[LIVE] Day Trading | How I Made $520 in Under 2 Minutes (Not Clickbait)

[LIVE] Day Trading | How I Made $520 in Under 2 Minutes (Not Clickbait)


  1. The channel says:

    First to it

  2. DrummerIan 19 says:

    Nice catch. Getting ready to open my Lightspeed account. Thanks for all of the videos I really appreciate it.

  3. Gandalf The Grey says:

    What's your percentage win rate with this style of trading? Just out of curiosity.

  4. Byron Greasley says:

    Great to watch your entries and exits.

  5. Marckus says:

    traded BNGO with a $90 profit with more capital i want to soon trade high cap stocks.

  6. Kal-El says:

    Looking forward to the webinar tonight, Clay. I really enjoy your videos, especially the way you build your positions and exit your trades. It's really a thing of beauty.

  7. Vinny vidi vici says:

    Awesome vid. What did you see with PYPL that you took that trade? You shorted correct?

  8. Jeff says:

    What is the name of the trading platform (software) you're using?

  9. FromQnz2King says:

    Fake Newz. Course pusher.

  10. Sahere Kearney says:

    Beautiful trade

  11. maxcomputerfix says:

    Using any solid stop loss at any percentage? πŸ™‚

  12. Death Rp says:

    K im fkin confused. U push on buy and u make money. Bruh

  13. neba akonwi says:

    plz can u trade forex?

  14. Samsuddoha Khondokar says:

    How much you invest in a particular trade

  15. Wallstreet Wolf says:

    I don't get why people criticize this guys style of trading. Yes he will take big losses trading this way… But with an extremely high win rate you will be overall profitable long term which is all that matters. Many ways to make money in the market.

  16. Aaron Burgess says:

    Just wonder how many shares will you take if it keeps going up and what's your OK time to bail plan

  17. Shaun Gomez says:

    Lots of money you’re playing with

  18. Brock Gaulton says:

    I lost 1200 in two days on tradezero. Emotions taught me a lesson.
    I don’t think anyone can avoid at least one or two big blow outs.

  19. dark light says:

    you used $50k to make 500, thats kind of risky right

  20. TheSteelcitysfinest says:

    For me it seems like 930am-1030am seems to work good the earlier the better. Anytime after that I end up giving my gains back to the market. Great trading on those

  21. Dawn2Dusk says:

    Hey Clay can I get advice from you on icomtech this has made it to my circle of friends. Caught my eye and I googled some stuff on it.. would appreciate your advice thanks

  22. Taylor Jones says:

    I know this is a condensed version of your live trades, but it is hard to gather what your thought process and reasoning for building a short position was aside from blindly hoping that price would pull back. If anything it seemed that you were bailed out by having a large amount of capital to fall back on and use to continue averaging your share price up. At one point you were short 1500 shares of Paypal and down $860, but where in your mind is the exit strategy? What is the risk to reward ratio? Or is there not one, but the plan is to just keep averaging up? Either way, you had to have a large amount of capital and/or access to margin to risk in order make this trade. Not only that, but if one is as haphazard as you portrayed yourself to be, they are destined to lose money in the long run.

  23. Mike R says:

    How can I do this?! Just finding out about stocks and really want to learn! I’m currently using Robinhood. Haven’t done anything on robinhood just downloaded it to get a feel for it

  24. 83DEMS says:

    Beautiful. I missed the live session today i was working. 😞

  25. Thigh Slapper 9 says:

    The strategy works for Clay, he can afford to see a -600 on his p&l ( supposedly )but if you're some poor fool paying a chat room to tell them their set ups, then maybe you cant afford to see a -500 or even a -100 in your p&l, the psychological scare of that sucks. Where are your classes on trading psychology and finding your own style of trading? Or is this a " pay me and I'll tell you my set ups" deal?

  26. Bald Bass Fishing says:

    Thanks bro

  27. Martin is god says:

    My strategy is simple. When a green bar becomes very erect I wait until it starts going flaccid then I penetrate the buyers with my sell orders.

  28. ALIREZA PQ says:

    What program are you using ?

  29. Ben Smith says:

    Must be nice to have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to make real money on a few pennies of difference in stock prices. Must be nice. Wish I knew how to actually get that kind of money in the first place. This video isn't so helpful for the vast majority of us who work for a living making just enough to pay the bills and and a six pack of beer. Please jut admit that you got lucky in your life and not everyone can do what you do, or there would actually be no market to scalp a few pennies from. Sorry, I'm just jealous. Like everyone else who watches this.

  30. rom n says:

    wow clay ur a beast, i been watchin ur weed updates but i had no idea u were jumpin in n outta 150k positions. that was sick, n i hate gettin shorted, but still sick lol

  31. Ahmad Salame says:

    If you bought 500 shares at 105.75 isnt that well over $52,000

  32. Blessing Robinson says:

    I am so confused.

  33. Benjamin Christlieb says:

    Good work πŸ‘

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