Kanye West: Uncensored and Uncut | Fast Company

Kanye West: Uncensored and Uncut | Fast Company

(pop music) (crowd cheers) – Hello, everyone. Thanks for coming out. I think everyone knows
who my guest is (giggling) and we also have Steven
Smith, lead designer of Yeezy who, unless
you’re a sneaker head, you might not know that well. So, we should probably
all realize now, Yeezy is a multibillion dollar brand. It did something like, 1.5 billion dollars in sales last year. It’s wholly owned by Kanye West, and the two of them, Kanye and Steven, came together a few years ago. Met up and sort of lead Yeezy Design now, and what I wanna do today is
have a conversation about that. No one’s really dug
into the nuts and bolts of Yeezy Design, yet, and so, let’s start with,
how did you find each other? – Oh, you know, I had… I was working for another company and I was head of innovation,
and it wasn’t innovative and I walked away one day. Which people are like, (Kanye laughs) you just left your job? I’m like, yeah, it just wasn’t it, and, So for two weeks my wife’s
like, “What are you gonna do?” I’m like, “I don’t know.” But I wasn’t doing that, anymore. And then one night, the
phone rang, and it was Ye, and it started from there. I looked at it as a blessing. You know, I was in a kind of a dark place, and this hand reached out
and pulled me to the light, and pulled me from the depths to the top, and it’s been an amazing
experience ever since. I was just saying to Ye this morning. It’s like, the last time I was in New York was the time
you flew me out to meet you in person the first time. So, it’s just been amazing. – If I had known that you
had just left your job, I wouldn’t have spent two hours tryin’ to talk you into coming to Yeezy. (laughter) – I mean it’s funny. Steven, if you look through
his portfolio, it’s just, it’s staggering. New Balance created some
of what you might consider the quintessential New Balance shoes. The dad shoe. At Reebok, they created this– – They call him the dad of the dad shoes. (laughter) – At Reebok, created something
totally just different, and that looks like
the anime-inspired film that you actually inflate
with an external inflator. Still sold today as many designs are, and now, and now Yeezy. Talk to me about the first
design you did together or how that process started. – You started going through all of your archives and
sketches and pullin’ out… I remember these pictures
of, it’s like the Tupperware. – The bins of all my stuff. – The bins of all those ideas, and it was a sketch with a
sole with those circles on it. Now signature to the 700, and you know it was… – I remember you said to me, like, “Did they ever make this?” I’m like, “No.” He goes, “What the hell
is wrong with them? “All this stuff is amazing. “Let’s make all the things
you’ve always wanted to make that they were
too stupid to make.” I’m like, “Let’s go!” (laughter) And, the final design, it was Ye, myself, and a young Chinese kid, Ding, and for 48 hours straight,
I’ll never forget it. We passed sketches and tests– – And people are now saying Ding’s name to the entire shoe industry. (laughter) – It’s a– He can get all the calls. – And so, 48 hours straight, he and I texted, emailed, whatever,
sketches back and forth, and they were photoshopped
and I would redraw it and send it back to him. We’d take this part and put
that part out and mix it up, and it was like nothing
I had ever done before, and it was just
mind-blowing and exhausting. And finally I told Ye,
“Dude, it’s two o’clock “in the morning, and I’m old. “I gotta go to bed.” (laughter) And out of it came that last one to me and after 48 hours, boom, this
thing came out, and it was an amazing experience, like
nothing I had ever done before, and I’m like, “Yeah, this is cool.” – And that’s that shoe
you’re wearing right now. – Yeah. And when it dropped, I
mean the thing sold out in six and a half minutes,
which was incredible. I mean, who wouldn’t wanna be
part of that magic, you know? And it’s continued ever since. – And we were, before the
movement, the resurgence of the dad craze, and we, there was a photograph
of me wearing the shoe. Really big version of
the shoe that we showed in the season five fashion show, and this paparazzi is great sometimes, ’cause they caught me
wearing the shoe a week before the Balenciaga show that had the Triple S’s in it, and it’s often like, me and
Demna, the head designer of Balenciaga, have a similar spirit, and it’s who’s gonna get to the idea and bring it to the world, beforehand? If you remember, there
was a paparazzi campaign that I dress every girl
up to look like my wife in the campaign and then
Balenciaga was working on it at the same time, and their campaign came
out like two weeks later, and it was just, the
worst shame to the company that they had. (laughter) That they had got get there afterwards, and then there’s stuff one to one, at the last Balenciaga show where I can show you one
to one stuff in our office. I’m like, “Who’s got
cameras in our office? “Who’s seeing what we’re doin?” So– – Not me, no. – Yeah, so, that process,
