My Online Business Ideas – How To Build A Successful Internet Business

hey how’s it going Aaron Chen here hope
you’re well if you’re watching this video right now then you’re looking for
some online business ideas okay so you want to build a business online you
don’t really know what the options are over the next couple of minutes I’m
gonna share with you four or five different business models that you can
potentially build on the internet okay my name is Aaron Chen I’m an online
entrepreneur been online for nine years eight of those nine years I failed
miserably until I really figured out you know what I was doing over the last year
I’ve generated over a thousand sales in my business and I want to share with you
exactly how I did that and one of some of your options when it comes to online
business okay so let’s talk a little bit about some online business ideas okay
I’m just gonna kind of run through a four or five right and I’m gonna talk
about what you know some of the advantages are and what are some of the
disadvantages with some of these business models so the first business
model really is ecommerce right ecommerce is really really hot right now
you know if you’re watching this video its 2017 coming towards the end of 2017
even in 2018 ecommerce is gonna be very very popular it’s just one of those
things where there are some very very good programs like Shopify and that’s
why it’s become very very popular the problem with e-commerce is actually like
a few other business models that I’ll talk about in a second it’s very
competitive because everyone is starting to do it now it’s a it’s a hot it’s a
trending you know online business skill set so a lot of people are doing it
right now and because a lot of people are doing it when you go on Facebook and
you know Google and stuff like that whenever you see ads for them a lot of
these guys are selling ecommerce products right they’re building some
sort of e-commerce store but the problem even though it’s very good if you can
figure it out the problem with e-commerce is that if
you don’t do it in a very specific way you’re gonna waste a lot of money on on
buying traffic you’re not gonna get the conversions that you want you’re not
gonna get a return on investment or ROI I like to talk about ROI right and so it
can be a very very complicated business model if you don’t know what you’re
doing okay so ecommerce is definitely something for I would say an advanced
marketer so I would not recommend starting with e-commerce all even though
it can be a great strategy if you know what you’re doing okay so
that’s that’s the first option the second option is network marketing right
so what is network marketing and network marketing which is also known as MLM
multi-level marketing I’m sure you’ve heard of companies like Amway MonaVie
Herbalife right these are some of the biggest multi-level marketing companies
in the world you know it’s basically where the a lot of these companies might
have some sort of product and you know what you do to sell those products or
how you gain income is you recruit a lot of people into your downline as they
call it right usually you start with your friends and family and then you
move over to something else and you could traditionally it’s an offline
business model but like me when I first started nine years ago I moved onto the
internet because you can find a way to basically generate leads through the
internet and then you can turn your offline network marketing business into
an online network marketing business right and it’s really in theory it’s a
great business because if you can recruit a lot of people and the product
is very good you know your downline if it keeps building you can create
residual income or passive income in your business and life right but the
problem with network marketing is that you know it’s rarely the case and even
if you figure out how to market online really really well you’re still just
focusing on bringing people into your business and building your downline and
that’s a problem because if it’s not product focused what tends to happen is
a lot of these companies get shut down by the FTC or by by the government’s
right whether you live in the US or you know the UK or Asia it doesn’t matter
where you live mmm a lot of the time these guys are breaking the rules and
some of these companies don’t end up being around for you know more than 2 to
3 years you know I’ve been in I’ve been in for MLM companies and out of the four
two of them got shut down after just over a year okay so you know
yes companies like Amway and Herbalife are still around okay so that’s that’s
cool but if you just focus purely on recruitment recruiting you know people
into your downline it’s it’s it can be very very challenging right and you
don’t want to build a business where you don’t even know if it’s gonna be around
morale right so in you know you know technically speaking it’s kind of a good
business model but you know a long-term mmm it’s it’s a little bit you know so
so so I wouldn’t focus on network marketing but that is also an option
right for for building a business the third option I would say and a lot
of people talk about this is blogging right so when you think of an online
business a lot of people think of blogging and blogging is literally like
setting up your blog and you can use websites like WordPress or Wix WI XCOM
that’s very popular now Wix is basically a website where you can just go onto it
and you can set it up as drag-and-drop you don’t even need to you know learn
any code WordPress even though WordPress is a super stable
platform it’s a little bit more old-school and you have to learn a bit
