I had to prove I was innocent in the Mueller probe: KT McFarland

I had to prove I was innocent in the Mueller probe: KT McFarland


  1. Bruce Olivier says:

    Gestapo tactics. They should be incarcerated. Every last one of them.

  2. Dimitris p says:

    Looks like Kafka's trial

  3. Sam Choat says:

    Disgusting Disturbing Diabolical

  4. Peggy Churchill says:

    No one should be put in that position. Innocent until proven guilty is the law.

  5. Geert Matthys says:

    No repercussions for tyrannical behavior so nothing changes

  6. U 812 says:

    Never talk to the FBI.. Never. Always Get a Lawyer, always.

  7. Truth Seeker says:

    Mueller and his gang of criminals were desperately fishing for something to get Trump. They knew they had nothing…they were on a witch hunt.

  8. dixcreative says:

    Hillary is free

  9. mark Phillips says:

    For an educated woman, you should know better than to talk to the FBI

  10. Paul Keith says:

    Sounds like the Federal Bureau of Interrogation.

    Utter disgrace.

  11. Robert Slack says:

    Ah, yes. A Republican special investigator working for a Republican assistant Attorney General is now a DeEp STaTe conspiracy. This is wearyingly stupid.

  12. Screamin Lemar says:

    Baseless witch hunts produce victims. Stone and Flynn had to sell their houses 🏡 to pay for their lawyers and both of them were still sentenced to prison time by corrupt prosecutors and judges.😟

  13. Indy Jones says:

    The FBI needs to be abolished. Obviously they are acting a a vigilante committee for the DemoCrap left.

  14. Michael Mckenzie says:

    The corrupt covering up for the corrupt….Time to wake up and put your differences aside.

  15. matthew rittenhouse says:

    Sounds more like the KGB than the FBI.

  16. John Villalovos says:

    Democrats, what happened to You?

  17. Russ H says:

    Another case of unelected bureaucrats utilizing a weaponized government created by Obama & Democrats to secure their power and control over constitution loving Americans.

  18. Winston Dutchin says:

    Th FBI are scums and creeps all democrat supporter.

  19. Roberto Viana says:

    This is how communism works. Democrats = Communist. Just look at their front runner…. Bernie, socialist communist, Sanders!

  20. Paul Kube says:

    Can you say "Star Chamber"?

  21. Ser S says:




    Your idiot lawyers who told you you would look guilty are fools. You're an idiot.

  22. dar atención says:

    HEY FOX BUSINESS!, Please broadcast the Leftists Hypocrisy of Cenk Urgr of The Young Turks discouraging a Union in his company cuz it would hurt his business after he for years has lectured that businesses need to be unionized. PLEASE

  23. Sin City says:

    Omg… this story makes me sad to hear her trauma.

  24. G. Alistar says:

    Not just abuse of power, the Mueller /Weismann team knew from the start there was no Russian collusion. Early on Mueller’s Democrat team tried to bait the President into obstructing the investigation. Sooooo corrupt!

  25. dad bear says:

    As Chuck Schumer said the Intelligence Services has six ways from Sunday to get back at Trump, the FBI and the CIA sure are living up to Chucks threat

  26. 556 2nd says:

    We have to take these FRS out!

  27. Teresa Veal says:

    This should frighten enrage and disgust every American.

  28. Peter Combs says:

    Never, ever talk to any Law Enforcement official doing an investigation without a Lawyer Present…or you're going to get screwed…

  29. Brad Holkesvig says:

    It's a terrible thing to be accused of a crime and have to produce evidence to prove your innocence. It used to be where the accused would go to court and the prosecution lawyers had to use evidence to prove him or her guilty. The Mueller team went after crimes that had nothing to do with Trump being accused of being elected by Russian influence.

  30. Bad Corvette says:

    Why did she leave the most corrupt administration after only 5 months? Jack

  31. Glen Bard says:

    In the interest of truth in advertising, the FBI will henceforth be known as the "FIB" and its agents will no longer be called G-Men. Instead they will be called Fibbers.