it’s a balance between really being diligent about
making the best product because we don’t put a timeline on things, but the idea of competition that’s out there helps
present a timeline for people, and it makes things be better and forces us to as
creatives to bring things to market because Yeezy
is the Apple of apparel. There hasn’t been an Apple of apparel. There hasn’t been that thing. It’s like you want, you wanna think. You see like a friend come in with a cool UNIQLO jacket
and you all be like, “Wow, this is like the Apple of apparel. “You got an UNIQLO.” And it’s like these weird
dresses all over the place and it’s just like, this is
not the way I picture it, or you know, I grew up,
I worked at the Gap. When I was 16 I got fired for shoplifting and the, I couldn’t afford a Abercrombie. I could afford Polo
because it was at Marshalls and TJ Maxx ’cause
(Steven laughs) it was cheaper. But that way that Mickley
Drexler made the Gap feel and I’m still, and I’m really happy about this founder Alberdie said
about retail and the experience. You know, me and wife, we went to Dover Street last
time we were in New York, and we went to Jacob the Jeweler, and it was just such
a beautiful experience to be able to go back
into these physical spaces in this world, it’s so
like D-to-C and online and it’s just therapeutic just to see the way someone
else layin’ out the clothes and it’s just like, all these members of the industry are so important. The buyers, and the shoppers,
and the sales clerk. I was a sales clerk. I was folding t-shirts at the Gap. At one point, it’s the entire experience from the Steven Smith
sketch to someone linin’ up for the Yeezy. – It’s a, he’s a… – Yeah. You know, I mean, and you
think about what we do, and you think about you did with Gap. It’s like we create objects of desire. I mean, if we don’t love
it, how could we expect– – No, I folded objects of desire. (laughter) – You are prolific
designers together, though. You go through so much and
how does working at Yeezy compare to Reebok, or the
time you spent at New Balance. – You know what? The thing I love about
Kanye is the rules are gone. We just, everything you’ve
ever done, it’s just been smashed to pieces, and we think about it
completely different, and it’s just, it’s liberating creativity like I’ve never experienced before. When I worked at Nike or any other big
corporations, you’re a cog behind a desk and it’s preprogrammed with, oh, we’re gonna have a focus group. Well get a brief. We’ll pitch it to management. 10 people will decided what
we’re gonna do from there and then you’ll do four more sketches and then 10 other people
will decide on that, And then we’ll show it around and get people’s feel for it,
and it just takes forever. And with Ye it’s just like, go! And we create, and it’s like nothing else. you can’t describe it till you’re in it. It’s, magic– – [Interviewer] What I hear a
lot talking to designers is, design’s about constraints,
and so I hear sort of the opposite end of it, or am I misinterpreting
how you work in terms of removing rules? – My favorite–
– He’ll, He’ll put some constraints on us. – What’s some of those constraints? – No laces. – That’s our new constraint. I don’t need
– No stitching. Sunday service, having to
tie my shoes seven times in the middle of service. (Steven giggles) – But you know, it’s relatable
problems, we’re solving. – It’s Yeezy, make life easy. We gotta put all the, (laughter) all the work in, so you guys
don’t have to put the work in. Even as we think about the
way colors work together. The way, I was sittin’, my
wife this morning takin’ a bath and I’m literally reading to
her the psychology of colors. This is true, right? She’s trying to just take a bath. I’ll read you something. This is what she has to hear (laughter) in the morning. It kind of reminds me of,
what did that Wes Anderson, the Grand Budapest Hotel? The way the guy would
just read poetry to people and they were like,
people were fallin’ asleep while he’s talkin’. – It’s just not you, Kim, it’s all of us. – So it says, “Blue, safety. “Symbolism, no immediate
hazard psychological effects. “Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body,
slows humans’ metabolism, releases calming hormones. I’m just, this is my wife,
“I just wanna take a bath.” (laughter) – He said, “No, you need blue.” A lot of, my take on fashion
design has always been that it leans more toward art, that it’s art you wear, that sometimes it looks
radical, it looks uncomfortable, and then later it feels
different, accepted and great. And then I feel like the
design with a capital D tends to be about solving problems, right? Recognizing that something
has a better user interface. We’ve eaten with forks
for thousands of years because it’s a good design. Where do you see your work
on the spectrum of that, and do you see yourself going more into that design with a capital D with these? – Absolutely, all finger foods. (laughter) No more forks, forks are dangerous. – [Interviewer] Toothpicks. – I don’t know anything about toothpicks, but yeah, it’s you know,
da Vinci, a lot of people, I’m 42 years old, a lot
