List Of 7 Internet Business Opportunities

List Of 7 Internet Business Opportunities

Whoo! Guys, we got 7 big internet
business opportunities. These are 7 different internet businesses you can
start. I just listed them all out. I’ve been working on the internet since 2012.
But making millions of dollars a year, Every single year without any employees.
I know my stuff. And we’re going to be talking about how you can start a
business doing basic tasks. How you can start a business doing freelancing,
translation, programming, ecommerce, affiliate marketing or be an influencer.
And I’m going to give you examples right here on my computer, showing you these
different sites where you can start the business that makes the most sense to
you. Let’s get it. What we’re going to be going over in this video is this… This is
a big list of different sites that you can actually make real money and start a
real business with online. Now, I’ve been running my business. Last month I made
over $690 dollars. That’s a joke I made over $690,000 in my business last month. And I’m going to show
you. I’ve been around the internet game for a little bit now. So, I’m going to show
you the best of the best sites where you can make money doing different things
online. So first, we’re going to start off with his basic tasks, okay? You don’t want
to think. You don’t want to spend any money. You don’t want to you don’t have
to learn how to do anything new. You don’t want to have to spend a lot of
time doing this. You just want to do a basic task and make money on the
internet, right? Well, here come over here little buddy. I’m going to show you a site
where you can do this at. So, the easiest place is just taking surveys. And the
main site to do this… I use this site.. I buy people’s time or I pay people money.
But this is a great site it’s called Amazon Mechanical Turk, okay? So, we see
right here Amazon M Turk, okay? And what that means is it’s just… I don’t know
what it means. But you can do all sorts of things. So look at these different…
There’s thousands of jobs on this site. And you
we’ll see text transcription. You have spot objects in image. Kitchen material
classification. So, let’s… Let’s look at one of these things. We have a reward for
ten cents right here. So, you can’t make a lot of money doing basic tasks. The
market for human basic human labor is anywhere from like two to five bucks an
hour, okay? Just to give you an idea. You’re not going to become a millionaire
doing this. But let’s… Let’s do a preview of this work. So, we can… So basically what
you’ll do is you will you you’re just selecting what the countertop material
is. So, you’ll select the countertop material, what describes the cabinet’s.
It’s it’s really basic tasks. Do you see that right here? Select the countertop
material. Select the best option to describe flooring material. Again, it’s
not going to take much thinking and you’re just going to go through images and you’re
just going to… You’re going to look at what everything is made out of. Really simple
work. You don’t get paid a lot of money for it. You get paid 10 cents but you do
get paid real money. Amazon’s a real company. You’ll get it and very easy. You
can do this no matter where in the world you’re from. And its really great. And
you’ll see this guy, Gregory Aponte has paid 25,000 people or
maybe 25,000 times for this one job. So, there’s a lot of jobs
available. People are spending lots of money on this platform. Look at this.
48,000 jobs. 22,000 thousand jobs.
5,000 jobs. There’s a lot of jobs available for basic tasks. But again, you
won’t make a lot of money. Okay, let’s go on to the next one on the list which is
freelancing. Now, this is something… I’m going to put a star next to this. This is
something that I did when I got started. When I was working a job back in 2012, I
used to… I used to be… I used to manage people’s ads so I used to manage
people’s Google ads or businesses Google ads. I was working for an ad agency. And
what I did was I went… I started freelancing and working for businesses
like not for the ad agency just working for businesses on my own. And companies
would pay me anywhere 250 to $1,000 a month to manage their
ads through a freelancing website. Now, the freelancing website I was using is
called So, we can see right here up work. Now, this is the site that I
was using that I was freelancing on or actually was Elance at the time. But they
got bought by upwork. And see you can hire freelancers. Make things happen. You
can also work as a freelancer. So, click how it works. And here you go. So you’d
say, if you’re freelancing, you click that. And then you can just click apply as a
freelancer. So, the different things you can do as a
freelancer generally speaking you need some sort of skill, okay? If you don’t
have a skill, sucks to be you. But you can do web development, mobile development
design, writing jobs, administrative support customer, service marketing,
accounting, etc. Now, let’s look at all categories. This gives you an idea of
what different stuff you can do. So, you know, animation, art, audio production,
video production, photography, logo design. You can do web research, data entry. Basic
stuff. But you will get paid more money than if you were on Amazon Mechanical
Turk, just doing a basic tasks. For the more skilled professions, you know, SEO,
data science, engineering… You know, legal stuff. You’ll get… You can get paid
a pretty significant amount of money. It’s not hard to make a full-time
living on this site. Especially if you have your own kind of service packages
above and beyond this. So, what I used to do is I used to take clients that were
paying me you know a couple hundred dollars a month and then I’d get more
business off of Elance or off of up work. So, I didn’t have to pay their fees and
I’d make more money doing this. From freelancing, I was able to make about
$5,000 per month whereas in the general job market, I
would probably get paid about $10,000 per month. So, you
generally speaking, you won’t get paid as much as you’re worth in the in the job
market that you won’t get paid the market rate. But you will be able to do
it on your own terms. You know, that’s good enough for
most people. Let’s go to translation. So number 3 is translation.. I’ve bought
a lot of translations online. And as you see on up work, you can order
translations from people as well. So see they have a whole translation category.
