Microsoft and Google work together for customers on Android Enterprise

Microsoft and Google work together for customers on Android Enterprise

>>One of the biggest challenges that I see with customers on Android is they want to be able to confidently choose the device
manufacturer of their choice.>>There’s a huge diversity of
use case in the enterprise space. Android being on 2.5 billion
devices in the world.>>Customers want to
make sure that they have a consistent predictable experience no matter what device they choose.>>I’m Ian Marsanyi, I’m the product manager on the
Android Enterprise team.>>My name is Chris Baldwin. I’m a Program Manager on the
Microsoft endpoint manager team. Intune is Microsoft service
that allows IT admins to provide a secure and
productive experience no matter what kind of
platform they may choose.>>We know that customers have a huge diversity of
needs and use cases. I think where our partnership really kicks off is the EMM
program and trying to bring consistency to the customers as well as the Android
Management API, which is one of the areas investment that we’ve been making together for some time. That is a platform designed to help bring the best
experience to end users, the simplest set of
configurations to customers.>>One of the things where we see the most benefit is that it really
frees up our engineering teams. We’ve been able to focus
on that integration and easily enabling features
for these customers. For example, just
recently we released our Android fully
managed solution which enables a productivity
oriented experience for corporate owned Android devices. That was one of our most
successful preview program ever.>>It’s super important
to have the insights from this partnership and
from our ecosystem to understand how customers across the world want to use Android to
solve their business problems.>>Our customers want to have a great Microsoft 365 experience on whatever kind of
device they choose. This collaboration allows customers to have the productive
experience on Microsoft 365 while realizing the best
of Android at the same time.


  1. Rocksmith Buzz says:

    Super product and very easy to manage.

  2. Jonas Hofer says:

    Thank you Google and Microsoft for enabling us @Nomasis to manage whole fleets of Android devices for our customers

  3. Big Josh says:

    In my opinion, I hope that one day, Microsoft and Google will merge into one tech company. I'm both a Google and Microsoft fan😎😎😎. Long live Google and Microsoft!!!

    Ps I dont really care about facebook, apple and amazon that much😒

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