[LIVE] Day Trading | Trading ROKU Stock to Buy ROKU Products

[LIVE] Day Trading | Trading ROKU Stock to Buy ROKU Products


  1. tyti1000 says:

    Nice one again. Congrat

  2. Cesar Betancourt says:

    You don't use any hot keys?

  3. Victor De smet says:

    that first entry could have hit a max loss in seconds.. could you explain how you saw the risk/reward on that trade?

  4. Pa Reh says:

    Green is green.

  5. Jules Winnfield says:

    Hi Clay! I'm 17 and I'm doing all I can to learn about the day trading industry, ideally I spend a year or two learning before jumping in and registering my own account with a broker. I was just wondering if you know of any good free learning resources? Maybe some that you've used previously? I've watched about 95% of your trading videos, and your beginner course here on YouTube is exceptional, so thank you for that 🙂

  6. Charles Bosque-Hamilton says:

    Why are you always posting old videos?

  7. VERDUCHI MAN says:

    That title haha!! It's like telling fart jokes while concurrently farting!!

  8. STOCKBOY7254 says:

    Clay nice video but why wouldn't you play directional options with calls and puts?

  9. STOCKBOY7254 says:

    Clay the green line is that support or the VWAP?

  10. Ben Jackson says:

    500 shares x ROKU @ 117$ = about 60,000$. This dude is using 60 Grand to make 75 bucks…trying to "catch" a double bottom. This garbage is riskier than going to Thailand without a condom.

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