful ! 💪🏾 #9erGang !!!

  35. Rob Gaines says:

    It's great to have you, Emmanuel on the roster! You're a GREAT addition to provide leadership, attitude & work ethic to the Niners!

  36. Mr. Chance says:

    John elway is stupid

  37. Scott Broyles says:

    Excited to see if this move lights a fire under the other 49ers receivers.

  38. SACKFRAN6CO says:

    Welcome to the Empire, Fam! #DoWork

  39. Christopher Fullmer says:

    Welcome to the San Fran Emanuel

  40. mayhemlolz says:

    The niners jus got their last infinity stone 😈

  41. 49armbar says:

    Jimmy's ball placement/and emanuels route running is gonna make Emanuel a sure fire weapon. Welcome aboard the quest for 6

  42. Anthony Hunter says:

    The other WR’s will benefit from his presence and experience… offense will be on another level….. go get your popcorn………….

  43. Uce_AI_Muli says:

    Lets get it.

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