If you know a second language or if you know 2 languages, you can translate
stuff. So, you can easily just go on up work to translate stuff. The site I
actually use and would recommend is called
and see you have And if we scroll down to the bottom here, what
we’ll see… We’ll see it says freelancers. See that link? Okay? So we just click that
link. And it’ll give us information of how to join. It says earn money working
from home. Choose your own schedule. Choose your own products. Projects. Get
paid reliably and grow your career skills. And here’s how much you
can get paid, you know? So… And you can apply to become a Rev freelancer right
there. Rev is a pretty good program. I’ve spent about $50,000
translating… You know, I have my own educational programs that I offer
for sale. You can find them the link in the description. But I translated it into
10 different languages. I spent about $50,000 with to
do that. Now is obviously paying a bunch of freelancers. So, there’s…
There’s, you know, there’s money there and I’m testament to… I’m you know, I’m paying
them. I’m funding some people too.
Let’s go over programming. So, programming is something I don’t really know much
about. The business I run is a affiliate marketing. I’m basically selling other
people’s products and making commissions. And even though I need
websites, I use a website builder. So, I use something… So I don’t… I use what’s
called click funnels. So, I don’t actually have to program. But programming is
something that’s very in demand by a lot of people. And you can… You can make money
if you know program. Very complicated skill. But a site you can find jobs and
whatnot is, as I said before, you can use upwork. We see up work has a whole
section for development. So that’s a pretty…
That’s a pretty good choice. But once again, the problem with upwork for
programming is you’re gonna be competing against a very international audience.
Now, a site, if you are a programmer in the US for instance, I would suggest you
use a site called top tool. Now top tool only takes… Like, they do very hardcore
vetting of their programmers and they have a ton of tests and they have
interviews and stuff before they’ll even put you on the market to get a job. But
that being said, you know, they work with a lot of really big companies. You can
get paid a significant amount of money working through the top tool marketplace.
So, this as you see some of the companies they work with or Hewlett Packard. Airbnb,
Zendesk, thumbtack, Pfizer, NetApp. These are really
big companies that pay a lot of money. So you can work with those companies
through top tool. So, if you know program. And what’s great about programming is if
you’re just getting started online, one thing to understand about programming is
that it’s free to learn. Okay? It’s completely free on the internet to learn.
If you’re trying to learn how to make money, go learn programming first and
then come back and start learning how to make money. Programming is such a great
back up. Learning how to write computer code is just… It’s it’s very simple. It’s
very straightforward. You just go on the internet. You take some trainings.
Remember some stuff. Very easy place to get started especially if you’re young
and your brain is a sponge. There’s no reason you shouldn’t learn programming
if you want to make money on the internet. E-commerce,
okay? So, ecommerce is another business that I started. So, ecommerce. I actually
started with e-commerce back in college. I started selling on eBay in 2009. I was
selling a… I was selling used goods and what was really cool is I was able to
earn about $400 per week which was… Which actually ended up being
more than my monthly salary at the movie theater at the time. So, super cool to you
know, $400 when you’re in college and you don’t really have you
know many, expenses is like a total dream. It’s a lot of beer, okay? Just to
give you an idea. It’s like… It’s like 400 extra beers a week. If not… If not a few
more. I think we were getting like racks for like 30 racks. Yeah, it’s way it’s way
more than 400 beers. It I was really cool in college just because I had a little
extra money. So that’s super cool. Now, a site that.. Sites that you can start out
selling ecommerce items on. I already described to you one eBay. eBay. Millions
of people still use it. Even though it’s not the biggest site, there’s still money
being spent on eBay. So, you can… You can start a business selling stuff on eBay.
There’s people buying and selling stuff there. The other site… I don’t know if
you’ve heard of this one is called Amazon. And Amazon is obviously can sell
you know, it’s a huge site and you can sell products on Amazon. Now, if you want
to learn more about Amazon and what entails to start an Amazon business, you
can actually subscribe to my channel and I have a free course from one of my
friends about Amazon FBA. So, when you subscribe to my channel you’ll get my
free affiliate marketing course. But you’ll also get right here. How to start
an Amazon FBA business. And you can get a free course from my friend Tanner J Fox.
It’s a 4-part video series on how to sell on Amazon FBA. And he has a pretty
simple formula here. He kind of outlines his formula for finding products.
It’s pretty helpful. You can check that out. I’ll have my Filipinos post a link
in the description. Oh, and the third site is a… If you want to start a drop
shipping business. You can use Shopify. Starting a Shopify store drop shipping
from Aliexpress event doing Facebook Ads. I heard is like a popular business
people are starting. And I know of a number of people have made money doing
that. So let’s go on to number 6. Number 6 is affiliate marketing. This is my
main source of income. Right now, I make about 3.4 million a year
with.. Last month, I did about… We’re actually growing. I did about
$691,000. Most of this is affiliate marketing
income. Not all of it as though. But that’s what I did in my business. But
most of my business is affiliate marketing and doing millions of dollars
a year with it. Don’t have any employees, don’t have any you know, like fulfillment
costs for anything or all that stuff. So, really easy business to run. I like
traveling. I like having no strings attached.
