Market Research and Business Intelligence

I went to university, and I graduated from
university and I was excited and was like “Great, now I get to actually work and do
things in the real world.” And I couldn’t get work, I couldn’t find a job anywhere.
So I realized I kind of had to go back to school, but to a college program that was
a bit more directed, focussed, and a bit more hands on. People were coming out of grad school
or with a university degree, whether it be arts, business, science, none of those programs
taught the fundamentals of our business. What the program does, is it really gives those
people with the ground knowledge and the experience and the maturity of a university degree, that
equips them with the skill set and the tools needed specifically to hit the ground running.
So we have a lot of courses where the program covers a lot of conceptual parts of market research,
but at the same time, every course has some sort of software or tool that the students
get to use and practice. Those software and tools are the tools that actually being used
in the industry as well. So when you leave this program, you not only have the conceptual
understanding of what really goes under designing and developing a research program, but you
also have the technical skill sets to actually execute the program. So a lot of industry
tools that we use in our internships and in the workplace, they were introduced to us
in our courses. Algonquin is very unique. I mean the Marketing Research and Business
Intelligence program is very unique in terms of the length of the program. I think it is
one of the strengths. The orientation, the approach that is has, which is very practical,
the size of the classes, the professors provided are also very helpful. That is why I believe
Algonquin is the best one. So it’s a pretty intense program, but it’s designed keeping
in mind the workload that you’ll be expecting in the industry as well. Doing work and putting
your time and energy into something that actually has a result on the other end of it. It’s
not just, sort of you know, theoretical work or ivory tower type of research or something.
That was really interesting and just a great experience for me to be able to do that. I
really liked how I felt that the instructors really cared about our success and the instructors
were really always there for us when we had questions about assignments, or even when
our internships if we had any questions. They felt very approachable in my opinion and I
really liked the hands on experience aspect. Doing surveys and developing questionnaires,
so what I learned at school is exactly what I am applying here at my internship.

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