  32. Miss Cassie says:

    Dirty fn cops

  33. Paul Green says:

    When your President Trump wins in November hopefully his DOJ will have the time to go after all the toe rags in the FBI ext that have helped the Dems over the last 4 years or so,

  34. Gregory Albert says:

    Sue Mueller and the democrats

  35. Sam says:

    Rat Rodentstien is the guy

  36. 17 76 says:

    Acosta… GO F! Yourself. 😡

  37. mikeyh0 says:

    Oh, I'm sure she's just an isolated case. /s Because if we really thought that the FBI was working against America, well, we might have to do something. Anyone who has dealings with them (twice) can tell you, they don't play nice. Laws? Rights? They simply don't apply. Fear is a powerful motivator.

  38. 17 76 says:


  39. Michael Kurse says:

    Never talk to the FBI or any other law enforcement anytime ever. You would think an elite at this level would know this fact.

  40. DMT 1959 says:

    You can bet clintons paid mueller alot too try an ruin everyone close too trump…..god they all need too be taken out back an shot

  41. Steven FPV says:

    Guilty until made guilty. KGB or FBI??? Land of the Rube…. GEE THANX OBAMA…BARRY.

  42. David Cole says:

    And Good ole Bernie got notified when Russia was considering helping him in election.

  43. joe jitsu says:

    It tells you how upright all these Trump people are that none of them have had senile Robert Muller, evil Andrew Weissmann, or any of their subservient DOJ underlings killed.

  44. avegoodtime says:

    “If there is a tit-for-tat escalation Trump will have difficulty improving relations with Russia, which has just thrown U.S.A. election to him"–KT McFarland

  45. Infantry Sarge of SD says:

    Fire everyone in the FBI & CIA and start over with conservatives. They are at least more morally bound to God. Everyone fails I just believe they would at least have a way better morale compass vs. just a man kind compass with no ramification other than laws to do the right thing.

  46. jeter 11 says:

    Mueller and all his cronies need to be buried beneath a prison

  47. joe jitsu says:

    The proper response when any law enforcement officer wants to talk with you is "I saw what happened to Mike Flynn and many others. I'm sorry, but I don't talk to police without a lawyer present. I'm sure you'll forgive me for refusing to talk with you."

  48. Daryl Leckt says:

    Carter Page was the chairman of the 2016 "Trump Election Campaign Committee of Moscow" and ran the Committee from the ROSNEFTEGAS brokerage offices inside the Kremlin.

  49. colette s says:

    EVERY Person the muller mob talked to deserves to be compensated for what it cost them and muler and his mob should be sued to reimburse every dollar they collected and spent after the first month because the very first day they knew there was no case and by the end of the first week there was nothing to investigate.

  50. colette s says:

    EVERY Person the muller mob talked to deserves to be compensated for what it cost them and muler and his mob should be sued to reimburse every dollar they collected and spent after the first month because the very first day they knew there was no case and by the end of the first week there was nothing to investigate.

  51. Allen says:

    Isn't a big civil suit a good remedy? If this is so egregious there must be lawyers who would take it on for a piece of the action

  52. Ivy Moon says:

    Shameful!!! Sad for our Country

  53. Donna McDonald says:

    Robert Mueller want hard cord evidence on Trump to where he couldn't get out of ? a smoking gun somebody say that Trump talk to Putina.

  54. A says:

    Lesson learned. If the FBI asks, can we come in?, the answer is no.

  55. Brad Koski says:

    That’s not America……shameful!!

  56. joe petrone says:

    That's not the way justice is suppose to work. Something is very wrong about our criminal justice system. It is broken

  57. John Maxwell says:

    Mueller and his investigators are evil human beings. If Republicans did the same to Democrats, the witch hunt response would far exceed reactions of the left to McCarthy. Deep state bureaucrats and their allies in the media and in the Democrat party represent an existential threat to constitutional government and to our republic.

