Jordan Peterson – How To Deal With Life’s Error Messages

Jordan Peterson – How To Deal With Life’s Error Messages


  1. Abdulrahman Aldeek says:

    I can't say that I have watched a lot of Dr.Peterson's videos but from what I have seen, I feel that these are sermons or some kind of motivational speeches. Stuff that sell and people like to listen to since that human beings enjoy hearing someone discussing these psychological problems so they won't feel that they are misunderstood and alone. I wonder what does his exams look like.

  2. Andrew Rogerson says:

    nah… Dragon!

  3. Falling Hourglass says:

    This is only 2% of my power!

  4. Sir Harambe says:

    2:30 wow

  5. Charles Morello says:

    does ayone knows the name of the full video/lecture?

  6. stevenstrumpf7 says:

    This world is imperfect, if only I could wipe away the impurities and make it as beautiful as me.

  7. Strmhartong Vomp says:

    i wish he was my god fother

  8. Alexios says:

    I definitely need someone in real life like Jordan Peterson. Master to follow and discuss.

  9. Sebastian Talbierz says:

    C- wow I'd be happy with such a high grade xd

  10. John Pederson says:

    i luv value free propositions

  11. Mitchell says:

    That's a problem with me: I think of suicide when I encounter problems. It's not productive.

  12. Clutch says:

    Solution: Don't jump to conclusions.
    Problem: How do you not jump to conclusions?

  13. James Homer says:

    best advice ever 'Jumping off a bridge is not a useful problem solving tactic'

  14. Karl J says:

    Any time I have a question about a thought or life, I just look up Jordan Peterson.

  15. Davie Donna says:

    Now THIS is a man who cleans his lobster before casting judgment on others. Excellent lecture!

  16. Troy D Arsewhooper says:

    4:00 stop explaining my life lol

  17. mc dude says:

    C- means you lower the curve if the highest grade is 100

  18. TopBoyAnd Mugy4Eternity says:

    I love his world view he definitely is an awesome individual I absolutely the way he thinks! And the way expresses it to the world to the rest of us

  19. Nancy L. McGill says:

    This man is brilliant.

  20. mr_godman says:

    25K/year damn, that's cheap
    i'd love to join his class

  21. Phleet Gaming says:

    gotta wonder where this guy was when i was in school. halfway between dropping out and not showering, fun to hear that the next step promptly after is jumping the bridge

  22. Matthew Sawczyn says:

    "I bet you that 30-50 percent of the people in the room are working at 2% efficiency."

    Calm burn, Doctor.

  23. L H says:

    It's a shame this ended when it did. I'd have loved to hear the rest of the lecture.

  24. El Matador says:

    jeez this is such basic stuff… almost not worth making a lecture at all.

  25. Poya Salehi says:

    God, the kids in his classes have no idea how lucky they are to have him and his knowledge at their disposal. Very jealous!

  26. You can call me Ana says:

    I got my first C in a lit class in Uni. I finally figured out that this particular prof only counted the pages (I tended to be more concise) and based the grade on that rather than content. So I wrote a long paper to get it up to the request amount for an A, I filled the middle pages with a diatribe that mostly criticized his theories, but also ranted on nonsensical ideas, and at one point basically called him an imbecile. I got my A!

  27. stevenstrumpf7 says:

    My response used to be to withdraw into myself and feel bad, like I did something wrong, recently I understand that no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, people will attack me. So my new response is to get angry and say "suck my dick".

  28. Joshua Solis says:
    My parents were like this. He's right, it really sucks when someone does this to you.

  29. Captain Falcon says:

    I laugehd incredibly loud when he said maybe you're just disagreeable and neurotic. fml it hurts hearing my problems so clearly, thanks

  30. JusDion says:

    My problem was getting the C retaking the exam geting an A and going home to the same dysfunction like it was supposed to change something. The reward is only as valuable as its ability to change your circumstances.

  31. Noodle Tribunal says:

    i remember in my (first)freshman year of highschool the exact point where i truly gave up. i never was very good at math, nor did i ever pay much attention. i was already doing worse then before at this point, but randomly thought "ok, ill actually do this paper. ill try". well, of course, i knew nothing(and still know the same amount to this day) and so i failed the paper. i got something between a 30 and 70.

    i remember getting that paper back, that i "tried" on, and seeing that i failed. and i was legitimately sad, i was hurt. i dont remember if i cried or not, but i know i cared. for some reason, i cared. but from that point on to the remainder of my 4 years in highschool, i never cared about an assignment in that way again. after seeing that failure, i made the decision, or defaulted to not caring. to giving up. well, one poor grade never hurt me again. but the collection of 10s or belows on my report cards did. having to look back and see school as another on of my failures hurts me.

    i can't do anything without making a mistake, and i cant make a mistake without hating myself and dying inside. i can't accomplish anything, i can't improve at anything, because all i have is a history of failures to look back on, no successes. i think "i'll never be good at anything" or "i just can't". i lose all motivation, and for someone as undisciplined as me, that's all i have to keep me going.

    this is the jumping off the bridge, or maybe the thing before it.

    all i had to do was ask the teacher to help me. show up before and in between classes. i could have fixed things, but i didn't. and what a snowball it became

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