1. Peter Eastman says:

    How come when one opens a trade the Margin is one thing, then later the margin is increased (doubled)? I find this strange.

  2. Angela Kearsley says:

    ESMA was cruel, ruined my plan.

  3. John Collins says:


  4. zzlee79 says:

    the amount of loss is determined by the number of lots you placed and the distance of the SL to current price. i.e 0.01 or 0.1.

    leverage only helps by lending money to your trading account at a higher "interest". as what VP mentioned, it allows people to put in small portion of their trading funds into the broker but still want to trade 2% (for example) of their total trading fund. 1-2% is the golden rule per trade to minimize the risk of ruin.

  5. Aqeel Lakhani says:


  6. Herb Moneymaker says:

    Hey VP your concept and podcast are great! Thanks for that

  7. ovighoff says:

    This Is super amazing!!!!! VP you are amazing, Thanks a million

  8. Dangelo Augusto says:

    I'm all nerd out on this.

  9. 6___o_s says:

    same, I have ADD

  10. Artee B says:

    Do you risk 2 percent of you deposit or 2 percent of the total value of account including leverage ?

  11. Jonas Sapero says:

    I still don't know how leverage works. I don't get it, can someone show me how leverage works in trading ? I mean, in a live trading, with a chart ? And how to compute our pip value with this ?

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