Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5: Security overview

Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5: Security overview

Data is your company’s most valuable
asset – by a long shot. At any given moment you should know what data is sensitive and be able to control access to it. In this new digital world where
devices and users roam free, it’s even more important to have smart,
adaptive security that doesn’t slow down productivity. The intelligent cloud offers an opportunity
to do security better. Cloud computing has fueled an intelligence revolution and keeps us connected like never before; so imagine if you could change
how your enterprise did security – sharing security signals worldwide and going on the offensive with advanced hunting capabilities. That would be a game-changer, wouldn’t it? For enterprise customers to embrace the
Microsoft productivity suite, there are significant gains to be realized in security. With Microsoft 365, guarding your
data as a valuable asset starts with a great user authentication experience, accessible from any location for any device. Access levels and how users are authenticated dynamically adjust based on user or device risk. Threat protection tools communicate with
each other to connect security signals across your entire digital footprint and
automate threat protection, investigation, and remediation – which makes life easier for your security operations team. With security built in, not bolt on,
integration and deployment are simplified, ultimately helping to reduce
the number of security vendors you manage. It even secures third party
platforms, apps, and services. Microsoft 365 provides complete, intelligent security that adapts to any modern workplace, delivering identity and access management,
information protection, threat protection, and security management. The digital wave has transformed the way you work; now it’s time to do security better. It’s time for Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5. When you’re ready to step up security, start a POC or a free trial, and see for yourself.

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  1. محمد حلمي says:

    I have a question please
    Is there any addition in Excel in the Enterprise E5
    For Pro Plus

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