I don’t like dealing with employees and all that you know, headaches. So, I don’t
know. I think it’s a really great business to start. What you’re doing is
you are selling other people’s products and you are earning a commission for
marketing them. Okay? Now, what I recommend is if you’re going into affiliate
marketing is you actually seek out high ticket affiliate programs, okay? And the
acronym I use for that is Htap, okay? High ticket affiliate program. High
ticket affiliate programs will pay you anywhere from $500 a commission to
$30,000 a commission. And you find programs that will pay you up
big, big commissions. You don’t need to sell many products of those to make some
big money. And again, it’s all about you know, targeting and ad copy a lot of
affiliate marketing. Is about how you write your ads to get people to want to
buy the product you’re selling and how you target your ads. So a lot of this is
advertising related. At least what I think is the most effective. But you can
do a lot of things with affiliate marketing. If you want to start out in as
an affiliate marketer. Just what I would suggest you do is once again.
subscribe. Subscribe to my channel and you will get a free course on affiliate
marketing. It’s called affiliate marketing 101. You’ll learn about it
right here and we have 10 videos that will walk you through everything that
you need to know about affiliate marketing. So, you’ll see I have, you know,
all the different skills you need to learn and all that jazz. Goal-setting is
essential for any business. But the main skills you need to know in affiliate
marketing are statistics, research and copywriting. So, I go
over all that stuff in this course. You can learn and you can get access to this.
It’s… There unlisted videos. You can get access to this by subscribing to
channel. Okay. Let’s move onwards and upwards. Last but not least is you can be
an influencer. So if you just love posting on social media and you love
like selfing yourself and doing cool stuff around town, being on social media
might be a very good fit for you. If you notice, I’m on YouTube right here. This is
sort of like a secondary… Secondary like income stream if you will. For me, as I
post… You know, I actually get a kick out of teaching people. I actually really
love passing down my knowledge to others. I personally I mean if you really want
to back it up here. I didn’t feel that college served me very well. I remember
being 18 years old in college, ready to learn how to conquer the world.
And I just felt like there’s all this hype to like learn stuff in
college and you know like conquer the world. And I just when I got to college
and started taking classes, I just felt like nothing was applicable and I
couldn’t go anywhere from any of the stuff I was learning. You know, being in
front of people and teaching people and helping others understand real
applicable business skills has been something I enjoy. And has sort of been a
reason why I’ve started like becoming an influencer. But there’s a few ways you
can become an influencer. Now, let’s go over to my computer. 1 way is obviously
YouTube. You can post up YouTube videos. Now, the trick to posting YouTube videos
to becoming an influencer on YouTube is I’m going to tell you the top 3 things
right here. Consistency, consistency, consistency. It’s all about consistency.
It’s all about consistency. Keep posting videos. And you know, fourth and fifth
would be you know maybe post on a specific topic. If your topic is how to
repair household items. That could be the topic for your channel. If your topic is
how to do watercolor art, that could be the topic of your channel. Or if it’s
just about family relationship drama and vlogging, that could be your topic. Or
cover songs. But the point is be consistent with what you’re doing.
Consistent topic wise, consistent posting wise. Just be consistent. Now, here’s a
friend of mine. He runs a 7-figure business. He’s in the
does Fitness stuff. His name’s Troy. Troy Addison. And his channel is superhuman
you. And he comes out with all these crazy videos shown how shredded he is. I
mean, look at look at those biceps bro. Like this guy is a beef monster. And he’s
super cool. Post these videos up a lot. And he makes you make 7-figures
online from YouTube. The other outlet that you can be a influencer using
is Instagram. So, you’ll see Instagram here. He has he only has 19,000 followers.
But there’s a lot of influencers who can build a big audience by taking pictures
of whatever things and you can make some good money posting on Instagram and
building a big following there. The other channel where you can become an
influencer… If you see right here, this is funny. Is just playing games online. So,
literally, if you’re just like… If you’re entertaining and you’re playing big
games online or if you’re a cute chick and playing games online. You can… You can
do pretty well and you can build up a pretty big fan base just playing video
games. How does it get easier than that? Now, I hope you enjoyed this monster list
of internet businesses in the comments below let me know which one of these particular businesses you would like me to go more in-depth into
and really explain more about. And also, give me a big like if this video was
helpful to you to helping understand kind of the environment of all the
business opportunities that are out there. These are the real ones they’re
want they’re more businesses out there but again, these are the best ones. These
are the proven ones. These are the ones you want to stick with. And also
subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos and hit that
notification belt because I’ll be doing live streams here and giving away lots
of free stuff. So, get ready for that. Talk to you soon.


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