Lighthizer lays out trade news ahead of House vote on USMCA

Lighthizer lays out trade news ahead of House vote on USMCA


  1. Richard Musser says:

    I am watching the HOUSE CMTE. It's a joke, you Democrats do not have nothing, you just don't like President Donald J Trump. That's all. I want the witnesses come forward and testify. They are hiding something and it will come to the LIGHT. 👍✊🇺🇸

  2. B P says:

    Dems: Trump is colluding with Mexico and Canada
    Also Dems: We got USMCA passed

  3. Troll Watch says:

    Q: How did Trump make a million dollars in the hospitality industry?
    A: By borrowing 10 millions from his dad and another 50 millions from the Russians.

  4. R L says:

    What house vote? USMCA was signed in Nov. of 2018, ratified by Mexico in June of this year, and went into effect on Dec. 10th, 7 days ago. This is a BS story to confuse you.

  5. Tommy Dulin sr. says:

    If it gives any illegals any kind of rights should be crushed. Plain and simple.

  6. Rosa Esle says:

    ROBERT LIGHTHIZER is the unsung hero of PRESIDENT TRUMP fight against the GLOBALISTS TRADES; this Cuban-born is proud of his PATRIOTISM and for being a STAUNCH SUPPORTER OF OUR GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP, like this CUBAN-BORN is! May the ALMIGHTY LORD always protect and bless Mr. Lighthizer🙏! WWG1GWA! TRUMP2020!💥🔥😤

  7. Michael Young says:

    Do the Citizens of these USMCA have a say in the selection of Leaders who run the Agreement?

  8. James Ford says:


  9. David Adrian says:

    President Trump is going to WIN in 2020

  10. Jack Parker says:

    The Democrat socialist dreamer party does not care about any trade deals about anything good Donald Trump all they want to do is to impeach him to cover up all the corruption and crimes in the FBI doj CIA and Democrat socialist dreamer party Hillary Clinton and Obama and Obama's administration I see lots of suicides on the way

  11. Crazy Ant says:

    I like Robert Lighthizer the more I listen to him. He is one of the bright stars in the Trump Administration.

  12. Terry Lane says:

    Maria is hot.

  13. Jesse Leinard says:

    Term limits required

  14. Rosa Esle says:

    This Cuban-born APPLAUDS BARTIROMO for one of her best and most COMPREHENSIVE interviews👍, ever! WWG1GWA! TRUMP2020!💥🔥😤

  15. Doug Tso says:

    Him and President Trump saw it coming 30 years ago. We owe them a lot.

  16. Me YE says:

    A Chinese once told me: we could not comply with WTO promises. If we do, how could we overtake the US? Same mindset applies to other areas, such as IP, or opening up their market. If they don't steal IP, or trade fairly, how can they catch up with the US? If they compete fairly, they 'll never catch up. So they cannot, and will not, compete fairly. Americans seem not comprehend that mindset.

  17. Fred Rogers says:

    No thanks to the Dems!

  18. Me YE says:

    Few Americans understand China. China 's ultimate goal? To overtake the US and become the number one power of the world. You know Xi's slogan? Restore China's old glory. Whats' China's old glory? Being the only dominant power of the known world. They will do anything to achieve that goal. US, unfortunately, is the road block.

  19. happy cats says:

    ask yourself is NAFTA working for the United States right now

  20. chronoss chiron says:

    im done eating any dairy now , dont want american chemicals in my cheese or dairy

  21. freddy .E says:

    awwww thats cute finally dems and republicans getting things done👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  22. Virginia Campodonico says:

    MR TRUMP, YOU WERE quiet at the Farm BILL passed, NOW Lee FROM UTAH, wants to Passed
    S386, bringing HINDUS workers to take OVER
    White Collar JOBS

  23. Joseph Machiavelli says:

    Fast forward when the female yabs, this guy is clever

  24. Charlie Burke says:

    This guy is a 👍 great American , his boss hired him to help save America. Yes save our country and make America great again.

  25. Charlie Burke says:

    Please tell us how much it will cut our 200. Billion dollar deficit???

  26. H Pn says:

    A first.
    It's taken Trump only 3 years to get it done.
    Career politicians have taken decades to not getting it done.
    Reason: special interests groups.
    Trump has taken them out.

  27. Chatla Suresh says:

    Manufacturing, Agriculture, Diary, Meat, CBP/ICE/HHS/CDC/CMC upon drug's is the major stake in Canada, Mexico which hit's China meddling against USA in North America, South of Mexico.

    China trade works must be dealt with agriculture, diary, meat, paper in phase1.
    But phase2, phase3 deals with manufacturing, defense, IT-electronics which are majority of area which are involved in theft of USA intellectual property-proprietary information which goes on per legal paper documentation for a legal lawsuit of lifetime (planned year's and ban areas of trade/business with China because of it's theft/stealing. This ban areas on China can be shared with USA allies and in NATO allies).

  28. Chatla Suresh says:

    UK and European trade must includes the focusing on hitting China hard.
    However Japan, South Korea is covered.
    Middle east focus is oil field's.
    Concentrating on maritime trade channel's.

