Laura’s Lash Liner System Made $25 Million Revenue in a Year

Laura’s Lash Liner System Made $25 Million Revenue in a Year


  1. Trap Drip says:

    I like! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  2. Brad Whitelock says:

    Amazing ! Congrats !

  3. KeeSe Escobar says:

    It's hard to be happy for others when your broke & your invention is still an idea 😒

  4. B Jvu says:

    90 % of women are fake. Fake hair, fake lashes, fake color, fake nails, fake eye lense, body shapers, fake breast, etc. Wonder how women would really look if they got out of bed just like men and just went about their day without all these props

  5. Harry Dervishi says:

    Congratulations Laura, great interview Stephen. Thank you.

  6. Janelle C says:

    Amazing, favorite story! Got a few nuggets of wisdom😍

  7. Marcelo Nascimento says:

    Hi Mr.Stephen, you been doing amazing work for us (inventor) but I do have a question! How important is your newest book for brasilian inventors? Does it work outside EUA? Thank you for all!

  8. Roy Koffi says:

    That's my problem now .I don't know who to contact to build my invention.

  9. Similar Frequencies says:

    Yes! This is what I like to see/hear! Thank You!

  10. healingalternative says:

    Great stuff Laura!

  11. Mohammad Umer says:


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