Mnuchin breaks down Trump’s landmark China trade deal

Mnuchin breaks down Trump’s landmark China trade deal


  1. Alma Loretto says:

    If the Democrats wanted anything good for ordinary Americans, they'd be running on their plans. Instead of making life bearable for Americans, Democrats want us to be sure we have no right to resist their surrender to our enemies: They sold us out, now their lives depend upon delivery.

  2. Daniel Isaac says:

    Did he say he got the space force? Is that the official announcement?

  3. Katey2012able says:

    What is the binding "enforcement mechanism" and how will it work?

  4. Harry Davis says:

    Are you people kidding, wow!

  5. RHEC IGY6 says:

    Trump 2020. America is for the (RIGHT) minded people. All of you socialists can go ahead and leave now!!! Wich mostly is your elite hollywood, and a few of the ignorant blind people scattered throughout our country. We need to rise and clean them out!

  6. Aidan Daniels says:

    Kamala Harris could have taken out Mnuchin long ago. Instead he got a fine.

  7. rayleigh8 says:

    you know that the Chinese are not gonna honor the deal, right?. This is what they have done since the 90s, promise stuff and then continue with the cheating. I will vote for trump because he’s the only one to ever stand up to China. But if this trade deal is not a ploy by him to decouple from China then he’s just another fool. The only way to protect America is by decoupling from China now before it’s too late.

  8. Marcia Bradley says:

    Oh trump is just amazing, NOT

  9. SteveStevenson says:

    Level playing field

  10. Thyalwaysseek says:

    Mnuchin is nothing but an ex wall street maggot who sees the average American worker as nothing more than a useless eater. Trust this pitiful excuse for a man as far as you can kick him.

  11. fire works says:


  12. Alexandre Stiermon says:

    President Trump should have the possibility of a a third term in office.

  13. Howard Reagan says:

    Trump the best he's going to make America great again unlike that bum Obama

  14. Tim Bucks says:

    Mnuchin is an American hero.

  15. CthulhuSaves says:

    I like Dobbs, but to be fair, this was hardly "breaking down" the deal. It was mainly just Dobbs saying something was awesome, and Mnuchin saying, "Yep!"

  16. John Sharp says:

    Trump crushes globalism with these deals. Democrats are striking out against the US. Democrat corruption has been lining the pockets of democrat politicians. Now Trump must turn on prosecution of the corrupt Democratic Party.

  17. Artemis Pyle says:

    Munchkin hahahahahaha.

  18. Gary Sumlin says:

    45 best ever

  19. Azalea says:

    I'm sure the DEMS are opposed to Trump's changes to trade because they are taking kickbacks and bribes. He probably ruining their secret deals. They are always harping about taxes and income so they too need to be closely monitored as far as income streams being you don't get rich being a PUBLIC SERVANT. The Clintons were snakes in the grass masking all of their bribes and kickbacks by using their self created foundation trying to act huminatrian. Want a favor from Bill or HIllary, place an "anonymous" donation in their foundation for a few million and the Clintons would sign anything.

  20. pspicer777 says:

    A crisis that did not need to happen.

  21. Paul Slevin says:

    This minunchkin is part time at the treasury, his day job is money man for the Rothchilds. Trump fired him several times but was vetoed by the ratschildren, they didn't want to give up their money man at the treasury, their main slush fund is our tax money.

  22. David Haug says:

    Who should care about you Mnuchin? Mnuchin you ran a bank up a bit and then sold you're interest to a larger bank. So what!! You are an ingrate that has denied the country that gave you opportunity to be more. For those that suggest money is what makes them what they are and that big money should rule the world, You have a real problem. Boy's prop themselves up with money and position to look large. Men and women need no prop to be what they are. Self-esteem isn't how much money you have or the position you hold, Esteem is either in the person's make up from birth or not. Boyfriends have to make themselves up.

  23. ed maina says:

    Trump in 2020. Lets make Liberals cry again!!!!!!

  24. Pen or Sword which is greater says:

    🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸
    🇺🇸 America First!🇺🇸

  25. Victoria Trambley says:

    Dec 19, 2019: Unfortunately, President Trump will find it difficult to fight democrats who are feminists, witches and lesbians! Woe to the male population.

  26. Paul H says:

    Trump’s Phase 1 deal with China achieves none of the anti-piracy, anti-dumping, and anti-currency manipulation objectives that were stated as the reasons for imposing the tariffs and starting the trade war with China.

  27. Moto Guzzi says:

    LOL….what did you expect from a terrible president? Did you expect him NOT to do what he said would do?
    God bless our President Trump the best American president our country has seen.
    By the way….have you noticed that nobody wanted Steve Mnuchin to be the treasury secretary but NOBODY has come out to criticize a thing that he has said or done? The man rocks !!!!

  28. M Infanger says:


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