  29. Matthew Condie says:

    we can do better than capitalism. Change my mind.

  30. Doug Dawkins says:

    Trade alliances will never end up doing anything but destroying the U.S. Constitution. That includes the 2nd amendment and open borders. This is INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE LAW. THE ECONOMY MEANS NOTHING IF THE PEOPLE ARE REDUCED TO SLAVES. The truth can be found in the Bible. God says that this nation will be reduced to a wasteland without repenting and turning from its wicked ways. This nation has no regard for God's Ten Commandments and God has withdrawn His protection from this nation. WELCOME TO AVERSION THERAPY AND THE SOON COMING GREAT TRIBULATION. THE ONLY WAY GOD WILL GET THE ATTENTION OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  31. Pray Suguitan says:

    China is the new Mexico
    Amero is coming😀

  32. Beastmode - says:

    See these are the things that can happen when you have a president who is working for the people and not just their own interests. You know, kinda like the last administration. Hey Obama, why don't you take that magic wand and stick it where the sun don't shine 😂

  33. Hank Duno says:

    The best trade representative President Trump appointed for the job.

  34. Mike Perkins says:

    The most unqualified misleading uninformed vile excuse for a president in history.
    Trump is a Belial a self serving dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  35. David Motyka says:

    I believe a great deal can be made with China.Each side should understand that trade means peace.

  36. T Love says:

    TRUMP WORKING FOR AMERICA FIRST 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 THANK YOU REPUBLICANS !!! Mexico cartel needs to be dealt with CCp internment camps👎👎👎👎 USA IS BOUT USA!!! NO more endless wars for USA!!!TRUMP IS AMERICA'S PRESIDENT 🇺🇸

  37. bigone1ism says:

    Jesus Christ… He was just about to break down 200 billion of purchases, that was the question. He broke down 50 billion of the agricultural, then the subject was changed… still waiting for more details…. come on Maria!!!!! Uhg…. 😝

  38. Bertmc says:

    Never trust double-face, backstabber Trudeau!

  39. thinhhmai says:

    Add this Patriot to one of the big win for President Trump for America First Agenda Success. Trump 2020…

  40. Pelican Bird says:

    Great program as usual Maria. 👍👍 Mr. Lighthizer, our country owes you much gratitude for all that you’re doing.

  41. sumerbc says:

    Why did 4lb block and 5lb bag cheese go up $2 at Walmart ?

  42. Joyce Thomas says:


  43. CottageGarden SMITH says:


  44. Carole Miller says:

    Yes but Pelosi tries to claim it all!

  45. Dave Gizmo says:

    FYI . the agreement is not going through fast The dems controlled it Think it was about getting drugs across the border and this guy is not speaking the truth

  46. Dave Gizmo says:

    You have no Idea I am watching MX news and they speak the truth . MX is not going to accept any time soon. MX is not going to give up MX jobs easy . they are like us.. they learn the truth . the farmers loss millions. MX just announced a raise in the daily income of$5.00/day . think and learn facts before you talk

  47. Dave Gizmo says:

    This Guy is a great talker but has no clue of the truth .

  48. leeanne says:

    26 pages of Amendments added by Pelosi?

  49. Lynette Anne Menzies says:

    America's have the greatest leader in the world.

  50. 70 Roadrunner says:

    So this guy describing the USMCA has listed several things that the Democrats did to sabotage the effectiveness of the deal like allowing GMO research to be sold to our trade competitors.. It is just sick that they hate President Trump and the thought of a successful America where people are not dependent on big government that much that they would work to tear us all down.. And for what? their lust for power that's what ..

  51. stephen epps says:

    Hell, Obama would just say f*ck it. I've got a date on the golf course.

  52. Myron Helton says:

    He says this will bring US $60 billion in the forever future, China cheats us out of $400 billion in 1 tiny year. China buys $50 billion in 1 year in farming means nothing.

  53. April Sim says:

    Ligthizer is a trade negotiator that should be appreciated. He has clarity & good sense.
    Maria, trade & human rights issue are comingled in the past for political reasons – to flex muscles & introduce sanctions against nations that are amenable to American bullying. Leave human rights issue, if there are truly any & not lies & propaganda, to the foreign ministers to deal with diplomatically, rather than w/a big stick & megaphone.

  54. Myron Helton says:

    China sold $400 billion to us. China bought $100 billion from US. To be fair China would have to buy 4 times more from us to make $400 billion, but he says China will buy 2 times as much as before at $200 billion from us, How in hell is that fair.

  55. sir rom says:

    Now here's a little story I've got to tell
    About three bad brothers you know so well
    It started way back in history
    With Ad-Rock, MCA, (and me) Mike D

  56. stephen bratset says:

    the only TOOL possible is a TARIFF – there's NOTHING else you can use against them

  57. Vera Schmidt says:

    tRUMP's getting impeached! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  58. Charlotte Ruse says:

    Why should there be a "secret court" rendering the targeted suspect incapable of defending themselves.

