Kurt Wicks – Small Business Opportunities | Allstate

Kurt Wicks – Small Business Opportunities | Allstate

Started with Allstate April 22nd, 1979. I wanted to have an opportunity where I could earn whatever I wanted to. Well, I came here, took a risk, didn’t have a dime. Started from scratch. Being best in the company this year, in 2011, was a really crowning achievement. It was based on overall production and retention and customer service and financial services, the whole thing. So that really was great. If I go to a sales leaders conference now, I have people say “You’re like an icon. You’re like a legend with this company.” My son Greg is involved. He’s been with us a year. My daughter Caroline has been with us four and a half years. This thing here now is a generational thing for me. I mean, my kids could take this over; they can grow it. There’s no limits on them, and they really aren’t going to have to go through what I had to go through. But think of how much better they could make it. That’s what’s exciting. I don’t intend to retire. For what? To do what? Play more golf? I can do it now. Tell me something I can’t do now that I’d be able to do in retirement. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to the company because it’s really allowed me to express myself, build a business in my community, and be worth whatever I decided on the financial end. So yeah, it’s been a great ride. But it ain’t over, baby.

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