of other greatest artists of all time, at age 40,
say, “I’m tired of doing what everybody wants me to do.” And da Vinci’s like, “I’m tired
of painting these portraits “for the rich elite women and
I wanna go and do bridges.” We have to add science behind it now. I think Yeezy… I definitely think
there was a breakthrough in what we did in the 350s and the 700s and, but
still there’s things. We weren’t lookin’ at color palettes. It’s kind of been more of an opinion on something than it was
a complete innovation. So now, today, that’s what
me and Steven are here to talk about. It’s how Yeezy is goin’ into innovation and we moved the headquarters
to Cody, Wyoming. We have a four thousand-acre ranch, and a couple other properties out there. We’re gonna be farming
and going seed to sow, and have our own cotton hydroponic farm, and our own hemp farm,
and our own weed farm so we could see every
element and getting into how we could have less
impact with the dyes because our color is a big
signature of the brand, but also dyeing, is one of the main things that’s impacting the planet
in the fashion industry. So, just being responsible from A to Z and what happens, even as we’re bringing, within
the next two years, we are, our goal is to bring
the manufacturing back to America, South America, North America. Bring it back to State side, and also to prevent, present jobs
for people back here. – And people thought Ye was
blowing smoke two weeks ago when he said that, “We’re
gonna manufacture Yeezy “in the U.S.” And people are like, “Come on.” So, I got off the plane last night and these are the future of Yeezy. These we’re just made in Atlanta yesterday in the U.S. at pre-production and we’re gonna start
manufacturing in the U.S. We’re gonna bring jobs back here and we’re gonna make Yeezy’s an America, and so this is revolution. This is– – [Interviewer] This is a
hundred percent made here? – Yes. – [Interviewer] What’s it made of? – This particular one is a hybrid of EVA but it also has another foam that’s blended into it that’s from algae. It’s harvested from ponds, so its eco concerns are
intersecting with what we do. I mean, this is just the beginning of the future that Kanye envisioned for us to start working on in
creating and challenged us to ’cause it’s always a challenge. All right, let’s do this, now. All right, hold my beer. Game on, let’s go. He’s been saying he wants
to make things in the U.S. I’m like, “All right, let’s go. “Let’s figure it out, we’ll do it.” – We took the word try
and we want out of it, and we just do, like Yoda says, and we were always, it
was always this thing where me and Virgil, we’re just
trying to get a opportunity to be able to have an opinion on clothes. You know, as black designers
out of America, you can’t have an opinion, you can only be the consumer. You can only be a demographic. And that a boardroom says, “Okay, this is the black
demographic, this is…” You’re not gonna go a
whole interview with me, without me sayin’ it. This is who you supposed to vote on. This is what you’re supposed to buy. This is your Popeyes’ chicken
sandwich you’re supposed to eat on. But it’d be exactly that. I have seen the boardroom and back, and it’s completely a
concept of a demographic. So, for me and Virgil, where, yeah, me, where he’s African. Africans have a different mentality. They don’t see racism,
so they don’t allow it to affect their moves. So, Virgil has never been in a position where his color affected
his decision to proceed in the way he interacted with people. Now me, a little bit, but it’s, (laughter) But more of, it’s a fire. Okay, it’s on me, but my mom got arrested at the sit-ins at age six. My dad was a Black Panther. We were brought up in the church, so we’d see it, and see past it. See past this theater that we live in, that social media greatly controls. And it’s so funny to me. Oh it’s so obvious. Why wouldn’t it be there? When I was first doing my
first fashion show in Paris. Everyone said, “Well the
Olsens started with a t-shirt. “You should start with a t-shirt.” I don’t want to do a t-shirt. I want to do a fashion show in Paris. As a matter of fact, I don’t want to, I’m gonna do it, and
it’s done, and it’s so. The life is, I don’t know if you saw that Venus Williams interview
where this guy was asking, “How do you feel about this match?” Does anybody know the interview
that I’m talkin’ about? This YouTube clip. And she says, “Oh, I’m gonna win.” And they say, the guy says, “Well, what makes you so confident?” And then the father, her father came in and said, “She’s gonna win “cuz she said she was gonna win.” Martin Luther King didn’t
get killed because of “I have a dream.” He had something else
he was gonna talk about. Black empowerment. Economic empowerment. So, you know, when I did the Forbes and I showed him an 890
million-dollar receipt, and they still didn’t say billionaire. They don’t want us to know that we can buy land. They don’t want us to