  59. Barrett Haynes says:

    Trump In 2020 ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  60. Laura O'Chamney says:

    China has tried many times to replace the US as the world leader, but China spectacularly and bitterly failed. In 2017, testing its economic power influencing the global finance, China blatantly devalued its currency Yuan not once but 3 times, to destabilize the world economy, which China thought, could cause an economic tsunami around the world, but nothing serious happened. Only few economic shifts slightly occurred here and there, especially in those countries like Singapore, which have strong ties with China. Again, China miserably failed. Now, China is trying to wage a trade war against America, especially the American farmers. China again bitterly failed. Waging a trade war against the largest economy on earth is not a good idea.

  61. John Hertzog says:

    Praise God ! The Lizard Pig expires…

  62. Jingyun Man says:

    There is no reformer in Chinese authorities. Communists are trying to convince US that they will buy the agricultural products, but what they really want to do is cancel the orders before next year's election. CCP is manipulating your elections.

  63. sn00ch says:

    She hash the shecksheist little lishp! Itsh sho cute!!!

  64. sn00ch says:

    If you close your eyes this guy almost sounds like Louis Gomert!

  65. Karl Von says:

    Trump got the same deal he had in '17. Moron

  66. Hans Haller says:

    Der Missbrauch des Impeachments durch die DEMS bzw. DNC, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jeff Nadler, Hillary Clinton, Joe & Hunter Biden, Barack Obama und all jenen die da mitmachen und mitlaufen, ist tatsächlich eine Straftat und müsste schwerwiegende Folgen nach sich ziehen für genau diese Personen. Es ist davon auszugehen, dass die Korruption innerhalt des DNC sehr weitreichende Seilschaften hat. Das alleine ergibt sich soch auch dadurch, dass zB. CNN, MSNBC kaum mehr sach-& fachgerecht berichten. Was da abläuft ist nicht mehr nur schmutziger Wahlkampf, das ist eine sehr böswillige, kriminelle Korruption und sehr gefährlich für die USA.

  67. Hans Haller says:

    The abuse of impeachment by the DEMS or DNC, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jeff Nadler, Hillary Clinton, Joe & Hunter Biden, Barack Obama and all those who participate and walk with them is indeed a criminal offence and would have to have serious consequences for these very people. It can be assumed that the corruption within the DNC has very far-reaching roped parties. This alone is also due to the fact that CNN, MSNBC, for example, hardly report any more in an appropriate and professional manner. What is going on is no longer just a dirty election campaign, it is a very malicious, criminal corruption and very dangerous for the USA.

  68. Idalia Martinez says:


  69. Idalia Martinez says:

    With PRESIDENT TRUMP as a PRESIDENT will have a very bright future.

  70. bettybassman says:


  71. Simpsons36 says:

    Lighthizer calls compromise w/Dems what it is and does not try to spin it. Honesty in a high level govt official. Hooray!

  72. Toby W says:

    Short term patents on biologics would reduce the relative effect of patent-busters. Patent loss should be reimbursed to some extent by Trump’s much lower rate US corporate tax law plus savings from deregulation and accelerated depreciation.

  73. Toby W says:

    It looks to me like there are some unfair trade practices that pick favorites within the EU and seem to favor Germany, judging by trade deficits.

  74. 10en6ixty6ix says:

    But, but – Krugman @NYTLOL says this can't be happening

  75. Mischelle says:

    Please the speaker Nancy? The one that’s been in congress since her family immigrated no no she doesn’t get credit for fighting Trump all this time instead they get exiled and deported back to their countries.

  76. current_interest says:

    I bet his name was originally Letiheizer or something

  77. TOM W says:


  78. Dan Kuo says:

    Absolutely, better to help manufacturers in this country instead of higher taxes to support the social welfare system in a downward spiral to socialism.

  79. Toontt Toon says:


  80. Truly LaVeyan says:

    yea dude… he was lookin out fer us… Dems too busy researching Nixon to notice…

  81. Georges Gregorius says:

    And what will you do when the robots are taking the jobs?

  82. TheSmokinApples says:

    I like him, because he is drama free and a low profile

  83. Sue Ginger says:

    Democrats Don't like For Jobs too be in America ….Only Jobs For there Illegals ..Democrats Are our Enemies who Only Use there Illegals too Get Votes only ..They Make True Americans Pay High Taxes too Support Illegals and there Democrats Pockets ..Time too Abolish these Democrats get your State Districts Back That these DemocrAts are Stealing Millions off your State Districts there Running ..They are infesting them with Rats & Human Feces in your State Districts that these Democrats are Running ..Wake up America ..Fire these Corrupt Democrats ..

  84. Patty Robin says:


  85. J T says:


  86. J T says:


  87. Harvey Donley says:

    James comey needs to go to jail for the rest of his live and never be set free for treson.

  88. Harvey Donley says:

    puck demorats where the sun never shines.

  89. Jane Whitington says:

    God bless you, Mr. Lighthizer! You are priceless, meaning your worth to the President is immeasureable. Thank you so very much!!

  90. Babsinbama White says:

    Maria! Don't be greedy!:n light of the HUGE "PROGRESS" dare I say!

  91. DocMc Stuffins says:

    Am I the only one who doesn't care what China does to its Muslims? I must be…

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