of you know coding and stuff like that so you might need to hire someone to
build your blog but blogging essentially is when you build your own little blog
and usually you pick some sort of niche market to be in you know whether that is
weight loss or internet marketing or gardening you basically pick a topic
that that you’re very very passionate about and you start to write articles on
them okay and as you write articles and you focus on ranking that blog on Google
what happens is your articles will rank for particular keywords it will you know
show up on Google when people that do a search it would drive people back to
your blog and then once your blog starts to get lots of viewers and I’m talking
about like in the hundreds of thousands per month right then you can start to
monetize your blog by you know adding banner ads on the side or maybe you can
have guest people come on and and you know they can pay you for for writing a
guest article or you can generate leads and you know lead them to your own
product you can basically do whatever I mean if you have a website that has
thousands of people are thousands of eyeballs coming to your website every
single month you can find different ways to monetize your website right blogging
is great the problem with blogging is that because it’s so dependent on
ranking on Google and Google changes that algorithms all the time your
websites could be ranking today but tomorrow
bang everything’s just gone okay so that’s
why even though blogging you know again and it you know it sounds great and all
but you have to learn so much about such engine optimization it’s ridiculous and
because Google knows that everyone is trying to gain this system they’re
constantly changing that algorithm so you know you might be ranking today but
tomorrow all your articles are gone and your blog doesn’t even show up on on on
Google anymore and that happened to me okay which is why I stopped using that
strategy even though it you know if you do really well and you don’t mind
learning all the SEO stuff it can be pretty good and a lot of people do
blogging as well but again I think it’s pretty complicated okay so that’s
another another option in terms of building an online business ideas. okay
so what’s the last one right what am i doing well after all that time and you
know building on you know trying all these different business models
push-button software MLM top tier sales blogging you know doing all that I found
that the best thing for me was to go back to being as simple as possible
because I wanted to build a business where I wasn’t gonna get shut down or
you know you know it didn’t I didn’t want it to be super complicated I didn’t
wanna have to create a product because again you need a lot of lot of knowledge
before you can create a product that you can sell for yourself right so what I
settled with was affiliate marketing okay an affiliate marketing is basically
when you take a product that somebody else has created and then you resell it
to a group of people that are looking to solve a particular problem okay and you
could sell affiliate products on anything you can go to websites like
Clickbank or jvzoo and they’ve got thousands of products in every single
niche area that you can think of whether it’s whether it’s a product about love
weight loss getting six-pack ABS gardening you know Wine internet
marketing there’s so many different things that you can sell products on
right now the great thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s very
simple you just pick a product you sell it if you if you manage to sell it then
you earn a commission and usually the Commission is anywhere from 50% to a
hundred percent sometimes okay the problem with a fillip Marketing is that
on the outset it looks very very simple but in
for you to get conversions where you’ve got positive ROI it can be very very
complicated and that’s why it took me a very very long time to figure it out but
out of all the business models that I just spoke about it’s actually probably
the simplest online business you know online online business that you can
actually start right because all you have to do is focus on one thing and
that’s understanding and learning how to become a very very good internet
marketer that’s it okay you don’t have to do anything else you don’t have to
you don’t have to figure out how to you know create your own products you don’t
have to you know go to China and you know find some physical goods and then
you know fly it back to your home country you know to store it in your
garage you know you don’t have to you know learn how to set up an e-commerce
website you don’t have to recruit your friends and family it’s very very simple
you just have to learn how to become a very very good marketer okay
so that is the business that I decided to settle on right and these are some of
the business models that you can potentially try okay so let me know what
you thought in in the comments below you know have you tried any of this but
these business models before and if you are looking you know to spend a bit more
time with me and you want to learn how to become a very very good affiliate
marketer okay then all you have to do is click on the link right below this video
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and how you can copy it exactly for yourself if that’s what you want to do
okay so let me know what kind of value you got from this video today give me a
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hope you enjoyed this video today about online business ideas okay take care of
speak to you soon

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