Introducing Express Homebuyers Deals

Hi everyone, ,my name is Brad Chandler and
I’m the CEO of Express Homebuyers. Since 2003, we have bought more than 2,000
homes in the DMV. I’m very excited to be introducing you to
our latest project, Express Homebuyers Deals. We all know how hard it is to find great real
estate investment opportunities in the the DC metro area. Finding a great investment deal can take weeks
or even months or hard work. You have to spend thousands on marketing and
then find the resources to handle and process the leads, you hopefully get. It’s not easy! The best deals never make it onto the MLS. They happen “off-market” and you only have
access to them if you know the right people or spend thousands on marketing. We’ve launched Express Homebuyers Deals to
solve that problem. Our mission is to make it easy for real estate
professionals like yourself to access off-market deals that were previously difficult to find. Our team will be working around the clock
to find you and your clients ONLY THE BEST deals. We’ll filter through nearly 1,000 potential
deals per month and share the top 2-3% with you once we’ve vetted them. This means you won’t want to spend days or
weeks searching for your next deal. Simply login whenever you need your next investment
property. The gross profit potential on these properties
will be in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. So you don’t want to miss out! Click on the view properties button below
to see our available deals. You will be able to register for private open
houses on any properties you like. Click now and happy deal hunting! Getting started with Express Homebuyers Deals
is really easy. If you reviewed an invite email from us, just
click on any of the links in that email. If not, just go to Once you get to that page, you’re going to
have two options. If you’ve been on the site before and you
already have an account, just click log in. If not, just click register here, and type
in your email, username, accept the terms, and you’ll be all good to go. Once you log in, obviously you’re going to
want to find a deal. What you’re going to want to do is click on
deal portal here in the top right-hand corner. It’s going to take you this listing page that
shows you all the deals that are currently available. Now, let’s just say for sake of argument that
I’m interested in purchasing something in DC and I’m looking to spend around $500,000,
maybe put in 100-150 and sell it for 850. I could go down here and adjust these sliders
here to increase my price range, put this around 520. That’s going to refine the properties and
show me a couple of matches here, just some brief information on where they’re located. I like Petworth. I think it’s a good area to invest in, 550,
that looks pretty good. If I want to see a little bit more information
on this, what I would do is just click right here. Then right away, I’m able to just see what
the street looks like, a few property photos, get kind of a brief sense of what the condition
of the home is, start to get an idea of how much repairs this property is going to need. If I think that this looks interesting, I
can click view details here, and that’s going to take me to the property page. Right away, you’re going to see that we drop
a pin right here where the property is located, and we also pull up a few comps nearby so
I’m seeing stuff here in this neighborhood for 850, 925, 880, 840 so definitely meets
my criteria to be in for 550, maybe out for 850, $300,000 gross profit potential, so definitely
something I might be interested in. Let’s say I want to take the next step for
this property and I want to see it in person. If I wanted to see this property in person,
what I could do is you’ll see that there’s a private open house date, schedule here. I could just click register right there, and
right away, I’m going to be registered to see that open house, and then there is going
to be a reminder that’s going to pop up here. If I want to save this to my calendar, I can
just click calendar here and I can download a calendar reminder for whatever email provider
or calendar solution that I use. I can also get directions or if I can’t make
it to this open house, I can just click cancel right here to take my name off the list. It is important to note that if you want to
see these properties in person, you do have to register. That’s really everything you need to know
to get started. If you guys have any questions or comments,
just feel free to email me at [email protected] Thanks for joining me today!

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