Lazy Ghost Has SO Much Unfinished Business

(melodic orchestral music) – Ooh, how I love (speaks French). – Oh, man, somebody smudged the sign. (gasping) (speaks French) Uh! (thudding) (eerie melodic music) Oh! (gasping) – Oh my God, Trapp, you’re a ghost! – What?
– Why is this happening? – You must have unfinished business. – Tell me about it, I have so much stuff to do, I mean, look at that right there, I am so busy right now, you guys. Work has been crazy lately. – [Raph] Well, this all looks pretty easy. – Yeah, you should be able to
knock this out in like a day and move on to whatever eternal
paradise awaits for you. (melodic music) – Oh, yeah, yeah, it
does look pretty nice. – Yeah, and literally the
first step to getting there is just pick up dry cleaning. – Ah, it’s more of like
an evening activity, it’s like I can’t just
leave work and go do that. What else is on there? – Email Grant about chewing noises. – It’s gonna be a pretty awkward email, that’d be something I like to
save for the end of the day. – You did say you were
gonna write that sketch about what if The Sopranos
were The Flintstones. – Yeah, I do wanna do that, that one’s gonna take
a little while though, so when’s my next meeting? Do I have time to do that? – You have the entire afterlife. – You will never run out of time. – I am counting lunch as a meeting though, it’s important to make time for yourself. – Trapp, you can’t put this off forever. – You’ve gotta start
getting this stuff done. – Ah, but I don’t want to. – Just do it now and you can
literally relax for eternity, you can see your grandfather again. – [Grandfather] Come, my
boy, I’m having a party with Prince, Mark Twain
and Amelia Earhart. – Mark Twain made it to Heaven? – Oh, my God. – What would they even talk about, right? I’ve gotta see this.
(whooshing) – [Brennan and Raph] Whoa! – Ah, there you go. See, all you’ve gotta do is get started, I know that feels good,
that’s the toughest part is just overcoming that
mental block of just start– – He’s posting on Facebook.
– What the hell! – Okay, I am taking a short break to reward myself for getting started. – The only thing written in this script is the word, yabba gabba goo. – And that is a good start. – Literal Heaven is waiting for you! – Yeah, I know, okay, how about this? How about give me a nice easy task to get my momentum going, you know? – They’re all easy tasks! Update OS on my work computer. – I can’t do that, ’cause
that’ll take my computer out of commission for a while. – Schedule dentist appointment. – I’ll have to find a dentist
that takes my insurance, I’ll have to find a phone
number, check my own schedules, really that’s like three tasks in one. – I’m calling my dentist
right now, it’s ringing, all you have to do is schedule it. (phone ringing) – [Receptionist] You’ve reached
John Wilkes Tooth Dentistry, our office hours–
– Oh, voicemail. No, what you gonna do?
– Anything on the list is what you can do.
– How about this? We call today a rest day,
I’ll sort of recharge and then I’ll get that all done tomorrow. – [Brennan and Raph] No! – Fine, fine, I’ll get to work in like 10 minutes. – Oh!
– Why? – It’s 10:50, it’d be crazy to
start on a not round number. – Oh, yeah, right, that would be crazy. – Everyone knows that.
– You know what? Do whatever makes you happy, enjoy your time as an undead
shade damned to half-existence. – Well maybe I will, maybe
that’s exactly what I’ll do. – [Brennan] Who’s gonna get
these poison cakes out of here? – Hoo! Enjoy time as undead shade. Hoo, so much to do.

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