have the 100% ownership that I have 100% ownership at Yeezy. And the reason I say these things out loud in this way, is so I won’t be killed. I said it out loud already. Last year, I was killed by the press for having a difference… No, not having a difference in opinion, for having an opinion. I had a offer. Yeezy season one was the
most viewed fashion show of all time. Four times the Channel show. So Bernard Arnault sat with me and said, “We’re gonna back your line, Kanye West.” Anybody’s who ever been
to Paris, have you been to this restaurant called Ferdi? It’s like hamburgers, but you
gotta go there when you go. So, I got this deal with Louis Vuitton, and I’m in the back of Ferdi about to do the Kanye West line, and
my designers were gonna be, and they’re sitting next to me. Stefano Pilati and Haider Ackermann. They were gonna be the head designers. You might know Stefano from YSL. Think about that, it’s
me, Stefano, and Haider. That’s gonna be chic, on chic,
on chic, on chic, on chic. It’s gonna be the highest
level taste, sensibility. Stitch and double stitch, top stitch, and three months later, so I
had to go to Adidas and say, “Hey, we gotta indemnify the apparel “because all the A
majors gonna pick it up.” So three months later, Alexander calls me. I’m still friends with in our SSENSES. At the board they pulled on the deal. And this is like, I’m
already thinking no way Nicolas Ghesquière is gonna
take a picture with me. There’s no way, ’cause you
know it’s like, the leech-ism in fashion, and that would’ve… Before Tim Bloom represented
the famous sculpture, before I had a PhD at the
Art Institute of Chicago, it’s like Elvin Maich represented art and fashion at the same
time, so for a guy… Straight, black, rapper,
entertainer, American. All these things are, you can’t tell me what t-shirt to wear, five years ago. So for that to have happened, that would have just broken,
even the world wasn’t ready for that. I’m just sittin’ there
like, “There’s no way.” And of course there was no way. The first Adidas collection came out and there were line ups around the store. Then the second collection
that we did, no line ups. No store, no backer. I told Adidas that Elvin Maich, I said, “Hey, Adidas, I’m gonna marry Gisele. “I know we just went on prom.” I came back, “Hey Gisele dumped me.” Uh, would you, you still
wanna, you still wanna, so, So, the second collection,
there’s no Yeezy. The third collection, now, I’m investing. I can’t put an atelier together. You can’t imagine how hard it is to get four amazing pattern
cutters in the same room. All right, so, I’m trying to
put this atelier together, and I’m Tweeting, and Mark Zuckerberg, “Hey, I’m in debt. I’ve
just triple titled. “Adidas is up, we’re doing this, “Mark, I heard you’re looking for aliens. “It’s an alien, right here, come on me.” Season four, we start 45 minutes late. Now season three, killed ’em. MSG, a thousand people. We dropped out with young thugs on the stage. Travis Scott is jumping,
Virgil’s standing right there. Everybody, 50 Cent, and Jay-Z,
everybody’s in the audience. Season four, we start 45 minutes late. Oh, it got to be Lebron
James territory right there. Like when Lebron said,
“I’m goin’ to the Heat.” They were like, “Boy, you was late.” Man, a week later, my wife got robbed. Then a week later, I was tired and ended up in the hospital. Then a year after that Bernard
Arnault could’ve picked anybody he wanted to be
the head of Louis Vuitton. And who was it? And as I got on that
flight, I knew I had to go, because if I didn’t go and give Virgil that hug, who was I, then? No one knew that the deal had been pulled, three, four years later, no one knew that that was the beginning of
me going to the hospital. No one knew how this game is. So now that I’d made it to Vietnam, I’m gonna tell you exactly, when the Forbes wants to
call me a centimillionaire, if people say it’s crass to
call yourself a billionaire, I might legally change my
name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West for a year, until y’all understand exactly what it is. – That’s gonna be so hard
to type, like in an article. The headlines are gonna get insane. It’s gonna break Twitter. Please don’t. – It’ll be on the license plate. (laughter) There’s one in three African
Americans in prison, now. There’s a gentleman in jail
in Houston, Rodney Reed, that all the evidence says
that this guy didn’t do it and he’s supposed to
be executed in 30 days. And all the celebrity
black will tweet about it, but the question is, will
they stop playing basketball for a week, to make sure that
this innocent man gets out? For black people, I just say
don’t just be a demographic. Own you power. Your power is not just to
vote Democrat for the rest of our lives. That’s not the power, just voting on who they told us to vote on. That’s not where the power is. The power is, when I talked to my lawyer, and Adidas was treating me mean, and I had seven points of termination, I put on my trench coat and
said, “We movin’ these factories to America.” And that’s how it’s gonna
be, and it’s lovely. Our relationship is beautiful now. – Yeezy made it at the 350, for instance. Is that something you’re
gonna be able to bring here? Is it, because it’s designed probably with different tooling and