  58. t nossis says:

    There was never any "Russians" .. it was always the left.

  59. John S. Greene says:

    The GOP is done!!!

  60. sedevacantist1 says:

    Do you remember when Obama was following Trump around the world?

  61. pantro1014 says:

    Never ever speak to law enforcement without a lawyer.

  62. Venus Love Factor says:

    F*** the FBI and the Democrat manipulative liars.

  63. stephy o brien says:

    A Lot of people were not so lucky as mcfarland how many people were bankrupted or ended up in jail not just the guys in the news but people completely destroyed there good character smeared and lost there homes all because these beiste prosecutors were over zealous and dripping with HATE for the PRESIDENT

  64. Dr. Fastestinthewest says:

    FBI is corrupted. FBI stole from my business in 1988 at Statesboro, Georgia. This country didn't believe me. I'm a disabled Republic of Vietnam combat veteran. I'm GD sick of this corruption. Never talk to a FBI agent! They act like gestapo.

  65. Felecia Wallace says:

    I'll never vote for another Democrat in my lifetime… I burned my Democrat registration card several years ago….

  66. James Maher says:

    another unchallenged story of the criminal who run the FBI and DOJ. The Soviet-like tactics are revealing and proof that no one should trust or believe either agency. It is time to defund both since their criminality shall never be held to account. As the KGB never prosecuted members of the KGB, it is unrealistic to expect DOJ to prosecute DOJ or the FBI

  67. Patrick Herron says:

    He had 1st hand knowledge. His questionable clearing whether right or wrong is probably a matter of procedure at that level.

  68. great outdoors says:

    Decent moral Americans want our disgusting president put behind bars

  69. Sandy says:

    Disgusting persecution.

  70. Jerry Archer says:

    The FBI should get shut down, along with the CIA.

  71. The Way says:

    Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

  72. Margaret Neanover says:

    Trying to McFarland same name? The one closer had a bit over ireland name but was said caught selling….how does some think they switch things so much via opposite attracts? I just don't think timing is correct.

  73. hauntedmoodylady says:

    K.T. you're so fortunate. I believe they decided before they met with you they they would not fabricate something in which to charge you. i believe they seen you as someone with so much 'positive credibility' that should they try their scam upon you that it would backfire on them so bad publicly that it would jeopardize their larger scam. All ethically minded citizens in this country must ask themselves, 'What if i were subject to the lost of my liberty by a tyrannical government?' If we care, we have to do what we can to protect our liberty before we are subject to having it taken from us…

  74. Him Bike says:

    Washington DC votes 96% Democrat.
    That’s all u need to know
    Ted Kennedy killed a girl and got in no trouble
    That’s all u need to know

  75. Him Bike says:

    This lady is stupid.
    Don’t say a single word to the FBI.

  76. Political Theater says:

    These people are complete idiots for talking to the FBI.
    Everybody knows it was a political investigation.

  77. Jerry Wilkinson says:

    The Feds have been doing dirt since the days of J. Edgar Hoover..💯

  78. Anthony Hochstetler says:

    That is absolutely horrific. People MUST go to jail over this kind of thing. When oh WHEN is the other shoe going to drop??!!

  79. Anni Bridgett says:

    Great lady.. 💕

  80. Godzilla says:

    The motto is, "Keep your mouth shut! "

  81. Boogie26 Robert says:

    Why isn’t mueller and his cabal of Clinton funding, democrat donor sickafant lawyers all in jail right now?? As you have to prove someone guilty not them having to prove themselves innocent and then have to leave the country because of fear for her well being and life???

  82. Boogie26 Robert says:

    Wouldn’t it be justice in reverse if this happens or is happening to these sick deranged 3 letter agency corrupt people on the democrat bandwagon!!!

  83. Michael Higgins says:

    Why isn't K.T. a witness in the Flynn case????

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