In Good Company: Hoops Abuelas | Nike

In Good Company: Hoops Abuelas | Nike

They taught me that in English class. Oh yeah? That’s wonderful! Make sure you keep practicing. Coach Where’s my baby at? Hi! I see you’re doing well, and your son is a great coach. We love him a lot. My mole! That’s your trademark. What color did I give Conchita?
Does anyone remember? Red Yellow: Lupe Morales, Gisela, Ceci, Toña… No, no, no, Ceci, no. I always want to play with everyone who wants to play with me. When I started playing basketball, my parents were focused on their work, my mom was busy with household chores. But really, when they were distracted and wouldn’t notice, I would sneak out to go play basketball at the courts all by myself. They wouldn’t even notice—they never really knew I played. They’re not alive anymore—but yeah,
they never knew anything about this. Lupe! Lupe! Yay, yay, yay! First we went to the state championship games and then to nationals. It was 1959… We played around almost the whole country of Mexico… We also went to El Paso, Texas to play against the Americans… And well, yeah, we beat them because
we quickly passed around them. When we started to play, we were in elementary school. We must’ve been around 12 years old. And well, we’re still together. Now, I am 78 years old. And with God’s grace, there we’ll be, playing… We call her “Conchis”
because that’s the nickname for the name Concepcion. She’s an older lady who will soon be turning 85. Now it’s time to say—no way my husband’s not going to let me play. Oh no, I’m going to practice. Women had never been accepted in sports,
and we were always criticized. Before if we would wear pants…
or shorts… …people would call us tomboys. I represented Mexico in regional and state championship games. I’ve been playing basketball for 65 years. If you don’t attack and go for the ball, nobody is going to do it. We need to keep in mind that we need to go after the ball. Well, the Carta Blanca team’s values that I admired a lot were obedience… the passion the team had… …we loved each other a lot. And if something happened to one of them, we’d run for them… Solidarity. 1, 2, 3… Again, again! Blow harder! Singing “Las Mañanitas” Lupita, Lupita! Yay, yay, yay! Do you want to say a few words, Lupita? I appreciate you all, really. It made me sad seeing you all running. I told myself, “I should be there.” But God knows what He’s doing. Actually, I was in the car about to cry, and my son said, “Mom, you should be happy instead.” But that’s life, one day we’re here, and tomorrow who knows. Toña: There are a lot of good basketball players
who are turning 60 soon. Adela: Yeah. Toña: Because we’re already Adela: …with one foot out the door… Toña: Yeah, with one foot out the door. So, there’s a new generation of teammates, and even more girls who maybe still don’t want to play—but we’ll encourage them. Adela: They’re going to keep joining, so that this continues… …because I don’t believe that because we might be gone first
that it will end… no. We have enough people who will follow after us
that will keep the team going. We are going to teach them warmups, individual techniques, group techniques, etc. Adela: We’ll teach them. Toña: …to let them know that they can count on us. And as they say, “The show must go on.” Watch out, I’m going to throw these chilis at you! Watch out, here comes Toña. This is very spicy. Do you remember when we went to play in Tehuacán? At a game, in the heat of the moment… They said to a teammate, “You, yes, it’s your time to play.” She gets up and pulls her pants down.
But she also pulls her underwear down! She was so excited she was going to be in the game! Yes, yes… she pulled her pants and underwear down! It’s a way for us to be united. The game unites us, basketball unites us,
we’re growing more every day. We’re getting to know each other more
because we learn something new every day. And that’s how we are—united through basketball.


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