things like that, an issue? – Or we’ll change the design. We’ll change it to something
that has to be here. When I run for president in
2024, we gonna definitely… (laughter) Now what you all laughin’ at? (laughter) When I run for president in
2024, we would’ve created so many jobs, that I’m not
gonna run I’m gonna walk. What I’m saying is, when
you all read the headlines, Kanye’s crazy, this and that, this that. It’s like, one in three
African Americans are in jail, and all the celebrities are in jail also ’cause they can’t say nothin’. They got no opinion. They’re so scared. Even after this I’m gonna get in the car and be like (panting), feeling
like how I felt in telling that after I said you were a person who cared about black,
you know what I’m sayin’? I’m definitely gonna be ridin’. My wife sits there and playin’ like, “You know, K, maybe you
shouldn’t a (laughing). – Let me pause you, because I
do wanna finish the discussion on design. – Okay. – And, you know, one project that’s gotten a lot of media coverage, but I haven’t really heard
talked about much is building the housing that was torn
down, those, what’s been called Star Wars housing, Star
Wars-inspired housing, I assume, is not actually
inspired by George Lucas, but maybe. Tell me where that was born from. Tell me what you wanna do with it. Is that going to Cody? Is that part of Yeezy? How do we think about
Yeezy and where it’s going? because I hear things of sustainability. I’ve heard you say you wanna
hire a workforce out of prison. Obviously, you have a
strong direction for it. – The building restrictions
are way lax, in Cody. That’s one of the reasons
we got the land, there, so we can think. You know, Dayton, Ohio,
the Wright Brothers, they needed a chance to think or we wouldn’t have flight today. It’s like, if the world
only knew the capabilities of what we have, the press
would get out of the way and stop downing. I know it happens throughout
history, but it’s not… ‘Cause you thought you
were gonna go to design, but the domes relate to this too, so, – [Interviewer] The domes are obviously about more than just design. – So I have 300 acres in Callabas. 312 acres ’cause we got our little golden situation inside hidden hills, and we have 300 acres, and of the domes, so we’re
testing the sides of the domes, and it’s, we do 50 feet,
35 feet high, or something. And one of the domes
were 10 feet too high, and it was fine, we were just testing it. We were gonna take it down anyway. They came and said, “You
gotta take it down.” Okay, that’s fine, but then they went to
the media to tell them that they told me to take it down. Your dome is 10 feet too high, boy. Your dome is 10 feet too high. 10 feet, on my own 300 acre property? And we could’ve handled it like this, but you wanted to go to the press before to let everyone know that you were tearin’ down Kayne’s domes. – [Interviewer] They were
worried the planes were gonna hit at that height, I think, 10 feet. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] But, is
the idea of those domes. What is the larger idea there? What do you hope to iterate those into, because I know iteration is
a big part of what you do? – We have absolutely no hopes. – I only do. – [Interviewer] What are
you going to do, then? – Create the t-shirt,
the t-shirt of homes. Homes are a big, big
representation of classism and separation and protectionism. The idea that somehow,
this one little fence can make the difference. This gated fence can make
the difference and say this person hasn’t made it in life. I made it in life, so I need to be behind this gate, right here. So, to create something
where, the actual information, people used to get killed for proportions. You know, proportions were sacred. Now they’re Gucci logo, because the proportions give us the space to maximize who we are. We are God’s iPhone. We are God’s machines. He created us, so if the
iPhone had it’s choice, It’d probably say I only wanna just lay on my back, charge up all day long. I don’t want any of this extra… I’m not gonna name any
other brands that are in iPhones, the Apple Store. I’m not making this drop. So, hey, that’s the same
thing for our spaces. Dining rooms were created in the 1800s. They’re not needed. What is a dining room? Why you gotta have a
dining room in your house? So I’m very primitive in the way I think, very singular idea. 3000 years ago, Rome was our
original Silicone Valley. A lot of the information is just, even electricity, you
know, Commonwealth Edison. They did, it’s the same
thing you guys see happening to me was happening to Tesla. They were electrocuting
elephants in the streets with Tesla cords, so that Tesla would have a bad reputation. Anybody in this room every
heard someone talkin’ bad about Kanye before? Now, when you sit here, it’s
like, man, you know, maybe this man should keep going. Maybe we don’t understand
everything he’s doing, everything he’s saying. Maybe we should just stop
giving him a hard time and give him a opportunity
to change something. Electricity is a very
trendy form of power. The real power is simply the elements. Earth, wind, fire, water, and through civil engineering, we can engineer a maximum
existence for ourselves as human beings, as God’s machines. But we’re so in the box of this, do you realize, this right
here, is like playing with dirt. This is the real thing, right here. We have telepathic abilities. That’s a headline they could use to try to down this whole thing, right? But we– (interviewer laughs) But, don’t we feel each other? That is a telepathic ability that the green and black
matrix numbers cannot control. Do not be afraid of numbers. How many people are afraid of what their, how much you’re gonna get paid this week, and can you cover Christmas? Can you cover rent? Do not let the numbers control you. That is 50 people trying
to control the billion. Do not let media and numbers control you. Jesus Christ has already won the victory. I’m gonna implement my opinion in that, and do not, that is all control. Media control, propaganda, setting us up to be controlled by the roadie, radio. I mean, these people study. I’m studying the colors in this. People are studying
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The human needs, what we’re needing, and feeding it, especially
to women on Instagram. I’m not saying social media is all bad. Angry Birds was a very
popular game amongst women. It had an action like this. Scientists understood that it released a dopamine,
specifically in females. What else does this? And what does this? And there’s no amount of flowers that that husband that loves you so much, that can match up to the amount of flowers that are delivered all like that. I like that. You got this many likes. You got this many likes. And also another thing we said, having to show your amount of followers. You could choose. I choose to tell you I am a billionaire. There’s some billionaires
that don’t wanna do that, so you can have, you should be, you have to be able to choose it. They have to put– – [Interviewer] It’s changing. Instagram’s testing it. You see other platforms are testing it. I think it’s great you’ve
been outspoken about it, because it is ridiculous
that a teenager has to worry about how many people follow them on Twitter, especially. I guess, just to bring this back to Yeezy for probably a closing thought, is– – This is what Yeezy is. You’re talking. – [Interviewer] I love it. – You’re talking to a founder. This is a founder conversation. (audience applauds) – [Interviewer] What Yeezy
is in product design, in urban planning, in whatever
else you wanna tackle? – We don’t want to. We will, and we are, but that is the thought
that goes into this. It’s not, oh, should we do, should we, it’s like, picture these
domes that I’m talking about. Picture these homes, picture this world that we’re talking about
with the four elements and understanding that the most
healing medication possible is love. The greatest things that
humans have is each other. We need to be close to each other, but industry has designed cities where the house has to be a certain amount of distance from the
school, and a certain amount of distance from your job, so that you have to get in the car and take public transportation, and the world is set up to make us feel like we
want to have less children, when children is the greatest
thing and the closest thing to God that we have, so we
have to reengineer the cities. When I see New York, there’s things that I
definitely like about it. I love New York. But then I also picture, “I am Legend.” Once people understand
the value of fresh air. Look at this, we have
real light out there, and real air, but we’re
using air conditioning and artificial light. It’s just retarded, and I’m sorry. I can’t say that word,
anymore, so it’s like, but, you know, and then we’ll go into, oh, this thing happened in
politics and this thing. The media will shift you
in every way you can. I tell, I say, MIT, wake
up, the kids at MIT. You can do it, but
you’re focusing on things that are too small. I just gave you the blueprints. This is why the guy who made, M. Night
Shyamalan, made “Glass.” To let everyone know
that they’re superheros. And that was the whole thing
at the end of the movie. He had to show all the
superheros climbing up the side of the wall. So today, you just saw
someone climb up the side of the wall. I went from 53 million
dollars in debt, considered to be crazy, discriminated against, and music and fashion
in business in apparel, and I’m coming to you today,
saying, we have our own farms. Cody’s a great place to
stay if you’re into working with the real, true and
living, breathing founder that cares about humanity. – [Interviewer] Kanye West. (audience applauds) Steven Smith. Thank you. – [Kanye] Thank you. – [Interviewer] We’re just
gonna work our way out and see. – Did you actually have some questions? – [Interviewer] No,
that was it, yeah, good. (laughter)


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    If that happens, the media gets what they want, which are direct answers to their questions, and the people get what they want, THE TRUTH!

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